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17 Apr 2022 09:57:47
We are finally seeing the Fraser Forster that Celtic saw. Just maybe his lack of confidence, lack of game time, being dropped despite playing superbly, affected him.
His commanding of his box was immense, in fact everything was immense.
Usually a bit heavy footed, this time he was flying around his box like a teenager!

Well played Saints.
Very brave (and strange) to bring on Redmond so late; particularly as his tackling and tracking back is purely a 'gesture' .


1.) 17 Apr 2022 20:38:47
What will be almost certain is Frase has a shocker at Burnley now! If he alsways played like that he’d be England #1, but it definitely seems to be a case of whether he’s ‘up’ for it or not.

Still, epic win, let’s try and get into the top 10 if we can. The run in isn’t that scary if we can find form.



04 May 2021 23:34:57
You have to respect Mauricio pochettino for high fiving Sergio Aguero when he came on in the champions league semi final . that shows an understanding and respect of the game we love!




07 Mar 2020 13:07:06
Today will be an interesting test of Ralph's team selection. I am hoping he moves JWP back into the number 10 role and uses on of the two right backs we had on the bench last week! Without Armstrong and Smallbone both injured, will be bring back Romeu? I hope not . how about being brave and having PEH and JWP with Djenepo and Boufal outside them .
back to the 'go for the win' mentality.


1.) 07 Mar 2020 14:49:03
Good to see Ralph reads this forum 👍
Great team selection today 😁.



10 Nov 2019 00:02:25
ok it's statistics time, and these have shocked me .
2018/ 2019 and 2019/ 2020 seasons
Romeu 43 0
JWP 38 0
PEH 42 3 (0 this season)

so our midfield are not only slow, can't tackle, they have provided ZERO assists this season . and only 3 over two seasons .


1.) 11 Nov 2019 15:23:04
I think it's a bit harsh to judge Romeu based on his assist rate as he is a defensive midfielder that doesn't get forward. JWP on the other hand should have assists next to his name as our primary set piece 'specialist' - although he barely gets the ball passed the first man from corners.

Looking at our overall assists from the first team, no one really adds anything in this field. There is no standout player that has got near 10 assists over the past 2 seasons.

Redmond - 4 assists last season, 0 this year
Ings - 3 assists last season, 0 this year

We are definitely missing a creative head in midfield, but we need a composed CM that can break up play with a composed head and move the ball forward, sort of like Schneiderlin.

2.) 12 Nov 2019 16:25:52
just to add Sofiane Boufal : 2 assists in 4 1/ 2 games!
The name that sprang to mind with a 'composed head and move the ball forward' . STEVE DAVIS . worked his socks off, has great awareness on the pitch, always looking for the forward pass!
Oh we sold him .
there must be a free agent out there somewhere we can sign ASAP.

3.) 13 Nov 2019 08:34:17
I agree Rich, Boufal is probably our most creative player, even though he is wasteful, he gets in good positions on the pitch and is unpredictable. I feel he should be getting more game time than he has been.

RH needs to use the international break to regroup and go back to the basics. If he wants to use his 4-2-2-2 he needs to drill this into the squad. Setting up to defensive does nothing for us. If we utilise and use the 4-2-2-2 formation correctly and press as a squad of players we will create chances. At the moment we are just sitting back and waiting for the opportunity, we need to start getting into the faces of our opponents. Pressing up top will relieve pressure from our defensive, if our defensive shape is good enough then other teams will struggle to break us down.

4.) 14 Nov 2019 00:00:59
I agree with you saintjay . but . pressing is all well and good if when you don't have the ball you can defend/ tackle . and most importantly get the ball back!
I think, like me, you have realised that our midfield is a huge part of the problem. Pressing is good and i love to see it, but let's say we press and yet again one of those stupid 'give away' passes. the opposition are bearing down on us .
our midfield . JWP can't tackle, can't track back quick enough . he's out of the game. Same for Romeu!
So now the opposition have in effect run straight through us .

Sound familiar? Leicester .

there has to be some free agents out there we are allowed to sign now!

More worryingly Ralph has not be sacked . so that means they believe in him? are they watching different games to us? they way he sets up, the way he changes things, his substitutions . his lack of tactical know how . ie 3-1 down playing awful, being over run . no changes til 70+ minutes .

ok so Ralph not sacked . so they believe in him .
so they must think it's the players . well what you going to do about it SFC!

5.) 14 Nov 2019 23:05:51
If we keep with Ralph they have got to provide him with new faces to fit his formation. At the moment drop those who are not performing - Redmond, Bertrand, Vestergard, PEH and JWP. Bring in Vokins, Boufal, Stephens or Yosh, Slattery and Adams. Back in the day Lawrie Mc would have signed Cahill and Toure on frees for decent wages to bring experience to the squad, help in training too. We now need to sign either the best in youth or pay over the top for quality to add. Having said that Ya Ya is still available!



30 Sep 2019 15:56:38
Not posted for a while, but thought i would share my thoughts on RH.
I am starting to worry he is doing a 'Mourinho'; ie alienating himself from certain players. Clearly a difference between RH and Bertrand, Cedric and his latest Valery.

Playing Cedric on the wrong wing, Danso in a position he never plays ie right back . what was he trying to prove against Bournemouth? how to lose?
PLaying Danso instead of Bertrand previously . and now playing Vestegard RB instead of Valery .

If he is trying to bring their ego's down to earth, it's the wrong way to do it!


1.) 01 Oct 2019 03:03:36
It’s confusing with respect to Cedric’s last minute. withdrawal at Tottenham with no explanation offered when so much tactical planning would have been invested prior. Very Peculiar, . We know Ralph is well respected coach but his ‘man- management style would only be known to those closer to him. Perhaps certain players have attitudes not tolerated by him. He obviously requires the 100% support of Squad Players to maintain discipline. It is noticeable however that the dramatic rise of Leicester (under Brendan Rodgers ) & Schalke inGermany (under David Wagner) less time RH has been sorting SFC out!

2.) 01 Oct 2019 17:08:14
I think, for whatever reason, he has diverted focus away from tactics etc and onto the man management side. To play Danso right back was bordering on insanity, to move Vestegrard to right back with Valery on the bench was bizarre. I know a lot of people do say they have contacts in the club, but i do have direct contact with a lot of the younger players and some of the younger ones recently added to the first team squad. I was aware of his spat with Cedric and various other things. He seems to not like egos. While i understand that a bad ego can be negative for a team, a positive, cocky ego can be good for the team. WE are talking about professional footballers who need some cockiness to 'say' to the opposition, we're not afraid of you!
Bertrand has an air of that but why not, he is a good player, gives his all, been there done it. Cedric has won the Euros!

They didn't get where they are being nice, quiet, reserved people!
Maybe someone like Valery it's a different story, he's suddenly come from nowhere and just maybe he has got a bit full of himself.

Maybe RH needs to concentrate on his tactical skills and stop trying to play what is almost devils advocate!

Charlie Austin is a different category - relegated to training with the Under 21/ 23s and i am told was made to clean cars . how true i don't know.

3.) 06 Oct 2019 08:39:58
I think you may be reading more into the situation than is actually there. Team selection is nuanced and match specific and shouldn’t be reduced to simple player – coach disagreements. RH has highlighted that YV has been struggling in training and his performance has dipped. He also underlined its not a case of not trusting YV. He is a young player, still developing and his from will be inconsistent. But now he has been training hard and is looking to be involved v Chelsea.

The club failed to invest in full back positions again this summer despite selling, so we have two right backs, one of which stated a desire to leave over the summer and the other is young and still learning. On the other side, we have one left back in Bertrand.

We praise RH for taking a stern approach with players, insisting they invest in his vision or they drop out, but then when things on the pitch aren’t perfect, you think we should bemoan his approach and say he’s going too far? We should second guess why certain players aren’t playing?

About Valery, RH has already spoken this week. Cedric pulled out against Spurs because of a calf injury sustained during the week’s training and aggravated in the pre-game warm-up. RH also explained the reasons for his line-up choice v Spurs which is perfectly sensible. Yes, experimenting with Danso in a full back position in the past has been unsuccessful, but so what? Given our scant options, I’m perfectly happy for the head coach to try a few things to see what works.

Comparing our team to Leicester and Schalke is ridiculous. Leicester have a very talented squad of players with a balanced blend of youth and experience that should see them challenging for European places this season. That alone is not down to Brendan Rodgers. Schalke have played 7 games so far under David Wagner and a season’s performance cannot be judged after 7 games.

Also, what’s the point in repeating silly rumours about Charlie Austin that you yourself state you don’t know are true? They are the seeds of undermining our head coach and sewing them does nothing but harm. If this forum is to become a negative spiral of nonsense and a platform for sharing unfounded conjecture then I for one will be checking out. Its disappointing that this forum is far more active when we aren’t playing well compared to when we are struggling. I understand why that is, but perhaps things would feel slightly less bleak if there was a positive post for every negative one.

Given we are only 7 games into the season, shouldn’t we just let things develop and see how we get on? RH has already demonstrated more ability than our last few head coaches and given the ability levels in our squad, we cannot expect too much. We are targeting a finish between 10 and 14 place this season. Anything more is unrealistic at this stage. Its frustrating that we are not playing better at the moment but RH has done enough to earn our trust and patience. let's not be hyper-critical before the season really starts to show its colours.

4.) 06 Oct 2019 12:56:27
Just let RH do the job that he was brought in for. He can only work with what he has so we have to give him time.

5.) 06 Oct 2019 13:29:19
He played a left sided centre half in a position he had never played - right back, while moving CEdric to left back and Bertrand on the bench. FACT
It was either stupid or naive or both :-)

6.) 06 Oct 2019 13:32:02
and to add, it didn't work we were absolutely awful! not surprisingly . and as someone who has supported Saints for 52 years, just sometimes criticising the manager is allowed :-)

7.) 11 Oct 2019 16:41:33

Had Bertrand been fully fit, I don't believe he would have played Cedric at LB and Danso at RB.




south_hants_rich's banter posts with other poster's replies to south_hants_rich's banter posts


10 May 2022 09:54:51
When Ralph is sacked, he will honestly have no clue as to why it's all gone wrong!
And there lies the problem.
His decision making, his substitutions, his team selection, his formations, his inability to react to change of play by opponents .

Let this sink in . we have lost over 80 points from winning positions since Frank A, oops I mean Ralph, has been in charge!

Including this season's 20+

I wonder how many of those dropped points were because, the opposing manager made changes . most I am guessing.
Ralph seems to have missed that chapter out in his 'book' . PLAN B

I remember (I think)we were playing West Ham. We were all over them and they were struggling. Half time they come out, subtle changes : the wingers swapped wings, and they pushed up on us. second half we were destroyed while Ralph scratched his head and made no changes in team or tactics.

Ralph's decisions have no football logic whatsoever!
Throw any amount of money at him you like, he is simply not good enough for the PL
There are so many superb up and coming managers, and ones like Potter, who are not so new, but really are learning and improving their trade.

Frank Lampard is excluded from the list!




06 May 2022 23:47:56
Ramello Mitchell .
Offloaded him?
When we signed him from Birmingham, he was one of the hottest young talents in the country, being chased by Man U and Liverpool .
Something is not right with our youth policy that this guy has been released!




02 May 2022 18:21:25
I'm trying to figure out why the media and football world speak so highly of Ralph. This might be our very own 'Catch me if you Can' . (for those not familiar with the film: true story about a con artist who dupes people out of millions, pretending to be a variety of people from airline pilots to doctor)
Do we have our very own Frank Abagnale in our midsts .

Because one thing for sure is true : 6 million a year Ralph is not fooling any Saints fans!

I have paused for a few moments to work out what has improved in the team since his arrival .
Still thinking .
Substitutions. no
Tactics . no
Formation . no
Selections . no
Man management skills . no
Ability to hold onto a lead . no
Ability to adjust formation/tactics part way through game . no

Yep : we definitely have our very own Frank Abagnale
Perhaps the real FA would step forward and forge a one way airline ticket for Ralph


1.) 03 May 2022 03:46:52
Kudos south hants rich- a brilliant analogy!

2.) 04 May 2022 03:49:32
The time has arrived when SFC BOARD should seriously consider parting company with Frank (Alias Ralph) to preserve any admirers and dignity and also allow any new Head Coach to share their input into any forthcoming transfers.SaintGGsy mentioned 3 Clubs of similar profile to SFC (Crystal Palace :Brighton and Brentford) any one of whom’s Managers I would exchange for Ralph in a heartbeat.If however it was necessary to dip into the Championship ‘bargain basement’then Carlos Corbera’n (Huddersfield Town) or ( Steve Cooper (Notts Forest) whoever misses out on promotion to the EPL or my totally preferred choice going ‘Business Class would be Unai Emery ( Villareal) if we are serious about the future It was reported that Usai was a candidate last time round,

3.) 04 May 2022 10:25:00
I think Frank is a more suitable name. I did wonder if Frank A had decided that being an Airline Pilot or Doctor was no longer appealing and had this, decided to see if he could pass of as a Football Manager; reappearing as Ralph! The difference is, instead of being a master fraudster of cheques, he is now plying his trade in football…. Ok joking over (although it’s not actually a joke)
We lose a game, be that Burnley or the Crystal Palace game. To us humble football fans who are not professionals, it is not just easy to spot where it all went wrong, but it’s ‘bleeding obvious’
But what do we get from Frank :

We didn’t deserve to lose : YES we did
I thought we controlled large parts of the game : NO we didn’t
I felt we could have won this : which game were you watching
We could have scored 4 :? In their net
Our pressing was excellent : we lost 4-0!

And so on and so on his bizarre, bordering on surreal, comments come out. Surreal because they bear no resemblance to what happened on the pitch.

And now he has added to his repertoire: awful man management, especially public criticism of players.
Frank : no matter how well a player plays, no matter how badly a player plays, no matter how well a team plays, now matter how badly a team plays. they have no idea of whether they are or aren’t in the team the following game. These are professional sportsman, they live to play football! Not sit on the bench while you favourite Redders is not only left on but moved to play up front . Che taken off!

So that leads nicely into your team selection, tactics, formation . random is actually giving it too much credit. Because your decisions simply have no footballing logic whatsoever!

Even when you find a “solution” : one of your favourite words, you don’t stick to it. How can you not see that we played our best when we had wing backs supported by wingers. supported by! Now we have wing backs making positive moves and literally having no one to combine with, no one passes back to them and they are stopping in their tracks! Just one of your many failures.

So come on Frank A, you’ve kidded a few, you’ve not even had to forge cheques, you’ve actually been given them under false pretences!you are not good enough for the PL . take it on the chin. Hand that suit back in, hand yourself in . one more thing : which book did you read to learn about football management?

“We’ll to be honest it was an Ice Hockey’ book written by some Ralph Cougar or something .

It now all makes sense

4.) 05 May 2022 09:37:38
I am surprised that more local reporters don’t seem to question Ralph’s flawed decision making and erratic game plans etc. in the light of a string of recent poor performances and negative results.Apart from many other Head Coach criticisms I would (in the current circumstances)question why our young centre-forward Adam Armstrong (who desperately needs EPL minutes)has been consistently ignored and been left gathering dust on the bench in favour of Broja who’s form has clearly deserted him of late plus it’s highly unlikely he will be available next season. With respect to Armstrong considering his attributes (specialist coaching and encouragement) could result in a player not dissimilar to that of Pukki (Norwich City) I guess in the meantime should he be given an opportunity and perhaps score a goal then no doubt Ralph would be the credit rather than examining his own poor judgement for weeks of overlooking him.The chance of Adam reaching his full potential may rest with a different Head Coach and coaching team!

5.) 05 May 2022 10:11:24
Adam Blackmore is someone I love listening too, along side Dave Merrington. but to quote AB after the Palace game .
“I don’t know why, but they were second best to a Palace side who dominated key areas throughout and had more energy”

The replies he received on Twitter were scathing in attack of Saints, with huge criticism of Ralph - usually it’s 50/50 with the ‘we love Ralph’ brigade.
But also many replies were questioning AB’s ‘I don’t know why’.

Even AB seems to have given up. I’m not sure he could even bother to muster some anger.
I don’t believe for one minute, the hierarchy at the club aren’t chatting regularly about the decline in Saints. They have to be!

To quote an ex member of staff within the club, ‘no one will stand up to him’ .
I think when he arrived, they gave him the keys to the club.
allowed him to say how the whole club should be run, allowing him to write his ‘book’.
It makes sense, on the face of it, to have all levels playing the Ralph way, so that when they get into the first team, they know what he expects. But reality is, one in say? 50? Get to the first team.
Trouble is, Ralph now can’t seem to accept that his way is not and has not been working.
Football and all sports aren’t cast in stone. A clever opponent tweaks something and his book is out the window!

It is very noticeable that the under-xx teams are now playing well and even winning one of the leagues, having abandoned his book!

As for Adam Armstrong. I am not a great fan of his, but then I haven’t seen a lot of him, as none of us have.
His positional play and team play is poor. I quote the game versus City, when he stood next to Stones 9/10 times . he never though well I’m 6 inches shorter, I need to shake him off.
One KDB for 10 minutes and you’ll see why he is so great; never allows anyone near him and if they do, he moves and moves and moves .
So I’m my simple way of thinking, should it need a coach to say, ‘lose your marker’ …
Anyway… considering Ralph took Che off and moved Redmond upfront, with AA on the bench, that shows his thoughts on AA .
but as you say, give him a chance



10 Apr 2022 20:43:18
I have (as many will know on here) fully criticised Ralph in the past. Over this season he has definitely upped his game. He has learnt to make substitutions at the right time, stopped playing players that we could all see were awful. He's also stopped his little trick of playing players out of position - except KWP! Who should be on the right with Perraud on the left.
Then he finds what he and to be fair we, thought was the best system and style. Two wingbacks pushing up VERY high, combining well with fluid midfielders : Stuey and Moi.
Trouble was, he just kept picking and picking them, they were clearly tired.

Then we played City in the cup. I watched first hand how a top manager dealt with our system. That was repeated yesterday by Chelsea.

Against City I have never seen the system that City employed. I'm 20 rows up in the corner, looking straight down the touch line thinking, what are they doing . both wings had two players virtually touching the white line. One stood inches inside the City half, talk about spreading the game!
And then it was obvious. Our wing backs were totally negated. They couldn't play their usual very high line because that would leave a City player, not offside and beyond them towards the Saints goal. Then their was the second City player out on the touch line. Do our CB's push out to cover the wide players or hold and leave the wing backs overrun.

And in that one moment, the successful system that Saints had played, hugely based on wing backs playing Very high, was finished! It was very much, should they stay or should they go . the wingbacks and CBs didn't know what to do.
Such a simple way to overrun us. and it worked! With the attacking wingbacks negated, the CBs were being teased out to the wing to help the outnumbered wingbacks . huge gaps left through the middle. Funny thing is, the very wide City and Chelsea players, didn't really have to do anything other than stand very wide. The fact they were simply stood there left our players in a no man's land of thought.
So Ralph should have, within 10 minutes, spotted that Chelsea were playing the City game. Fair enough if it was the first time that he had encountered the tactic, but it wasn't! It was exactly what Pep did . and yes he changed it but too late.
but his changes were not to win a game, they were to stop us conceding more!
So is it a case of Ralph versus two of the cleverest managers in world football and Ralph has lost badly
Or should Ralph as a 6M a year PL manager, be able go up his game and be smart .




06 Apr 2022 19:32:08
I see Southampton will be open to offers for Djenepo, Walcott and Redmond .
Hallelujah! If Southampton were ever going to progress, it would be without these three


1.) 07 Apr 2022 07:21:21
Apparently with reported higher profile clubs in for goalkeeper Sam Johnstone (and assuming we don’t have an existing commitment from him) I would guess that Dean Henderson would be installed as our no.1 goalkeeping target (at least a comparable custodian to Johnstone) and maybe even better!

2.) 08 Apr 2022 11:01:39
I’m probably in a minority on this platform regarding Adam Armstrong but it would be great to see him capitalise on this opportunity and start scoring goals which would lift his confidence no end and possibly propel him into a crowd favourite in the future.When Lyanco returns regularly the fans will identify with him also.I know this appears wishful thinking but firmly believe that both players managed properly and given the right opportunities could break the shackles and become different players - anyway here’s hoping!

3.) 08 Apr 2022 12:10:57
Lyanco is pure class. Give him a run in the team with Salisu and we have an excellent pairing. You have to remember/consider that players like Lyanco, Armstrong (and Perraud) were regular first team players before they joined us. It’s probably been a few seasons since they were sat on subs benches waiting for a chance. This must affect some players more than others.
I’ll start with Perraud. I clearly remember when we were after him, that one of the Ed’s said we stood little chance signing him as some of Europes top clubs were after him. Well what have we done; signed him, played him bit part, eventually gave him a run (due to Tino injury), he shows us all exactly why he was being scouted, superb player, great crosser, great left foot . and then we drop him!

Armstrong : I was on the fence with this one, but now firmly in the ‘not good enough for PL’ camp.
I watched him closely against Man City. His reading of a game is poor, his positional play is poor, his combining with others is poor, he’s greedy. Now I might concede his greed is a desire to score, but even his shooting is wayward! So it’s quite possible that playing against quality defenders, he doesn’t have the time and space he’s used to. I also think he’s used to playing up front alone, because he has no idea how to combine. One to sell sadly

Lyanco : this guy is a top player. A great reader of a game, skilful, brave. even after playing superbly, he was dropped for Bednerek…

4.) 09 Apr 2022 01:36:18
s h rich Iwould be prepared to give AA a FAIR GO before dismissal as we know that he has very similar credentials and track record in the Championship to Che Adams (who did not elevate to his current EPL level for some time).AA was not afforded the same opportunity due to the good form of Broja.However should AA put in a good performance against Chelsea perhaps ( with Borja’s apparent dip in form) it would be prudent to give him an extended run and blood him in next to Che Adams.

5.) 09 Apr 2022 11:28:13
Hi Johnny
I am all for giving players a chance and you are correct, he’s not had a fair chance.
But I have watched him when he is playing. He doesn’t seem to have a particularly good football brain.
Just looking at his stats for Blackburn last season; 40 matches : 28 goals and 5 assists. They are impressive stats. But the difference in the PL is the quality of defenders. You really have to change your game, rethink your strategy.
He doesn’t combine well with other players. When he gets the ball, he has one focus, run towards the goal and shoot at first opportunity.
Che Adams is a very, very intelligent player. He adjusted his game. His reading of the game just get better and better . I’m not sure AA has that brain.

I have no doubt AA will score somewhen, but have a good watch of him when he’s playing.

6.) 09 Apr 2022 12:52:43
Agree with your analysis rich but any shortcomings on his behalf must be addressed and improved upon on the training pitch by specialist coaching staff.With good speed and alertness the 24 year old has a bit to do but has a solid base to build on and potential which surpasses that of the 3 omigos we have up for sale plus Shane Long.It would be great for both of us for the coaches to achieve a real result and see him flourish in the not too distant ( I hope he has private insurance for any brain upgrade)!




south_hants_rich's rumour replies


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01 May 2022 09:34:22
The only time under Ralph the team has played well as a team, was the run of good results this season.
He pushed the wing backs up and combined each wing back with Stu and Moi. They played as a pair and combined to provide crosses, through balls and also switching play to the opposite wing.
The team yesterday was totally disjointed. The wing backs pushed up but just like the Burnley game, there was no support, or any options for them was random based on who might have wandered into that area. Tella, nice lad, but him and Redmond slow the play down.
Anyway, awful football, very poor game plan, poor player management, poor substitutions.
Why keep Redmond on and take Che off?
Ralph will be gone in the summer .




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01 May 2022 00:56:31
Millertime and johnyst . two posters who I have enjoyed, two posters who, like me, love the club, try and post positive posts…and have finally had enough .
Today, there was no game plan, there was no structure, no tactics.
In PV we had a very clever manager, an outstanding ex player, a player that could read a game . versus Ralph . Ralph, the book! Ralph that fails to spot the basic
Of tweeks, the opponent substitutions,
Ralph ‘it was hard to accept the loss’ . why?

You were tactically inept…

It’s time that Southampton FC and RH parted company!
He has an overinflated opinion of himself… It’s a shame he’s not honest and accepts that he’s just not good enough for the Premier League




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27 Feb 2022 10:17:23
We are assuming that McCarthy will be our number 1, but I’m not so sure. It’s very hard to get in a quality keep to warm the bench. i'm hoping that Fraser is given an extension and becomes number 1.
He has his faults but is a far better goalkeeper than McCarthy! And as you say, the team are much stronger with him
Lot of social media PR being done on FF at the moment.




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02 Oct 2021 08:43:22
It is bizarre that Ralph can not spot what is so obvious to thousands. He keeps changing the forward line, but with virtually no service coming in from midfield/ wingers, we’ll never score goals. The contribution to attack from Djenepo and Redmond is virtually zero; add in the two defensive midfielders in Romeu and JWP and there isn’t a hope in hell of one of them doing a defence splitting pass.
In fact most of our attacking impetus comes from Tino and Perraud/ KWP
As everyone is saying, playing KWP at right back and move Tino forward. But I’m guessing just like Ralph’s stubbornness over not playing Tella, he will only play Tina at right back….
Another game against a great manager and team. Their manager will change the dynamics of their team multiple times over the game; Ralph will bring in Djenepo….




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18 Aug 2021 15:38:55
Nothing of value to bring on? You mean subs?

For starters.





south_hants_rich's banter replies


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13 May 2022 17:44:11
It’s interesting that they are prepared to risk another year of Ralph and with more money!
Perhaps you are right, they don’t want to pay him off; I hope that doesn’t back fire.
The only possible hope is that the new players, are clever enough to ignore Ralph tactical decisions! But we all know that won’t happen. Bertrand tried telling him what he thought and ended up benched!

I know it sounds very anti Saints, but I actually can not wait to get rid of Ralph!
I think the team is not behind him anymore, even Stu who runs around and puts in a huge shift, looks disinterested.
If the man management (or lack of) he displays in public interviews, is transferred to the training ground and dressing room. I would switch off from him.

Interesting the comment about an assistant.He does have a perfectly able and experienced assistant in Rich K, but he has been designated as ‘opponent analyst’ ; I have seen him many times trying to convey to Ralph what he sees/needs changing, and Ralph just giving him a quick glance/ear.

We also have the ex goalkeeper coach as the dead ball man? Who conveys to substitutes their role in corners etc . well that really works well . not!

I can’t wait for the end of the season . can’t ever remember feeling like this. Fed up with disjointed, non entertaining, poor tactically, bad football




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12 May 2022 22:43:43
I remember when Saints were looking at upping the capacity. Cortese was even looking at buying up areas around the ground to give us a ‘village’ similar to other top PL clubs. Even knowing that waterfront opposite the stadium is covered by long standing covenants, was not enough to stop Cortese! After all this was the man that Italian clubs had turned to, to negotiate with the mafia!
It’s interesting the comments about lack of money. Many of us thought we had the best squad in years!
Tino . Salisu . Perraud . kwp . Broja . Adams .
plus Forster and Mo returned from loans .
these were all added to the squad under Ralph’s watch!
It is what he has done with them that raises serious questions about his abilities!

But you are right, he has and does lose the dressing room at regular intervals!
Bertrand was dropped after calling him something!
I honestly believe something has been going on with Stu too. not picked for weeks but was picked by Scotland!
Ings was dropped at one point and was clearly not happy; I honestly believe he would
Still be here now, playing his best got all of his career .

Enough of that .

Facts : there is absolutely nothing in Ralph’s makeup that makes him the manager we need.

I always sit at least row 20 so I can oversee the game
. everyone around me is watching the game, the substitutions, the pattern of play . and looking at each other like… and

God knows which of the games it was, but at some point I shouted out loud … are we going to f**** mark their winger … the old guy next to me said, ‘don’t be silly … ‘!

Bring back Ronald K . he loved it here!
When that man watched a game, you knew he was watching a game from the perspective of one of the greatest players .




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11 May 2022 19:07:29
I’m guessing you don’t watch saints regularly or even at all?
If you think for one minute giving Ralph money to spend, will make him more successful, then you have no idea about football!
The only thing I agree with is Salisu’s drop in form not being Ralph’s fault. I’ll add to this : take one look at his Instagram account - he’s turned himself into a bling wearing ‘star’ . his private less is also less than professional with his love of partying. I might suggest the club look at his Uber account!

Anyway… the old chestnut of throwing money at a problem is something businesses do throughout the world, without sorting out the root problem.
Ralph has had some great additions to his squad since he joined : KWP/Perraud/Tino/Broja/Che Adams/Diallo/Lyanco/Salisu

Plus Ely and Forster back from loans spells .
Tella coming through the ranks .

It was very evident that some key players left with a single word of acknowledgement of Ralph .
Ings . Bertrand . Vestergard.

I am intrigued by what you think Ralph’s qualities are that means with more money, he’d do better?

His team selections are random and often bear no resemblance to player form. ie no matter how well or badly a player plays, if he is picked or dropped is anyone’s guess
His substitutions are bizarre and often have no football logic behind them
His substitutions are bizarre in that often the player he takes off is having a good game, leaving on someone who is playing badly .
His formations are bizarre : playing 5 across the back against teams in the bottom 4
His tactical changes are almost non existent
His changes due to an opponents changes are non existent
His man management is atrocious, often publicly criticising players.
His offering Redmond up for sale, followed shortly by picking him, and then the ultimate crime. taking Che off and moving Redmond up front
Throwing away 80 points from winning positions .

So suggesting it’s a lack of money that is hindering Ralph is, basically wrong!
He has not adapted the the PL, he has not improved his decision making, he is being out smarted by opposing managers every week .

Ralph needs to be removed from Southampton football club!




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11 May 2022 22:13:00
I’m intrigued what you think of the post below this re all of us wanting Ralph sacked and his only problem
Is lack of money

I think I can guess what you think!
Why are people, even commentators, blindsided by Ralph’s appalling football management




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11 May 2022 19:05:58
Now same fans are calling for Ralph’s sack and running our team into the ground?

Our team is run into the ground!
We have a manager with plan A and no other plan!
He is simply not good enough for the PL