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12 Aug 2021 20:57:06
RHI Southampton are interested in taking Amed Diallo on a season long loan.

Looks good! and has had no opportunity at MU. Also his Brother might put in a good word?

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12 Aug 2021 22:48:38
Ok. Thanks for this. He is a promising youngster. Who's his brother?

12 Aug 2021 23:04:17
if this happens we just need to find a player called stuart adam and we might make a commentator cry next season.

13 Aug 2021 13:30:22
MU paid 37 million for him, not sure I see us going for him now unless obafemi goes? and even then surely he would want to play regular football and unless adams and Armstrong have a nightmare they will be first choice surely? But again I would love to see him in a saints shirt if this is true.

13 Aug 2021 15:27:39
Amad Diallo is from Ivory Coast is not related to Southampton and French U21 Ibrahim Diallo. Ibrahim’s brother Abdou Diallo is at PSG.

13 Aug 2021 17:00:06
Maybe we should ask PSG about Abdou to replace Vestegaard?

13 Aug 2021 21:51:12
My bad! I knew that he had a professional brother and assumed it was Amed. Would be a good addition. I looked up and he's only on £40k a week so if they do things the usual way and pay half it could be a good option going forwards on a cheap budget?!

12 Aug 2021 12:29:12
Why not put £75 million price tag on Ward Prowse?

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12 Aug 2021 12:35:57
Could do but if a club puts in a good bid and he wants to leave there’s no stopping it. Give us £40m and you can have him I say. Hopefully not in this window as well though else you’ve lost the senior spine of your team in two weeks which doesn’t bode well.

12 Aug 2021 13:06:09
Probably not a good idea, he could well get sold at that, its more important to keep him as the central cog of our team.!
What would you go and buy with the £75 million? Didn't do us any good when we sold and wasted £75 million from VVD did it!

12 Aug 2021 15:16:09
I would be happy to go and buy Maehle from Atalanta. For sale and can gaggle them down. Ralf has wanted him for a while and with money made and sale of Vesta would make good sense. Only 24 and looks amazing:

12 Aug 2021 16:18:43
I’ve wanted Maehle for ages as well. Shame all of our Danes who wouldn’t encouraged him to join have left.

13 Aug 2021 12:23:27
SaintGGsy 40 million, you must be joking. If grealish is worth 100 million then JWP has to be 60 million all day long! Vestergaard would defiantly big our club up to any potential danish signings, he is moving on because of his age and the money Leicester can offer him along with European football. No brainer for him really but he would surely suggest to any danish suitor that Southampton is a great place to ply your trade.

13 Aug 2021 19:29:22
I agree with SaintGGsy, Sometimes i think fans no the 'Cost of Everything and the Value of Nothing" JWP is the Heart of the Saints, and that's worth more than just cash.
Think some of the Danish players such as Maehle are excellent, but we missed a trick when he was circa £10 million.
Not sure where we are going to find a Central Defender with heigh, and we need that, maybe Phillips from Liverpool looks a sensible bet?
Still think we've had a cracking closed season and want to say a 'Big Thank You" to all of the Saints staff that have made that happen.
Question: What do you think the Everton v Saints score will be tomorrow?

13 Aug 2021 22:08:43
@pete I wasn’t suggesting we sell JWP far from it. What I was saying that if you have to put a figure on his head well 40 million is just nowhere near enough. 60 million is nearer the mark! In regards to a defensive signing I just wonder if we are considering Maitland-Niles, now I know he is normally a central defender but he can play central mid or right back. Would that be tempting for Ralph, especially as he likes playing player out of posistion.

13 Aug 2021 22:46:55
In answer to your question Pete - I’m calling 1-1. JWP pen and late equaliser. Early start in the morning but looking forward to it as never been to Goodison Park before.
Still time to get a keeper in and persuade the Ox to join us on loan.

14 Aug 2021 09:01:47
The ox on loan would be amazing and I would have to say one of the best transfer windows I can remember. Just don’t see ox coming to us : ( but I’m praying 🙏.

11 Aug 2021 15:24:50
Hi Eds,

With Vestergaard seemingly on his way to Leicester, do you know if we have any plans to replace? I saw a while a go we were linked to Flavius Daniliuc at Nice, any truth in that or is there someone else? Please not Phil Jones :-)

Thanks as always.

{Ed002's Note - I think it is a "probably" still after signing Dynel Simeu and good reports of Mohammed Salisu. There has been interest in Evan N'Dicka.}

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11 Aug 2021 16:10:47
thank you Ed002.

I wouldn't mind that as he can play LB as well but thought he'd be out our price range.

12 Aug 2021 05:13:02
Vestergaard to LCFC Avery good result all round considering the current circumstances besides. SFC don’t need any player who is not happy and less than 100% committed to our Club. Hoping for a great start at Everton. Suggested team - Forster KWP Perraud (Stephens/ Bednarek) Salisu JWP Romeu Tella S Armstrong Adams A Armstrong Subs—Broja Livramento Stephens/ Bednarek McCarthy Walcott Diallo Redmond/ Djnepo K O M.

12 Aug 2021 14:56:25
So a young defender with potential to develop and to sell on at profit. Plus they have to be 1st team ready now. Rob Holding from Arsenal comes to mind. Any others that suit the profile?

12 Aug 2021 15:18:21
Ed are we still interested in Maehle?

12 Aug 2021 21:41:13
Ralf stated we're after a versatile CB who can play in midfield with experience. I'm certainly not saying I want it to happen (because I don't! ), but the first name that springs to mind in Phil Jones.

Also a little wierd he's been the no.4 shirt at Man Utd. I'd think a move is on the cards somewhere.

Just a thought.

10 Aug 2021 17:38:04
Armstrong has signed.

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10 Aug 2021 19:33:01
Armstrong and Broja are two good signings. Let’s hope they both hit the ground running! Still need MC and LB cover and maybe a DC if Jannik goes.

09 Aug 2021 20:14:54
The elephant in the room is Ralph. As I said last season, an immensely likeable man but tactically, the jury is still out. Bizarre substitutions at times, giving youngsters all of 3 or 4 mins to make an impression and that's not to mention playing people out of position.

Success for Ralph, the team and fans will be survival, a decent cup run (let's not mention the Leicester semi-final) and a squad which gain in confidence and this time next year look for a mid table plus position.
But please, let's get a keeper - everyone's saying it.

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10 Aug 2021 16:34:55
I totally agree. Sometimes I feel he is a little out of his depth. Managing a club where he has NO support from his CEO or its owners must be soul destroying, so perhaps that's why he looks a little unsure.

09 Aug 2021 15:58:23
So it looks like given what Ralph has said this may be our squad for the season;

Forster, Perraud, Salisu, Bednarek, KWP, Romeu, JWP, Armstrong, Tella, Adams, Armstrong

Squad of McCarthy, Livramento, Stephens, Diallo, Walcott, Djenepo, Redmond, Simeu, Valery, Smallbone, ElYounoussi, Long.

Obafemi and Vestergaard look like they're going, the first XI is good, the bench is a combination of promising prospects and 'experienced' players who won't be most helpful.

That bench is definitely two players shy of some serious quality and depth, and a few first team injuries and we will struggle. But, I'll try and be hopeful!

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09 Aug 2021 16:35:16
I think there may be a couple more yet - loans?

09 Aug 2021 16:58:03
After Armstrong and Broja, I think there will be a couple more signings, maybe loans. MC and LB still need cover. The Ox at MC would be great!

09 Aug 2021 17:02:00
What is the strength of the rumours of us looking at ox coming back?

09 Aug 2021 20:39:16
Don’t see Broja leaving Chelsea on loan unless they can’t get rid of Abraham. Would only leave them with 2 strikers.

10 Aug 2021 09:05:36
Broja confirmed.

10 Aug 2021 19:58:57

09 Aug 2021 09:45:20
Southampton agree free with Blackburn for Adam Armstrong. So Armstrong and Broja to replace Ings. Having Adam and Adams up top and two Armstrongs will be a laugh but I don't think this will keep us up, not by a long shot.

But of course, very, very happy to be proven wrong.

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09 Aug 2021 12:29:41
SaintG . first time I’ve known you to be so disillusioned.
I know how you feel, both you and I life long Saints fans, but feeling we still don’t have direction .

But we do now have two fantastic full backs, Perraud will add so much more to the team.
So just maybe with Salisu coming up to speed, we’ll have an excellent defence.
I do worry about Redmond and Djenepo. It doesn’t matter who we have up front, if they don’t get the ball they can’t score. Redmond and Djenepo break up more of our attacks than they create!

Midfield needed bolstering big time. JWP playing way too deep to influence games.

Armstrong overlapping with KWP or Perraud will be a sight to behold!

Let’s hope Ralph has also learnt to not play players out of position. although his desire to use Djenepo as a wing back has me baffled? Djenepo has never been able to tackle and often is studs up when he does.

09 Aug 2021 13:55:35
I think Livramento can play right and left back which would avoid the need for Djenepo to fill in at LB.
Livramento looked good in 2nd half vs Bilbao, much better than Valery who went missing a few times.

09 Aug 2021 15:51:51
Sorry Rich. Tough pre-season 😅

In truth, Armstrong and Broja are apparently all but done. Perraud, Livramento, Simeu, Walcott as well.

Ings, Gunn, Lemina, Bertrand, Hoedt the main outgoings. Net £10m or so profit. It isn’t bad business at all. The only worry is there are not any terrible teams in the league, and given our longer term form, a serious scrap is well and truly on the cards.

One more really good signing - Lookman, Delaney, or maybe two more if Vestergaard goes, and it’s a good window. Deadwood and those not wanting to be here gone. We are just desperately short of goals and squad depth still, but if someone gets on a goal scoring run, I’m more than hopeful.

09 Aug 2021 15:51:51
Sorry Rich. Tough pre-season 😅

In truth, Armstrong and Broja are apparently all but done. Perraud, Livramento, Simeu, Walcott as well.

Ings, Gunn, Lemina, Bertrand, Hoedt the main outgoings. Net £10m or so profit. It isn’t bad business at all. The only worry is there are not any terrible teams in the league, and given our longer term form, a serious scrap is well and truly on the cards.

One more really good signing - Lookman, Delaney, or maybe two more if Vestergaard goes, and it’s a good window. Deadwood and those not wanting to be here gone. We are just desperately short of goals and squad depth still, but if someone gets on a goal scoring run, I’m more than hopeful.

09 Aug 2021 18:09:54
We still need some quality in attack and midfield and we’re way short of hat at the moment. We have some good players but most lack consistency and I’m staggered that we lost the only top-class player that we had to Aston Villa. I seriously hope that Hassenhutl brings in a decent tried and tested midfielder and attacker, both of whom know where the net is and can accumulate goals.

10 Aug 2021 00:06:26
Will be interesting to review our comments after 3 months. Things beginning to take shape with signings A. Armstrong and A Borja which will bring about a fresh positive energy up front assisting Che Adams and. Tella. With the young defenders bought to date Ralph is beginning to put his own personal stamp on the team for the first time since his arrival. Add a class C/ B ( when Vestergaard exits) and a quality MID, . the Pride and Passion will return and force a transformation in spirit. For the record I believe given time Adam Armstrong and Borja will quickly become fan favourites with their pace and two footed scoring ability ( Danny who)? A competent young keeper for January and we’re flying! KOM.

09 Aug 2021 01:01:40
Leicester City looking at Vestegaard now that Fofana is out until Christmas and Saints may be looking to re-sign Oxlade Chamberlain.

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05 Aug 2021 19:27:25
I read on several sites that we've asked Chelsea about a loan for Abraham, have asked Liverpool about Origi and that Brighton have bid 27m for Nunez, who we were after a couple of years ago.
I can't see us paying enough to get Abraham or Nunez and there seem to be a few other clubs after Armstrong now.
This looks like it will go down to the wire. There aren't enough goals in this team and I don't want to see us relying on Walcott or Redmond to partner Adams. Worrying but I'm hopeful we'll get someone over the line.

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05 Aug 2021 21:01:27
We could bring in Messi on a free 😁.

05 Aug 2021 23:28:09
For 29 goals in a season and at £5m, we really can’t go wrong taking a punt on Giakoumakis. Would need another striker, not that that would dent the funds too much, but I’d rather him at that price than Armstrong for £20m+.

06 Aug 2021 12:12:12
I think that Armstrong is off to Palace.

{Ed002's Note - They are one of the interested clubs and have been talking to Blackburn.}

06 Aug 2021 14:49:27
I was thinking more Kane, but he wouldn’t be guaranteed game time in front of Redmond🤣.

07 Aug 2021 02:51:18
Uruguayan 22 year old Benfica centre forward Darwin Nunez profile reads well!

07 Aug 2021 09:38:55
Nunez is a good shout but again they want £30 mil plus so can't see it happening.

07 Aug 2021 13:11:15
Hey Matt 32 Glad you agree Nunez is the business but price has to be considered with the bigger picture in mind i. e. spending extra on a proven goal scorer at ELITE level will give us much more chance of remaining in the Premier League after next season with a prospective payout of approx 130 million. We cannot expect the likes of Long and Redmond to replace a talisman and Ralph will only get one chance to spend the Gollden Egg he’s been handed. ( A further gift from a probable Vestergaard sale a good possibility) ps From what I have seen Edouard a few times who looks like a Scottish Div. B player!

05 Aug 2021 17:50:37
Hearing rumours that West Ham are looking at Vestegaard. Anyone know anything ?

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