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12 Feb 2020 05:25:02
That Benrahma fella looks a hell of player. Wouldn't mind a cheeky bid if Brentford don't go up.

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Julian Nagelsmann

09 Feb 2020 12:01:51
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Krzysztof Piatek

08 Feb 2020 12:06:57
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06 Feb 2020 13:13:23
Looks like we have played well the last two games admittedly against two good teams however at the end of those games we have lost twice conceded scored two, whilst everyone seems pleased with our performance the same old problems are still not fixed for example who can remember the last time we had a really great goalkeeping performance, also what was the he point in letting Cedric leave then having to play JWP out of position, as I see it we are now in no man's land for the rest of the season and hopefully we can push on and stay up and try to get the right players in in the next window suggest Bournemouth keeper Ramsdale should be our main target.

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06 Feb 2020 15:03:09
Norfolk Saint we can moan about getting rid of Cedric, but the reality is that he is injured. He would've been injured for the Liverpool game and would've been injured for last nights match. He's not due back until March, KWP should start in our net game. I think our main problem in the last 2 matches is that we don't have enough players that can keep up with Ralph's intensive style of football for 90 minutes. Admittedly I didn't watch the Liverpool game, but you could see that last night the Spurs players had so much more space in the final third during the past 20 minutes of the game because our players were too tired.

I think our main area of recruitment in the summer should be in both fullback roles. I don't think Bertrand is good enough to play Ralph's 90 minutes of intense football and he is too slow at tracking back. We don't have a RB, maybe we'll sign KWP from Spurs but he's going to have to have an amazing loan spell with us.

I think there wasn't much Gunn could've done about all 3 goals yesterday. But, yes I think we need a GK from one of the best teams in Europe.

I also think we need a back-up DM for JWP and Hojbjerg and a striker to replace Long and a CB to replace Vestergaard because he is not good enough, even as a backup, last night he literally missed a pass that was passed 10 meters away from him.

05 Feb 2020 21:45:11
Feel robbed after that what is var for, never a penalty on son! What because the keeper's pinky finger has brushed his leg?!?!?
We have to start taking the chances we're creating should have been out of sight after the hour.

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06 Feb 2020 06:38:39
It's almost as though VAR didn't review the penalty claim thoroughly because it's the FA cup. It's cruel on Gunn because he's positioned himself well to not make the contact. If he retracts his arms then he's a couple of yards away from Son.

We were the best team for about 70 minutes, but it feels like the lads just got too tired towards the end. You can see that from Lucas' goal we conceded, no one is near him and he's allowed so much space in behind our midfield. This was probably our downfall, once Alli came on they had more attacking midfielders on the pitch so there always seemed to be a spare man in behind our defence.

Some players were woeful at that point, when we were on top and controlling the game, Romeu looked a different player. But as soon as we got tired and Spurs were the dominant force, he was out of position and gave away so many free kicks because he couldn't keep up with the play. I think in the build up to the penalty, he over commits loses his man, wants to bring him down but doesn't because he knows he's already on a yellow card. Vestergaard also wasn't good enough. Gunn, probably couldn't do much about 3 goals, but maybe could've got to the ball before Son. I think Stephens had an amazing game, made so many good tackles one on one as the last man and did a great job at switching to RB. Ings was also amazing, he covers every blade of grass and plays with the same intensity throughout the 90.

All and all if we play every game like that, European places are actually a realistic goal. At this point in the season we've already played most of the teams above us twice, and I can't see us losing to the bottom 5 again.

{Ed047's Note - I thought you guys were great last night and certainly didn’t deserve to lose.

Great to see you playing so well in the league too.

06 Feb 2020 07:29:15
Let's hope JWP is OK too. Guess JWP will have to start in a couple of weeks now?

06 Feb 2020 08:46:53
They've come out and said that his injury is just a deep cut, so would've been painful. He'll probably need stitches, I doubt he'll be back before the end of the month. But we've got Armstrong back, so he can play in the DM position and Boufal/ Djenpo can play on the right.

05 Feb 2020 00:39:10
If we play Romeu tomorrow we are in trouble. I have watched the Liverpool golds over and over again! Ever had one of those mates that arrived just as the bus pulls away, was last to the party. cue Romeu . watching his man drift away and score, terrible fouls in dangerous places . too slow for the modern game (sadly)

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05 Feb 2020 09:15:09
I've been saying this for several months. He's becoming a liability in the middle of the pitch. Most of the tackles he makes are fouls, he's too slow and gets caught out of position too often.

05 Feb 2020 09:43:49
Oreo had his best spell with us under Puel when he played at the base of a midfield diamond. His deeper positioning then played to his strengths and allowed him to break up play without having to use his speed (or lack of it) and avoided pushing him high up the pitch. The style Ralph wants to implement sadly doesn't suit him and we were better off going for Josh Brownhill before he left for Burnley.

05 Feb 2020 20:34:15
He has played fairly well this game.

05 Feb 2020 22:49:50
He’s played very well? Were you watching a different game? Positional play awful . tacking awful . back tracking awful . distribution awful . speed awful . should have left Boufal on and swapped Romeu for Armstrong.

10 Feb 2020 19:50:46
I was completely off on the player in question. Was getting confused with another player from a previous post.

And Finally

04 Feb 2020 12:10:36
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01 Feb 2020 20:23:26
Probably didn't deserve to lose 4 _ 0 but again shows how fragile our defence is, it was a game we had to keep tight and whilst we have done very well recently I feel it would be a great mistake to assume that we are safe from relegation so goal difference could still come in to play. looking forward to the cup replay and a win would put us through to a winnable game against Norwich and a good chance of the quarter final.

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02 Feb 2020 10:26:57
In fairness I love what Ralph did. Basically went to anfield and played 4-2-4 saying ‘we’re going to attack you and you aren’t going to like it’ and we did exactly that. Don’t know how we didn’t get an indirect free kick for a deliberate back pass, Ings’ penalty shout I think would have been given had it been Salah going down.

We should have had 2 goals in the first half - Liverpool should also have had a penalty, but Liverpool’s goals weren’t as tho they just passed it through us, it was mostly through us being stretched while attacking and being counter-attacked, save for a few unfortunate deflections and slips it could easily have been 2-2. But that’s just the quality that this Liverpool side possess.

We probably would have lost anyway but I’m glad we went and gave it a bloody good go rather than just sit there and take it like most other sides - United included.

Apart from playing city we have a very good run in and I think should be looking towards 55 points rather than 40 and maybe a run at the top 7 which would be quite incredible considering where we were at Christmas. Ralph’s reaction at full time shows he isn’t concerned, he knows we played well and will continue to do so.

Get KWP in, play Armstrong and PEH in the middle, with Djenepo Ward Prowse Redmond Ings and all that jazz off the bench, and hopefully we can then have a strong transfer window now that we’ve cleared some room out.


03 Feb 2020 06:31:59
Thought I would share a recent observation after watching Brentford hammer Hull City. What a class striker 24 year old Said Benarahma is. I personally believe he is much sharper than Jarrod Bowen. 24 yr old Ollie Watkins also was impressive support. Should a striker be on the radar Benarahma is definitely one for the future not withstanding our needs are in several positions. KOM.

03 Feb 2020 15:20:41
I loved the way Ralph went for Liverpool. The highest number of shots against Liverpool since 2014! an incredible statistic!
In reality, our defence was changed for the first time in ages - albeit by us letting Cedric go.
But with the midfield, there were two changes from previous games. One was enforced ie Armstrong being injured, but moving JWP to right back was an unnecessary change. JWP has excelled at playing his more traditional number 10 role.
I am hoping that he puts JWP back in midfield for the next few games.

01 Feb 2020 19:57:43
Danny, Danny Ings, Danny, Danny Ings.

Liverpool fan in peace.

I understand we might not be your favourite club but we, on the Kop gave Danny a great ovation when he left the pitch.

He's brilliant and I'm glad he's banging in the goals for you saints.


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10 Feb 2020 23:07:17
Cheers Drogie
TBF you owed us a few - VVD, Mane, Lallana, Clyne, Lambert, Lovren and not forgetting that you nipped in for Coutinho when we were close to signing him - so we'll take Origi and Gomez in the summer and call it quits 😂.

01 Feb 2020 16:56:10
Well that worked out well getting rid of Cedric! JWP who has been immense in the number 10 role plays right back. Romeu back in and showing exactly why he hasn't been playing ie slow, predictable, gives away fouls and doesn't track his man .
and absolutely no penetration down right!

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01 Feb 2020 19:26:58
I was secretly hoping that the reason Valery has been out the squad is because Ralph's been working with him and turning him into an unreal player. Again, he was out the squad. To be fair, even if we didn't get rid of Cedric he would've been out due to injury so we would've probably used the same squad. But Jack Stephen's at rb and bringing Vestergaard into CB would've been the better option I think for today. I just hope the defeat isn't a catalyst for us and regain form when we face Burnley in a couple of weeks.


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