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11 Nov 2023 17:12:04
Got to give credit where credit is due, RM has turned things around and recent results have been superb. Still think we could and should put some opponents to the sword but if we continue this form we will be top 2 by February imo. Very pleased to be wrong in my previous posts.


1.) 11 Nov 2023 21:52:55
Came here to say a very similar thing. Our next ‘tough’ game is the reverse of this fixture in February. Till then I don’t think we play a team in the top half. In this league we will slip up somewhere along the line but what a month or so.

Reflecting now on our losing run, in perspective they don’t look so shocking. Boro hadn’t won a game but are now mid table, Leicester and Ipswich are first and second, and the only real shocker is the Sunderland game which I still can’t fathom, and maybe that took a few games to come back from.

Maybe we all overreacted a little. Some more clean sheets would be nice, but ultimately losing on two long away trips and at home to the top two aren’t anything to be too ashamed of, and we now seem to have a settled and organised lineup. Also excellent to see Stewart on the pitch. Way things are going we might be able to offload Adams to a struggling PL club in January for too much money and invest wisely.

I’d like to think we can now go on a 20+ game unbeaten run but the championship doesn’t work that way, though shoring up a top 6 spot whilst keeping the top 2 within arms reach would be a nice place to be come the new year.

Go the saints! I’m actually enjoying supporting this team for the first time in about 7 years ?

2.) 12 Nov 2023 00:36:15
Blimey. home after a night out to come here and post . and you two have beaten me to it.
We seem to be doing what the best teams do, win when not evening playing our best.
RM has actually adjusted his playing style and tactics, not a lot, but just enough to stop us getting caught out so much.
We are definitely moving the ball quicker, and that holy grail . get it in the box quicker!
I am loving the atmosphere, the vibe, the excitement . the winning!

3.) 12 Nov 2023 11:29:24
All of which goes to prove RM actually does follow our posts and listens to our constructive criticisms - obviously!

4.) 12 Nov 2023 12:06:48
For someone so stubborn, just maybe he came on here, read our posts and thought, ‘well if my way is so good, why haven’t I had any success’ .
he hasn’t abandoned his way completely, but the possession stays yesterday, showed a huge change in tactics. Ie we didn’t have 80% possession and the same number of shots as the opponent.

But as I’ve said, all the successful teams win even when not playing their best, and grind out wins .

It’s been a very long time since I’ve enjoyed watching saints and believing we are going to win!



25 Sep 2023 20:44:39
Onaucha, 2 games 2 goals 2 assists. Hmm. in a league commensurate to uk championship! Opinions plz?


1.) 25 Sep 2023 21:20:03
There is definitely something amiss with our club. It seems so rigid - we must play this way or else - why can’t we bomb down the wings, cross it, big Paul with headers or knockdowns. There are reasons Sulemana and Alcaraz aren’t playing, why our best players aren’t performing.

I don’t know what it is, and I don’t think it’s just down to Martin, but problems feel deeper than we are seeing on the field right now, and it’s worrying.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks for the long post, i'll put it up tomorrow morning as an article

2.) 26 Sep 2023 06:51:12
Completely agree.

If we had a manager who could adapt our style to our team's strength, wouldn't they be rubbing their hands with glee. You have the tallest player in the league in Onuachu, fastest player in Sulemana, proven scorers in Adams and Tella.

I would be running the channels and crossing it to tall Paul. Playing long to hold it up or flick it on. Counter attacking with Alcaraz, Sulemana and Tella.

3.) 28 Sep 2023 14:33:07
We played him on the wing in one of the few games he played ….
he is a goalscorer and is proving the club wrong.
Balls into the box . simple .



31 Aug 2023 21:02:56
I was lead to believe that Sunderland were not going to sell us Patrick Roberts after my post on 27/08. That appears to have changes, he's a terrific player, so is Stewart.




15 Aug 2023 17:31:05
So Saints are trying to shift their highest earning players aka McCarthy Aribo Djenepo. I've been told that RM is very disappointed in the attitudes of Perraud and Onaucha and they have been made available for transfer. Lyancos father is trying to complete a loan deal back to Brazil but Saints want a loan fee with a buy option. Montpelier are trying to sign Mara on loan. Bologna have enquired about S Armstrong. 5 clubs have submitted a variety of offers for Adams but none have been accepted. 2 championship clubs have made 8 million offers for AA. Getafe has asked for Larios on loan. I have no info on incoming players apart from Downes.


1.) 15 Aug 2023 19:56:58
Superb intel @2408. That is great to know.

It is financially silly to be paying our biggest salaries to essentially our B team.

If we have 3 of Adams, Armstrong, Tella, Sulemana and Piroe at the end of the window, I would take that.

Trade Mccarthy and Lyanco for a new GK and CB and we have a playoff team, if we get our tactics right.

2.) 15 Aug 2023 21:30:39
I feel until we get a solid CDM and goal keeper in, it really doesn't matter who our center backs are. At the moment they have no protection in front of them and very little behind them.

3.) 16 Aug 2023 00:27:34
It’s enthralling stuff as the money keeps pouring in - well in excess of £100 M but all we hear about is players on the way out. Those we know about who are on the radar to join us are fair to middling players but hardly going to set the word alight.

The biggest priority is to bring in a GK - without one we can huff and puff all we like but we will not be serious contenders for promotion until we get an experienced keeper.

Next, we need a captain - a proper captain who can grab a game by the scruff of the neck and set the tempo.

Stephens is not even close to what we need.

The obsession (it seems) with Swansea players is becoming a joke - what have they achieved there which makes them such an attractive proposition for us.

One of the posters spoke about fans wanting instant gratification. I understand why he might think that but actually, the way I see it is that we do not want to continue gong down rabbit holes in the name of loyalty.

My main issue is that RM is out of his depth - Gillingham was more than just an error of judgement, it was cavalier and naive (clever dick stuff which didn’t pay off) .

The early signs are deeply disturbing and whilst I respect the mantra about giving him time, wait to Christmas etc - I believe the faith is being misplaced yet again. We can afford the salary of a manager with a proven track record rather than taking yet another punt.

I know that many will disagree with me, but we missed an opportunity in recruiting the right manager. That said, for those who like the thrills and spills of games like Norwich - buckle up and enjoy the ride. It will be fun, but it won’t get us back to the PL.

4.) 16 Aug 2023 09:09:54
Agreed we need a DM. We had too many attack minded midfielders against Norwich and were exposed. Charles and Downes can fill that role.

Given RM's recent comments it looks like Baz is here to stay. He is young and needs an experienced CB Leader to give him protection as Millertine says.

Piroe has been a top 5 top scorer in the Championship for the last two years. The others are mainly in the PL having gained promotion or with teams hoping for promotion, so they are unlikely to sell. Piroe knows how to score in RM's system so could hit the ground running, which has advantages. Perhaps others know of Brojoa or Lambert types we could get instead.

5.) 16 Aug 2023 10:58:24
So far the club has cut its weekly salary bill by approximately 600,000…. 30 million year with player sales and relegation clauses. They have received or will receive over length of contracts, including Lavia, 130 million BUT have many outgoings for players signed over the last 3 years plus 120,000 a week for 2 sacked managers. Money is still tight, I can’t see anymore than 25 million being reinvested in player purchases but I can see 3 loans coming in similar to the JWP / DOWNES deal. I think you’ll see Adams go and a loan player from the same club arrive and Sulemana go on the same sort of deal.

6.) 16 Aug 2023 19:40:04
Thank you for that great financial context @2408.

Given the circumstances, if most of Perraud, Aribo. Mara, Lyanco, Sulemana, Bree, Djenepo, Onuachu and ABK are sold/loaned and at least Downes, Holgate and Harwood-Bellis come in, then I would take that right now.

On paper, that is at least a playoffs squad and we balance the books to rebuild later.

7.) 16 Aug 2023 21:22:32
We do have the Parachute Payment, that will absorb the payments to RH who gave us good service with no financial support during his time.

Jones'y and his management team, was a mitigated disaster, and should be paid what he is worth, Big Fat Zero!

Sports Republic will still invest, but it needs to be prudent. Think the key will be our strong trading relationship with Man City and Chelsea, its working for both sides, so I expect to see 2 or 3 plays come in as per Lavia and Livramento once agin.

8.) 18 Aug 2023 08:03:31
Hi Pete, as I understand it we will receive approximately 50 million this year then 40 next and 20 the third year if we remain in championship. Our revenue will be 80 -100million a year less than being in the premier league. Year one parachute plus salary savings will balance the books but the money we have received from player sales has already been spent. Unless SR authorise fresh expenditure the club is in and will remain for the next 2 years financially viable and not plummeting into debt.

9.) 19 Aug 2023 19:35:05
Thank you for the explanation, as with any business, 'Cashflow is King' and re-investment or additional investment, could be sensible.

Say we asked SR to fund 3 purchases for a total of £50 million, to purchase quality youngsters such as McAtee from Man City (£15 million I believe) you have an appreciating asset. Look to sell in two years time at circa £30 million, deduct wages and interest (Internal on a say 6% Note) and it would work.

There is very little downside to factor in.

We also have some great youngsters;

Diamond Edwards
Amo - Amaya

So it would not be unrealistic, to expect at least 2/3 of these to make £10 - £15 million each within 2 years, although the 3rd year would me more beneficial, by which time, I believe we would/should get promotion back to the Premiership.

10.) 19 Aug 2023 20:06:56
The downside was proved last year. If we keep buying youngsters with no leadership the team will not flourish. As for the u21 players you mentioned, I went and watched the u21 Vs villa u21 last night and it was not a great advertisement for football at that level.



08 Aug 2023 21:11:16
So it took a league 2 team to suss out our frailties! Look at possession stats! They mean nothing! I post this 56 minutes into the game. Championship teams will work out how to beat us or draw, possession means nothing! And we have, allegedly, 50 million of players on display!


1.) 08 Aug 2023 23:05:30
2408 …
Well I’m hoping that the new manager is going to learn from this and just maybe will change his game plan. Having read so many comments from Swansea fans, all saying that this is how he likes to play, I’m hoping we don’t have another Ralph . ie this is how we are going to play end of!
More worryingly, it was obvious to all that we had been found out, but we didn’t change anything!
Please don’t tell me he has only a plan A . been there already!

2.) 09 Aug 2023 09:34:58
I watch a lot of championship and league one football. Swansea never changed tact and went on their run of results when they had nothing to play for. There are only 7 or 8 players from last season who are good enough for the premier league with Ryan Manning being one. I was damning of RM appointment and remain so, if he doesn’t have plan b/c etc it’s going to be a long possession based and uneventful season.

3.) 09 Aug 2023 09:56:32
7 or 8 from all remaining championship teams.

4.) 09 Aug 2023 09:58:49
Well it didn't take long for the boo boys to.come out. Yes it wasn't a great performance I feel positive though. don't forget at the moment we are still clearing out players that don't want to be here.
And as rm said players going off script is what didn't help. It's also a contest that championship clubs don't seem to take seriously 8 clubs went out last night.
Let's give it a bit of a chance and see where we are come November/December. I think the idea of how we will play will work once both fitness is where it needs to be (usually about 4-5) games in and the more they play it.

5.) 09 Aug 2023 11:52:30
It’s just another example of managers trying to be clever dicks.

Why play a weak side when you have a gilt edge chance of building on Friday night’s result. Winning breeds confidence and so to experiment after one game is just reckless.

Had we won, what would it have proved? Losing in the manner we did just underlines RM is as stupid as many who went before him.

Mark my word, playing pretty but pointless possession football will not get us out of the championship. It won’t be long before RM’s head is on the block. God, I hope I’m wrong but as South Hants Rich and 2408 have pointed out, there is a depressing sense of deja vu with what is going on.

6.) 09 Aug 2023 17:22:29
This is not boo boy because we lost one game, it is because is was obvious to anyone who understood coaching football that RM tactics won’t win enough games to get promotion. Quick question…. If you have 3 lightening quick strikers but they are light weight, do you play the ball over the top / through channels or do you try and walk the ball into the net? Let defenders get tight to Tella AA Edozie Sulemana Mara is stupid and inept! Adams and Onaucha are the only 2 who have the strength to hold them off and they are not first choice. Michael Carrick Gary O’Neill and dare I say it Jones would get us out of the championship, with the squad we will have left, not RM!

7.) 09 Aug 2023 18:31:47
Exactly - apart from the inclusion of Jones in your list!

And how naive is it to forfeit a run in the Cup because we are focusing on promotion - one game in!

A little run where we might meet and beat Portsmouth or go up against one of the big PL teams would be great for morale and possibly add a little spice to the fixture list.

As I said earlier - too clever by half.

8.) 09 Aug 2023 23:13:43
Miller and 2408 … it always amazes me, this bizarre attitude that we as supporters are not allowed to criticise the team or manager. Like you two I’ve supported saints all my long life, even flying home from work in Germany to see the Saints V Forest cup final!
The modern day manager, be that Pep level or other EPL managers, have a game plan, a style that they want to play. But and most importantly, while the style is imbedded in the mindset, the game plan is tweaked and adjusted throughout the game.
I remember seeing changes by opposing managers that literally changed the whole dynamics of a game. The last manager that I thought was amazing was Ronald K. you knew when RK was watching the game, he was watching through the eyes of one of the greatest and successful defenders of all time.

Anyway. we seem to have had in Ralph and now Martin, two managers that have 100% decided the way we ARE going to play! Regardless of 1-0 down, up or 5-0 down . I used to think with Ralph, is he just hoping we might score, because when it was obvious from the first 10 minutes, the whole formation was not working, it just stayed that way . meanwhile we lost and lost.
Our first win of the season, while welcome. was possession football at its finest . but not what wins games. So we carry that into the cup match against gillingham. their manager must have said to their players. ‘don’t fear them, just get it off them. they will just pass it around all match’ . and that’s what we did!
Even a 1-0 and the. 2-0 down, yepp were still playing the same possession football. In any sport I ever played, fear of the opponents attacking menace was a huge factor in the game plan. Fearing/respecting your opponents ability to score, determined everything from formation, to dynamics, to width . to tactics .

So Gillingham clearly had absolutely no fear of our attacking ability! They went for the win and the win they got. Well done to them!

So Martin has decided that his way is the only way to play and he’s not going to change it. Regardless of the skill set of players he has. As 2408 said, we have a very strong attackers in Adams and the unused tall Paul. Others like Tella are dynamic, quick, skilful.
So what do we do … not exploit their skill or ability one bit!

Compare the Burnley side that one the league . superb! A manager that has been there and done it, that transferred his superb football brain into management. When it wasn’t working, he changed things . he analysed, he changed, he tweaked.- and what a team he produced!

Meanwhile . we have possession football .
all the sideways and backwards nonsense.

So yes I am deeply concerned with our new manager. Even worse all the Swansea fans telling us exactly what football he will play . and they are spot on!

Phew …

9.) 10 Aug 2023 10:42:19
Well said South Hants Rich…!

In other words, the right manager could achieve something with this squad - the wrong one would win a few, lose a few.

10.) 10 Aug 2023 11:10:20

As you know Championship Football much better than I do. I am curious which players with PL potential you think it would be worth us going for?

11.) 10 Aug 2023 13:03:27
I’m not answering for 2408 because he has a wide football knowledge through multiple leagues.
My point would be, do we need EPL players now? Or players that are well proven in the championship, then when we get promotion we can think of EPL quality.

12.) 10 Aug 2023 14:46:54
So this is players still left with championship clubs. No loan players from other leagues. Some have been sold such as Gykores and Pedro but here goes. Max Aarons, Yasir Asprilla ( young and petulant but a wonderful talent) Chuba Akpom Paddy McNair John Swift ( when motivated) Gustavo Hamer ( small but wonderful balance and vision) Jacob Greaves Alex Scott ( think he’s off to Bournemouth) Victor Johansson ( imo best keeper in division) Ross Stewart (when fit) Jack Clarke.

13.) 10 Aug 2023 14:50:35
League 1, Johnson Clarke Harris of Peterborough might be worth a punt, think he would do well in championship but definitely not in premier league. If we sell Tella to Burnley try and get Scott Twine in part exchange, going to be a top player.

14.) 10 Aug 2023 19:30:53
Pretty much agree with the consensus that Russell Martin is going to fail. Very much in the mould of RH in terms of inflexibility, and already coming out with worrying soundbites.slating the team so early in the season is worrying. We will get a mid table finish this year and no better. Would be understanding of the current situation re transfers if Martin was showing leadership, but he is already playing the victim . Norwich will win by 3 this weekend

15.) 10 Aug 2023 19:54:41
And furthermore, if Saints really wanted to be unique, and after RM has been seen to fail, then appoint Sarina Wiegman to the post and see a real football brain at work for the first time in a while. Bonkers? yep.but not really

16.) 11 Aug 2023 11:32:22
South hants rich, you are spot on!

17.) 11 Aug 2023 17:28:52
Aarons Hamer Scott now sold, list is getting shorter




2408's banter posts with other poster's replies to 2408's banter posts


29 May 2024 11:29:23
Chris Wood could be a great free signing. He's averaged a goal every 3 premier league games for the last 5 years, his record for Forest was excellent. Give him a 2 year contract, great impact player with bags of experience and steel. Not sure about Lallana coming back as a first team player, he is definitely past his best but would be brilliant for the changing room and moral throughout the club. Would like to see Broja back and maybe Ings, were going to need 4/5 goal scorers to compete next season.


1.) 29 May 2024 22:34:51
Agreed. I just hope Sports Republic do not try to play it too smart, like before. We can take a few punts but when it comes to CB, back up DM, GK and strikers we need proven players at this level like Chris Wood.

I believe Lallana speaks Spanish, so if Alcaraz did return, he could be a great role model for him as a fellow CAM and good for the dressing room.

@2408, do you think it is worth recruiting some promising championship players like Jack Clarke, Gnoto, Szmodics. Is this pragmatic or lacking ambition?

2.) 31 May 2024 05:39:52
It’s almost a blank canvas presented for Saints rebuild.Some very interesting names are being bandied about (and seemingly cash not a restriction) I only hope we take full advantage and don’t go down previous rabbit holes.It makes me quite nervous reading reports of interest in two ageing ex SFC players who have had their day in the Sun and both spent recent times either injured or bench warmers for teams we should be challenging next season.Russell Martin has the perfect opportunity to sign young and energetic quality players who can drive us up the EPL.

3.) 31 May 2024 08:58:55
Yes, I hope lessons have been learnt and we get some trusted players in key positions before playing moneyball.

I am in favour of Lallana returning but not as a starter. A leader in the middle of the field to see out the last 20 mins could be valuable.

I believe he speaks Spanish, so also an asset for Alacaraz or any possession skilled La Liga players.



30 Apr 2024 10:43:20
It's going to be a tense and exciting last round of games on Saturday, let's hope for a performance worthy of loyal Saints fans at Leeds. Playing Norwich in the playoffs will be 2 very tough games. Norwich have hit form at the right time and have several players performing at the top of their game. If RM persists in his favoured playing system I really cannot see Saints beating Norwich on aggregate. Hope I am wrong but this end of the season is all about result based momentum.


1.) 30 Apr 2024 21:41:07
Hi 2408 …
Surely the game again Leicester, compounded by the awful stoke hame, will mean that’s RMs possession obsession has to end.
But like you, I don’t think he will.

I think more worryingly, he thought we deserved something from the Leicester game, that we matched them; and that had stephens been playing, the result would be different.

Unleash the team RM.

2.) 01 May 2024 11:21:56
His comments about the last 3 games have been dilutional! On another tact, AA and Adams at the top of the charts for missed scoring chances, what a surprise! I do feel that if Stewart had been fit all season we would have been automatically promoted even allowing for RM slow slow slow tactics. Stewart rarely misses chances on the ground and even less on the air. I hope that we have a real go at Norwich and try to get their crowd anxious, if we play tippy tappy football we will lose.

3.) 04 May 2024 10:09:48
Delusional, bloody predictable txt!



25 Nov 2023 17:02:27
I honestly thought RM had learnt a lesson about sitting back in the second half. I was wrong ?


1.) 25 Nov 2023 17:08:24
It’s almost like he reverts to type …
We should be coming out the second half and absolutely going for it, attacking at Speed, and with width…
But nope, he wants to play his tippy Tappy football!

2.) 25 Nov 2023 22:15:31
With Leeds and Ipswich dropping points, this was a big missed opportunity to go third and close the gap in second. Frustrating.

That said, my early predictions were Saints 8th after 15 games, 6th after 30 and 4th at season end, so we are still in the mix.

3.) 26 Nov 2023 02:46:05
After recent team improvements fresulting from RM’s”on the job learning” (and useful advice probably gleaned from several posters) it is a severe body blow not being able to account for a lowly positioned team forced to make 5 changes from their last game.Saints performance emphasises the gap in experience and guile between RM and the likes of Carlos Corberan (WBA) ;Daniel Farke (Leeds Utd) and aa few other Championship Managers who may qualify for the “play offs”with a distinct advantage over us on a neutral ground should we qualify.

4.) 26 Nov 2023 14:28:44
St John
You are absolutely spot on, good managers learn from mistakes, learn from others, listen to and learn from players, they grow as a person and develop their technical and tactical know how.
I’ve watched so many games over the last few years, where minor tweaks by opposing mangers, have completely changed the game.
Martin has always been an average manager, if anything taking clubs backwards.
So many points gained in the 90+ period. Many have lauded this as fantastic, but we should have put those games to bed much earlier. Finally it’s caught up with us.
Ralph was a similar person, it didn’t matter if we were playing bottom of the league or top, he played the same tactics. a must win game was 5 at the back with one up front.
Martin should be saying, this team has injuries, non a bad run, let’s do this. let’s go for a big win and reduce increase our +ve goal difference!
But nope, he’s possession obsessed …

5.) 26 Nov 2023 19:57:48
I’ve kept quiet lately because I disagreed with the popular view that we had turned the corner.

Sure, results have been mostly good and we’ve had some good fortune along the way. But, and it’s a big but, I’ve not seen much of a change in tempo or ambition on the pitch to suggest we’re learnt very much.

If anything our league position belies our performances, not that I’m complaining. It’s just infuriating that with a little more courage we would be neck and neck with Leicester, not 11 points adrift.

If we can get home wins against Bristol City and Cardiff then 7 points out of 9 would be a decent haul post the latest tedious international break.

There are reasons to be cheerful but I’m glad I’m not the only one not lighting up the cigar yet.



21 Oct 2023 19:38:14
Excellent 3 points today and a more entertaining performance until we got within 25 yards of their goal. I hope the players learn to deliver the ball in the box quicker when Stewart is fit. I thought Manning Alcaraz and Adams were very poor but Downes had his best game in a Saints shirt.


1.) 21 Oct 2023 21:19:20
Superb day of results for us. Being in the playoffs will be a huge psychological boost.

If we can take 5 or more points from our next 3 games, we have every reason to believe we can scrape a playoff spot, especially with Stewart and Larios coming in.

Manning is suspended so be interesting to see if Bree gets his chance against Preston.

2.) 22 Oct 2023 10:57:49
We definitely seem to have abandoned the possession at all costs football.
We’re moving it out of defence much quicker, but a bizarre reluctance to run beyond that, even AA seemed reluctance to run at defenders.
And as 2408 said, even when there were players in the box, we didn’t make that early ball . weird
Manning was awful . well let’s see how we do with a defensive reshuffle now he’s suspended.
I think the players like Downes seem much happier with the ball when they can influence a game, run with it, rather than play some nonsensical pass to keep possession.
just maybe Martin has realised that possession doesn’t win games, goals do!
Although I personally don’t believe he has the technical and tactical know how to take us foreward



24 Sep 2023 11:59:00
So RM keeps blaming scar tissue and fear being the reason for our performances. These are highly paid professionals who are responding to RM style of play. They are doing what they are told! In a really short period of time RM is alienating himself from the fans and pundits. Compare the current league positions of teams that play possession football as apposed to high press aggressive in your face football. Wake up RM you are truly dillusional, truly out of your depth and truly incapable of change!


1.) 24 Sep 2023 12:46:00
2408 : it’s a combination of disbelief, anger and frustration!
We were awful yesterday! I just couldn’t see any team structure, any game plan .
We have sacrificed our high pressing football for high possession football.
When they had the ball at the back, our press was stroll a few yards towards the player and back off as they kicked it. It gave Middlesbrough so much time at the back.
I think he’s not picking fast, dynamic players, who like to run with the ball . because he simply doesn’t want that style of play.
His latest garbage is that he is playing the high possession football he was taken in to play and he won’t change .
That’s a clever way of already preparing his leaving speech .
“I was only playing the way they wanted me to play”

I’m sure you weren’t taken on to play high possession football with no end product, so predictable it’s embarrassing, passionless, tactic less, identity less .

You have destroyed the confidence of our team to further your own unhindered belief that you are right .

Well results show otherwise …

I wouldn’t mind if we had our best players on the pitch and we were still losing, but AA is not a captain, manning is awful, Charles is a quality player but seems lost and confused at times (probably trying to remember what weird and wonderful tactic you’ve made him play) .
2 goals in 4 games .




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26 Sep 2023 19:16:13
Spot on




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21 Sep 2023 09:39:23
Please read Wes Burns and Jo Tessems comments that the Southern Echo have now printed. Sums up our playing style, predictably and our fate if things don’t change. I don’t think I can recall an article from a player who has just played against an opposition that mocks a style of play. The article informs all future opponents how to beat us, well done RM!




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20 Sep 2023 11:24:25
That moron is white ring on now about scar tissue! We have 9 players in the squad who didn’t play a minute for the club last season… Htf can they have scar tissue! RM really is showing to be dillusional in his after match assessments ?




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20 Sep 2023 08:33:36
Ipswich should have scored 3 goals before halftime! Their goalkeeper made 1 decent save all game, we were at home! 3 things to say: if our players were so poor why have other clubs clambered to sign so many. If the players we brought in are so poor why do they have international caps and high market values. The only common denominator is the arrival of SR and the sudden serious demise of the clubs standing. RM has been found out after 3 games, if we play to the strengths of the squad we will be there or thereabouts but bizarrely it appears that is not what SR seem to want.




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19 Sep 2023 08:31:21
If he had failed the medical then he would not be insured and Sunderland would not have accepted a deal with future add on payment’s, Saints would have to make full payment there and then. As I understand the FA rules, all players must be insured to play professional football in England.





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10 Jun 2024 20:12:15
The wonderful thing about football is that differing opinions are thought provoking.




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10 Jun 2024 09:12:09
It will be interesting to see if the premier league actually implement their rules correctly. If they do you could well see Everton Forest Leicester, to name a few, receive significant points deductions. Everton have got to sell players, they have an ageing squad and no money. Pickford has literally kept them up for the past 3 years with outstanding performances.


{Ed001's Note - Pickford? When has he done that? He is awful. Most of his saves look flashy, but that is a result of poor positioning and then you have to factor in that he almost always pushes it straight back into danger. He is not the reason they have stayed up, not even close. If anything he is a hindrance to them. If he learnt how to position himself properly, most of his saves would look easy and he would just gather up the ball cleanly. Though to be fair, I suppose compared to the keepers Saints have had in recent years he is fairly decent. I think you have had probably the worst set of Premier League keepers of all time. If you had a decent one last time around you probably wouldn't have gone down.}



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04 Jun 2024 08:50:40
Pickford is a superb goalkeeper and would have his choice of top clubs. He has saved Everton the last 3 seasons, if he leaves I think Everton will be relegated next season whether they get further points deduction or not.




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02 Jun 2024 11:22:52
Definitely need to look at experience of premier league. Brownhill has another year on his contract, my mistake. There are some really good players who made moves, much to early in their careers, to top 10 premier league clubs. They might need a good pre season and an arm around the shoulder, good players don’t suddenly become bad players they just need encouragement and to actually play. That scenario is where I believe we will pick up a few gems if the recruitment department has a mind to do so.




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30 May 2024 08:16:41
Championship to premier league is a huge step up for a striker, very few make it successfully. I like Whittaker and he potentially has the best chance of making that leap, his finishing is very good. Ben Johnson would be an excellent squad player as he can play both full back positions. Caleta car has been outstanding for Lyon this season, I really would like to see him and ABK back, that would give us 4 quality centre backs. Josh Brownhill maybe worth a punt as he’s out of contract, MCcatee from Man City? It’s going to be interesting what happens and let’s hope lessons have been learnt within the recruitment department.