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10 Aug 2022 10:26:51
Help can anyone explain how one of our reserve players olungenwa is allowed to leave us presumably not good enough and then is signed by Liverpool, has the management at Liverpool seen something our lot have missed

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10 Aug 2022 13:10:19
His contract had run out and he didn't want to sign a new one with us.

{Ed001's Note - and he is only there to pad out the squad as a lot of players went on loan. It is a chance for him to earn more than simply an U21 place, but it is not expected.}

Review Of The Day 9th August 2022

10 Aug 2022 07:39:25
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 9th August 2022

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09 Aug 2022 17:23:46
Not the most original thought but. He's Austrian, as is our manager. He's available for probably not a great deal more than €10m. He has PL experience and has scored a good deal of goals.

Marko Arnautovic?

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10 Aug 2022 09:29:46
I hope not, but beggars can’t be choosers!

Would much prefer Sasa Kalajdzic - he’s an Austrian international too.

12 Aug 2022 13:51:58
Sasa's name was in the hat weeks ago but we have apparently moved on from him. I think that players that are available look at the manager and the general situation at Southampton and decide to give us a wide berth

09 Aug 2022 15:52:02
Just a thought, will probably get shot down here but we need a central defeder with some experiance in the Prem, apprently we tried to get Coady and missed out on that one but what about Vestergaard? never gets played at Leicester, had good experiance and left as probably our best defender at the time. Maybe we could offer McCarthy in exchange?

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10 Aug 2022 07:18:28
Although I am pleased that the Player is receiving improvement tuition I cannot comprehend Ralph’s thinking (although nothing really surprises me these days) by allowing Will Smallbone to leave on loan when at 22years of age and just recognised as one of the “ shining lights” of the pre-season.Can we assume that by staying would have created a headache for Ralph with Will’s form threatening to eclipse that of JWP who Ralph would never consider dropping at any cost.However ( (unlikely —but should Ralph still be employed by SFC when Will Smallbone returns to St. Mary’s he may find himself played at LEFT BACK!

10 Aug 2022 09:35:23
Sadly I think Ralph has burnt his bridges with Vestergaard. He was more than happy to go.

If he could be tempted back, I’d take that, but surely there are other experienced CBs out there.

09 Aug 2022 12:04:39
In the 62 yrs, I have followed saints I don't think I have ever felt so low . As much as I hate to knock managers as it's a thankless job he has to go. No player of any calibre will want to come to a club that is in freefall. Unfortunately, if Ralph was to go who would want to take over .

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09 Aug 2022 15:57:12
Even more then when we got relegated in 2005? and then the points deduction? I hated our time under pellegrino and hughes, god awful.

I think if we can get a couple more faces through the door we could be good. Striker, winger and a central defender. that is the minimum and for Ralph to stop playing players out of posistion. IF that happens we might have a chance at winning some games

Review Of The Day 8th August 2022

09 Aug 2022 07:39:24
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 8th August 2022

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08 Aug 2022 11:40:46
Great reveal .

To cheer the mood and to guarantee some entertainment this Saturday, how about a pre-match meet up with bubbles (and/or beer), nibbles and a gentle cruise aboard my boat ('Millertime') down to St Mary's and back.

My plan is to meet at 12.30pm on Saturday at the front of the Harbour Lights Cinema (next to Harbour Hotel) on Ocean Village and then we can go down to the boat.

We will be back by 2pm and then you can take a gentle 15 minute stroll to the ground.

I just thought it would be good to get to see the faces behind the intellectual banter!

Just sorry that Johnnyst won't be able to make it!

If you are up for it, please let me know and I can plan accordingly - it would be great to meet you.

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08 Aug 2022 15:31:42
Great idea Millertime

08 Aug 2022 17:50:11
Great - look forward to seeing you Saturday - hopefully a few more of the regular posters can join us so we can a proper moan - oops, I meant constructive debate!

09 Aug 2022 03:22:08
Hey Millertime what a generous offer- solid gold! Hope all of you guys take up this opportunity and would loved to have been there myself.However have a great day and cap it off with a much needed win at St.Mary’s.The only possibility of matching my face to the cheeky posts is the last time we took a trip to Southampton was April/May arrival 2019 from Freo (WA)via SA.My mates and wives arranged a ‘sentimental pub crawl’ in town (juniper Berry) etc.ending for lunch at the ‘Duke of Wellington’ for lunch.Now to the relevant info - the Landlord of a rather full pub asked (and insisted) on having his photo taken with me.When I asked what on earth for?He told me he kept photos of famous people ‘lookalikes’ Apparently I was supposed to represent Country Singer Kenny Rogers (before he died)!I’m sure the Landlord didn’t say Roy Rogers! Whether or not he still runs the pub I wouldn’t know.That’s my useless information for today have a fantastic Saturday-I’llbe keen to get a post day report and finally a message from me to Ralph. - -You’ve got to know when to HOLD EM. know when to FOLD EM. Know when to WALK AWAY. know when to RUN -THAT’S ALL FOLKS!

09 Aug 2022 06:59:03
Surely to Goodness the Owners and Board at SFC are alive to Ralph’s FRANK ABAGNALE ) conman antics when being exposed by so many knowledgeable SAINTS supporters (regardless of a potential win over Leeds Utd. on Sat).The game’s up despite his continued glowing reports from some journalists who would be well suited to exaggeration of the true facts in politics.!

09 Aug 2022 10:48:43
@millertime, unfortunatley I'm away this weekend but definatley up for meeting up for a few beers before a game sometime if anyone else is up for it?

09 Aug 2022 21:45:31
That’s a shame Saint Ben but not to worry. I didn’t give people much notice to be fair so unless I get others fancying a meet up on Saturday I will have another go later in the season with more notice.

I just think it would be great fun to meet up with like minded Saints fans and have a pre-match laugh with a few beers aboard Millertime (it’s even painted red!) I do enjoy the banter (keeps me sane at times so
my way of saying thank you! )

Fulham Vs Liverpool: A Red-Tinted View

08 Aug 2022 07:39:12
{Ed's Note - Seano_ has posted a new article entitled, Fulham Vs Liverpool: A Red-Tinted View

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07 Aug 2022 17:31:13
I'd like to think I'm not one to overreact, but for all the bluster, changes behind the scenes, money put in, that was exactly the same as last season. Score, look shocked, and do our best to concede as many as possible as an apology.

Don't know where a back five has come from when individual errors are our problem, you could play ten defenders but if any of them pass it into their own goal we still lose. Play 4-3-3/4-4-2, play our best players in their best positions. Ralph won't. Hopefully we have a good option lined up to come in.

Most worryingly, where on Earth is the other desperately needed striker coming from? Zero reports, no-one wanting to buy anyone we have for sale, we need a good last few weeks to hopefully move a few on and get one or two more in.

If only we had taken a punt on Potter, Howe, even Silva when they were available. Ah well. Only one game down. Sure it'll get much worse.

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07 Aug 2022 19:31:47
Happy New Season SaintG
There were lots to worry about in that performance, especially individual performances. but it is Ralph’s performance that is the most worrying. Ralph seems to start from, ‘ok these are my current favourites, where can I play them’ . we bring in a new holding midfielder, but do we bench Romeu? Nope. we play Romeu, JWP and Lavia ….
We bring off AA and bring on SA while Che sits on the bench. His latest favourite Djenepo playing left wing back. He was never any good as a winger, even worse as a defender, so we play him as a wing back, eventually bringing on Perraud when the game was lost.
The centre backs were awful … Salisu, Bednerek and and Valery, all with mistakes a plenty.
Chaos and random . any good manager would have taken off Djenepo as soon as it was obvious he was being exploited for his poor defending, marking and positional play . but no, he is the Redmond . the gold star boy .

07 Aug 2022 20:51:03
I think the most worrying thing is, give this squad to any other manager in the league. Do they play Djenepo, 2 DMs, Bednarek, 3 at the back, no out and out striker?

Absolutely not.

I’d say 17/19 play Bazunu, KWP, ABK, Salisu, Perraud, Lavia, JWP, Aribo, Stu, and any two forwards of Che, Adam, Mara. Something along those lines. But Ralph must see something no-one else does, from somewhere, in training, to make these decisions? We might never know.

07 Aug 2022 21:11:37
Interestingly and unlike previous seasons, there is little disagreement between our group and nobody as far as I can tell is rushing to Ralph’s defence. In the past we’ve had the ‘give it time’ lobby, (and that’s not a criticism) but this time the condemnation of Ralph is shared by all.

One more point while I’m free wheeling - you cannot win a F1 Grand Prix with an F2 racing car and as I’ve said all too often, our squad has the look and feel of a championship side. There are very few teams with weaker squads than us IMO. So whatever way you cut it, every point is going to be hard earned and we can only pray that there are 3 teams who will fare worse than us. Time will tell, but given our run of games, I can only see us in the bottom 3 come the World Cup break.

08 Aug 2022 02:35:14
The next one in has to be Ralph’s successor.After watching Graham Potter’s Brighton team overcome Man Utd. at Old Trafford in some style and other similar outfits with relatively ‘newly appointed Managers’ seem to be leaving us in their wake.I’m sure the Owners must be aware that if the right Coach is not installed with immediate effect their investment will be heading for the Championship League next season.

08 Aug 2022 03:04:05
SUGGESTION BOX for potential replacement CANDIDATES: apart from the three candidates already missed (as highlighted by SaintGGsy) 1. Bruno Lage (WOLVES) 2.Unai Emery (VILLAREAL) 3. Patrick Viera (C.PALACE)

08 Aug 2022 03:44:35
The problem we have now, is that we were once seen as an attractive club playing attractive football. Able to attract Koeman and Poch. We were pushing for European football, playing entertaining football. Now we are one of the clubs we used to look down, the clubs who year after year had a relegations fight. That’s us now!
Why would any of those managers come here? What do we have to offer?
Look at Brighton and their entertaining football.

I think our only hope is to entice Koeman or Poch back. They both loved it here!
We haven’t got a lot else to offer a manager, so let’s hope nostalgia wins the day.
I now love watching the likes of Palace, Brighton etc they play good football .
And the bottom line is .
we don’t!

08 Aug 2022 07:02:35
Remember Levi Colwall? Ex Chelsea young Central Defender prodigy ( who we spent most of the pre season chasing ) has been signed and utilised by Brighton at Old Trafford.How come when we desperately need a Centre Back we keep missing out on these types of affordable Players? Chris Richards was another one.Guess we are too indecisive and been caught dallying too many times allowing another one to get away!

08 Aug 2022 07:05:37
Correction Levi Colwall.

08 Aug 2022 07:17:50
I think your not far out there south hants rich as Pochettino is now in the market but if he became available his entourage could be a deterrent considering our recent coaching re-shuffle.

09 Aug 2022 04:52:30
SaintGGsy the team you suggested 7th Aug is 100% identical to mine (for better or worse)!

07 Aug 2022 13:42:42
So if you pull all our post match posts together, what we're saying is that it doesn't matter how you win, but it sure as hell matters how you lose. Yesterday, there was no plan, no idea and no fight which leads us on to the next general point of agreement; Ralph has to go.

A couple of weeks ago I asked how many points we would get from our opening games in August. I think most forecast around 4-5 points from a possible 15. That pretty much makes Leeds at home next week a 'must win'. Not necessarily within the context of the season, but from whether Ralph will be able to demonstrate that he can win sufficient points to get to 40 (survival).

To pull a run of 5 or 6 games together, you need a settled side and from where I'm sat, this is about as unsettled as it gets.

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09 Aug 2022 10:03:09
I predicted 1 point. Think that's optimistic now


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