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27 Apr 2024 19:02:14
I think Lesleee was assuming that we would beat Stoke this afternoon.

It is easy to be wise after the event but in view of our form over the last week that was not a given.

I think all we learnt from this afternoon is that we can`t rely on fringe players.

Brookes, Mara, Sulemana, Bree and Charles do not inspire confidence. Edozie and Fraser were almost OK today but rarely any end product.

It will take a miracle to win the playoffs and as I said previously, it is more likely that justice will be done and the top 3 all go up this year.

A season of missed opportunity (and clear cut chances).

We can wave goodbye to Downes, TBH and KWP.

Adams and Stu would be advised to get one last payday elsewhere.

I fear for next season as a result of how things have unfolded since Bristol City stood up to us.

St Michael

1.) 27 Apr 2024 19:31:37
The reality is we are more likely to be involved in a relegation battle next season than a promotion battle.

When the players return to their parent clubs and others leave, we will have the look and feel of a League 1 outfit.

There is no leadership on the pitch, no bravery and no guile. Our possession based football is pointless and next season every other team will know how to set up against us.

We had a golden opportunity this season and unless there’s a miraculous turnaround, we’ve blown it.

To hear Right Moron claiming he’s tired and his mum is worried about him is incredulous. It’s totally embarrassing and if the board don’t take the logical step of sacking him, then shame on them.

Almost past caring now - how bad is that?

2.) 27 Apr 2024 22:40:48
Millertime .
Have you noticed that when something goes wrong, RM posts something that’s takes the attention towards himself .
the 0-5 loss . it’s all my fault I should have played stephens .
blah blah .
maybe his mum could phone him up and tell him to stop blagging . to stop the rhetoric nonsense.

I found it bizarre that in his whole playing career, not a single team paid a single penny for him .
umpteen loan’s etc ., god was he that irritating that they all wanted shot of him .
Google it .is RM the only player in history to never command a single transfer fee .

Well I’d pay 1p to send him to the school of ‘overinflated egos’!

The reality is (and I’ve posted it before) that there are many players who have not been allowed to play their natural game, have had their natural game quenched.

I would love to see some of our attacking players under a different manager .

I don’t think another manager would have loaned out Alcaraz, wouldn’t have given big paul a chance, would have loaned out Perraud (even worse! #^^€ $$€%% to give manning a starting place! )

Jones was ‘rather strange’ . but RM is deluded …

How can you think 60%+ possession against Leicester is good, while losing 5-0 while not registering a single shot on goal .
Stoke . half the possession, more shots, 3x the shots on target …
Even Billy bloggs managing the local pub team would think… I need to change this .

As per Ed001’s post earlier . imagine saints players allowed to do what they like!

I end my usual rants with the words of the weekend commentator .

I’ve seen more forward passes than a game of rugby!

I am expecting RM to be sacked when we don’t win promotion …
He will say, ‘but we had 69% possession, how can you sack me ., ‘



23 Apr 2024 22:00:29
Well that was embarrassing

The gulf between us and Leicester was immense.

9-0 again looked a possibility at one point.

67% possession. Not a shot at goal.

RM looked like a rabbit in headlights.

What is the point of Brookes? Does Edozie ever do anything when brought on?

Hardly good preparation for the playoffs.

Surely whoever finishes third will deservedly go up this year.

It is going to be grim next season.

St Michael

1.) 24 Apr 2024 11:47:26
67% possession, 721 passes to Leicesters 361 and not a shot on target …
You can analyse as much as you like, But that is it in a nutshell. And as for Russell Martin to say that we were competing in the game… We had a good one minute spell after halftime, Other than that, I enjoyed watching Leicester play!



07 Oct 2023 22:19:58
Another reality check!

So after a reasonably sound performance at Stoke (hardly brilliant as RM stated), we mess up again and don`t get an easy 3 points today.

Good start but, as so often, the longer the game goes on the more we lose the initiative. All this possession football is supposed to tire the opposition out but they still looked full of running to me.

First substitutions added very little and inevitable mistake at back is punished. Waste of time (again) bringing on those game changers Mara and Aribo,

Shame we could not swap goalkeepers with Rotherham and as many are saying Manning HAS to go. Give Bree a chance and switch KWP as I suspect a 19 year old Larios if ever fit is not going to solve LB problem. Crying shame Perraud not kept.

Quarter of the season gone. we are 9 points above the bottom 3. we are 11 points behind the top 2.

If we can`t beat Rotherham we will need to look down the table rather than up. Difficult away games coming after international break.

St Michael




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23 Apr 2024 22:57:24
Right Moron tells Radio Solent

`For 60 odd minutes I thought we were good. It was a really tight match. we played some amazing build up, but it didn`t come to enough.

At the start of the second half we were so good, and were so on top`



St Michael

1.) 24 Apr 2024 06:51:07
Time to take immediate firm action to remove this imposter ( RM ) and replace him with an experienced quality Manager/Coach capable of constructing a new team playing attractive attacking football. RM (poor dilusional fellow) has done his best (as a 1st.half only Manager) throughout the season but unfortunately he’s proven not up to the task and should be seeking reemployment in Div.1 or Div 1 in Scotland. To reach his pinnacle.To preserve our Football Club from completely derailment and Home attendances being halved next season the Southampton FC BOARD must get real and JUST DO IT!



06 Apr 2024 21:02:49
Well that was underwhelming to say the least today.

Totally inept. RM said he wanted 24 points from the last 8 games. We lacked application and urgency today.

Rothwell, Brookes and even Fraser all poor. Then we bring on Adams, Edozie and the dynamic duo of Sulemana and Mara who contributed exactly nothing.

Think we will be lucky to get another 8 points - should be enough to get to the playoffs but the players look as though they have lost belief.

whilst RM can not be blamed for persistent individual failings at both ends of the pitch, the inflexibility in his system and, in sharp contrast, the tinkering with team selection/meaningless substitutions is his responsibility.

Out unbeaten run had to end - even the top 3 are wobbling now - but He is accountable for not steadying the ship since. His performance at the business end of the season has been very poor.

It comes to something when I can`t get angry about today`s game compared to the 5 points thrown away at Easter.

St Michael

1.) 07 Apr 2024 04:16:45
Martin says he THINKS he knows why Saints attackers faltered at Blackburn : Would somebody solve the mystery and explain to Him it’s the very same reason (after hours and hours on the training pitch) that has.been happening ALL SEASON.!

2.) 07 Apr 2024 08:20:30
I have to give a mention to what appears to be Stephens new Midfield role! I have no idea why is now tinkering with the team every game, when we had a stable formation, specially the back four, at least you want to expect…
We have Stephens wandering around in some random role, clashing with the midfield and defence.

RM you’re a genius at being incompetent.

Yesterday was awful. We are playing a team that is on a very bad run, attendances dropping .
And we pitsy patsy around.

Meanwhile RM spews out his cocky rhetoric …



02 Apr 2024 11:27:51
Fully agree Millertime!

Since the `Huddersfield Wobble` and the end of our unbeaten run, we have taken just 10 points from 8 games.

Better teams are finding us out and there is no point RM saying we were the better team last night when we LOST.

The writing was on the wall when Ipswich hit the post. We did not adapt to the threat coming and we have to defend better because we are just not clinical enough up front. Even AA needs 3 chances to score one goal.

Yes we will be a much weaker squad and stuck in the championship unless a miracle occurs in the play-offs.

Even then would Sports Republic invest enough for the Premiership? I see our French sister club are also relegation material in ligue 2.

Not happy.

St Michael

1.) 02 Apr 2024 19:53:46
We aren’t cutthroat enough a club at any level, and I just cannot see that the board will replace Martin if we finish fourth and don’t go up. They’ll say ‘we got XX points (87ish), that would get you promoted automatically most seasons’.

Ipswich have done an amazing job and I want them to go up. We need to cherry pick from this league and League One and get Martin to see the error of his ways to this point. I backed the side when we went unbeaten, but the amount of times we’ve failed to kill off games has now caught up with us.

I’d like to think we can keep S Armstrong, A Armstrong, Fraser, Aribo, Smallbone, Charles and Bednarek, have Larios and Stewart fit, and sign a CDM - we won’t keep Downes - a goalie and another striker as a minimum. If we get money from KWP and Sulemana totalling £30m+, we can go and pick up several good prospects and build, because as people rightly say we wouldn’t stay in the PL with this squad.

I also don’t think the club is built on a ruthlessness to sack off Bazunu. I loved his signing but one could argue that with a hint of anticipation he saves all three goals last night.

I’d like us to go and look at the impressive players from this season. Whittaker, Szmodics, Simms, one of them would suit us. I think szmodics would be an amazing player for us personally. But I imagine we will dip back into the Chelsea and City youth pool again.



01 Apr 2024 22:14:15
`We should score more and can`t concede the way we did`

So says RM. Pretty obvious really.

Surely we knew their left back was going to be a threat but we did little to deal with him. Hence first and last goals.

Yes 97th minute goal was cruel and we probably deserved a draw.

At least Ed Sheeran had left by then.

St Michael



29 Mar 2024 17:43:15
20 days have passed since our last game (and my last post).

The same old story. Failure to take chances/put game to bed. And then the late goal conceded.

Adams reminded me of his miss against Wolves with 2 lost chances.

Again, what is the point of Sulemana?

We have clearly addressed nothing on the training field in the absence of games.

Last minute of game and we are still passing backwards.

Automatic promotion was looking like a dream but now not even that.

Oh dear - RM - what have you done?

St Michael

1.) 29 Mar 2024 18:52:30
It’s Martins way or no way .
stubborn and inflexible .
It’s not even exciting to watch anymore …
The opponents are changing their tactics against us, being clever when to and not to press. They are definitely not overcommitting as they know we will mess round with it and then play out …

Opponents have also stopped chasing us around to try and win the ball, because they know that all we will do is make some sideways or pointless pass.

I didn’t even bother watching the game … it’s been a very long time since I felt that

2.) 30 Mar 2024 02:48:55
After all of our Manager’s hot air has evaporated congratulations are in order to Michael Carrick after salvaging an away point with 11 players unavailable through injuries.I wrest my case Your Honour!

3.) 30 Mar 2024 06:55:11
RM’s Epitaph .
Possession football DOES win matches




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03 Mar 2024 15:24:53
Option 2 for me.

Looking at it another way. 11 games to play. 6 Wins/2 Draws/3 Defeats would mean 20 more points and 90 overall. Probably not enough for automatic promotion.

Only thing that is going to change that is stop conceding so many goals (open door at LB) and hitting the net not the woodwork.

Oh and the little matter of not actually suffering the 3 defeats (Away at Ipswich/Leicester/Leeds) .

Those 3 games will surely decide the final placings this season.

St Michael



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27 Dec 2023 10:05:30
Well. Last posted after the Coventry game and was still not entirely happy.
I go away. Miss 3 games. What has happened?
Brilliant results. Goal difference improves by 10. Even Mara scores.
Top 2 not so far away.

Well done Saints. Feeling much more positive suddenly for 2024


St Michael



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14 Dec 2023 17:29:04
south_hants_rich, teejaysaint, 2408, millertime and others in agreement.

We can`t all be wrong and are basically voicing the opinions of many, many proper Saints Fans. It is unlikely this season is going to end well and next summer will again probably be chaos.

St Michael

St Michael



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23 Sep 2023 21:35:27
Agree. RM is clearly deluded and stubborn.

Definition of madness - keep on doing the same thing but expect a different outcome. He has to go next international break. Graham Potter please come here not Everton?

Would love to see us in training. Surely Martin must have seen AA/Fraser and Sulemana running at Bernard Manning and fellow comedians. Oh sorry forgot Manning wouldn`t be anywhere near the LB berth. And probably the forwards would not trouble Baz with a shot on target. It`s only opposition forwards who continually trouble him with goalbound efforts.

St Michael