16 Sep 2023 13:25:15
So we have 2 keepers and a choice of 8 defenders for the first team, 6 full internationals and 3 under 21 internationals. Does that mean none of them deserve their caps OR our manager doesn't know how to use them to their strengths? I seriously hope we get another heavy defeat on Tuesday and RM either goes back to the drawing board or leaves.

1.) 16 Sep 2023
16 Sep 2023 14:25:44
I watched (for my sins) their goals on repeat .
go on YouTube and watch them .
Charles . TERRIBLE
First goal . caught in possession then neither tackles or tracks anyone. their third goal . makes a half hearted effort at tackling the man with the ball and then zero effort to track/tackle the goalscorer .
as for manning . he is simply not good enough!
Downes . non existent .

The quality of defending is the worst I can remember. It’s all very well kwp saying in his interview that players are not doing what they are supposed to do, with particular reference to players not holding their position and chasing the ball… but when you have team mates who are literally out of position, aren’t tracking runners, that nice idea is not going to work!

I am shocked at how bad Charles is with the fundamentals of football. The highlights on YouTube are less than three minutes long; watch them and tell me what is going on! You won’t even see Manning, Charles or anyone put in a tackle for all of their goals.

Let’s remind ourselves we shipped out Perraud to be replaced by manning.

Smallbone and Downes in midfield .

2.) 16 Sep 2023
16 Sep 2023 21:07:04
This is going to be a season of false dawns. We will lose 2 or 3, then pick up a couple of wins against bottom half opposition and a "turning the corner" will be hailed. Then we will lose a couple more.

We won't get relegated, but with the current coaching set up, neither will we make the play offs. Once again we have chosen a coach with delusions of grandeur (I'm the new Pep) but without the talent or insight to make things happen.

With RM as coach, we will never get back to the prem. And we have the players to de well. Wonder how long the inevitable coaching exit will take. Certainly too long to salvage this season.