19 Sep 2023 20:12:31
Rm comes out and says we need to be better at winning the ball back and selects a midfield once again with no one in it to put a tackle in and win the ball back.

1.) 19 Sep 2023
19 Sep 2023 20:42:02
Agree, why are we leaving our potential match winners on the bench too, Sulemana and Alcaraz, flair and will at least try something different. Sorry to say Smallbone is just not a general, yes he had a god spell at Stoke.but my Nan would've looked good in that Stoke side. Manning is pony, Fraser not exactly an upgrade on anything we already have either. Our bench tonight apart from Charly and The Kamal is average with nothing to suggest we will change the game with subs! I thought after Sheffield Wednesday game, RM might actually do some good but sadly he looks like another Jones in the making!