13 Feb 2022 11:21:59
Will he stay, or,
At Saints, Broja has come of age; big, bullish and twinkled toed. His goals have been invaluable and with growing composure he will become prolific.
Like most Saints fans, our worry is that Chelsea will take him back at the end of the session meaning that he will go down as a true one season wonder for us.
Is there any chance of him staying do you think - and at what price?

1.) 14 Feb 2022
14 Feb 2022 15:08:33
I think similarly with Tino, if we say to them, you can buy him back with first refusal in the next two years for £40m if we give you £25m now, granted that he will probably be worth £50m+, then that’s a fair deal. What would in effect be £15m to them to buy a top class striker aged 23-24 if they did purchase him back would be good business for both teams.

2.) 19 Feb 2022
19 Feb 2022 13:23:31
Seems like there are a few other teams looking to gazump Saints and I think that Chelsea will probably sell to the highest bidder if they decide to not keep him. I'd love to see him stay with us and add a couple of quality players in the summer and we could have a team ready to push for a top 8 finish next season