10 Aug 2017 03:16:14
Eds are there any clubs interests in Gazzaniga, Gardos, Clasie, and Long?

{Ed002's Note - (a) Spurs, and it should have been done by now. (b) Not that I am aware. (c) Not that I am aware. (d) Nothing serious but if were Llorenti were to leave Swansea they may be an option.}

1.) 10 Aug 2017
10 Aug 2017 08:04:43
Cheers ed, thanks for the info. Shame about gaz. Big FF could do with the competition.

{Ed002's Note - I am very surprised that it has not been completed already.}

2.) 10 Aug 2017
10 Aug 2017 16:25:13
Same here Ed's I'm pretty sure that Gaz wasn't even given a number when we announced players numbers. I'm not fussed, he is a terrible GK.