16 May 2018 14:40:34
Now that we have stayed up I think it is important that the club looks at the way they want the team to be set up.

In terms of tranfer policy (right attitude, cost, age, what is needed)

Formation (try to have all the teams worknig on the same ideas)

The 'Southampton way' of playing

How players progress from the youth teams. (we all woud like to see more players come through our youth system)

I don't think we will see huge changes maybe 3 players in and 3 out. (for me FF goes, Boufal goes and Long) Looking for 2 pacey attackers, a GK and a CB.

Mark Hughes stays for me as long as he dosnt have complete control over tranfers.
(he seams to have the current squad happy)

1.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 17:17:38
Hi lost

Good points I think we all agree that our recent transfer policy has not been up to the previous very high standard but also other teams have caught up and we were possibly spoilt by the likes of Mane, Pelle who were RK's choice and great buys like Wanyama and FF! . Our problems this season have been our inability to create enough good chances and score enough goals. We are not alone with this problem it is only the top teams who for the most part play a high tempo pressing, high scoring game. We have all complained that Sfc were too slow, too predictable giving the other teams a chance to regroup and then retreating inviting other teams to attack us. I am sure we all want us to be more ambitious, brave and please entertaining, and committed some of our performances eg spurs away, west ham away and others have been totally unacceptable and must not be allowed to happen again, watching Sfc this year has been very difficult. I want next season to make St Mary's a fortress again but not through boring, stifling football but expansive fast flowing football. Also to play in a more attacking, attractive way has to make Sfc more marketable in Asia which has to be pivotal to our new owner. I have also long held the opinion that having been in St Mary's over 15 years that to fail to regularly sell out the stadium is a major commercial failing bearing in mind the ultimate capacity is 46,000. With both Bournemouth and Brighton potential long term stayers in the Premiership our potential catchment area is restricted both east and west. But if we want to go to the next level we have to fill the ground on a consistent basis and need to expand the ground to meet the demand. I am really hopeful with MH and hope that this season was merely a blip and lessons have been learned and we go back to playing the Southampton way. coyr.

2.) 17 May 2018
17 May 2018 08:02:25
I don't think much has changed with our transfer policy. Boufal and Redmond both fit into out blackbox. Yes, they're both not as good as Mane but it was always going to be hard replacing on of the best wingers in the league.
I would argue that, it could come down to the management of them as well. I mean none of us rate CP or MP so actually had we had a better manager, these two might be 2 totally different players.
As for other signings since RK left. PEH, he's been great this season. I voted for him as player of the year, for the pure fact he seems like a very passionate. Did not look like he was ever going to be in the team at the start of the season, but he's managed to cement his place and has been solid.
Lemina, this was a signing that never made sense because we didn't really need another defensive mid with PEH, Romeu, Davis and you could argue Reed. But at the same time, the board probably thought at the time, 18m we'll sell him for 50 after a couple of seasons. Either ways, when he has a good game he's the best player on the pitch.
Gabbiadini, he's good and doesn't play enough in my opinion. He's been a bench warmer for a poor saints team this season. No wonder he's lost interest.
Bernerak came in, in probably our most important games of the season and showed class defensively. He skill needs to develop in some places, but he'll get there with more game time and as he gets older.
Hoedt, he's not been great this season. Does look slow, but he's comfortable with the ball and solid in the air. He'll get better as time progresses.
What we need is another CB, as I feel we never replaced Fonte. And you could pin point the main downfall being down to him leaving. I'm not saying he's as good as he was 4 season ago. But that type of player to have around is so valuable. He's got so much experience at the club. And not one player would say a bad word about him. I would have liked him to stay with us until retirement and take on a role inside the club.

3.) 17 May 2018
17 May 2018 22:05:43
Hi guys

I see that Sfc earned just over £107m from the Premier League plus income from ticket sales and sponsorship so a not insignificant amount of money.