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21 Jan 2018 18:12:17
Hi guys
A much better performance, yes we rode our luck but better ball retention, Gabbiadini total waste of space, if the ball is not laid on a plate he throws his toys out, his body language is crap, send him back to Italy, why is Stevens going for that header rather than him, even Tadic had a great game, Boufal needs to toughen up, but we were well organised, but second half lapse back into inviting teams onto us, I still don't think we are as fit as other teams but we need to play like this every game! We can get out of this. coyr.


1.) 21 Jan 2018 19:00:11
It was a better performance, but I guess it is true about fine margins with a couple of close chances for both teams.



19 Nov 2017 17:49:54
Hi guys just read the match review on here from a Liverpool perspective and Saints were described as abysmal, no attacking threat and scathing about, Van Dyck, Bertrand, Cedric and their defensive capabilities. It doesn't make pretty reading, I feel sorry for our fans who travelled up yesterday and watched that s---. I think the club should offer to refund them at least!


1.) 20 Nov 2017 09:36:36
If anyone should know about a lack of defensive capabilities it is Liverpool. They were alright testamerday as we had no attacking threat. They also had mane Henderson and Coutinho back so that wasn’t great timing from us. I don’t think it’s down to the manager as it wasn’t down to puel last year I think it’s time for a major shake up and if we can get 60 odd m for VVD after paying off the hoops we should sell him and move in . The whole team appear to be playing with fear and yet again tadic makes one mistake and Salah scores a great finish we need some out an out pace up from and that makes teams keep some players back for the break away and we don’t have that. Survival this season then we need a serious reorg after that.

2.) 23 Nov 2017 03:12:38
I toldly disagree! Sorry. but our manager isn't the right man for us it seems. we all know this is a result business however far more important something is the performance it's self! If we played well but lose we can handle that no worries.

On balance I think we saint fans do not tend to rush and press the panick button when things start going wrong. After all those of us who are long in the tooth have been there and seen it all before.

That said we've had the best opportunity for years to get a good start to the season with the team's we've played. No game is easy of course but tactically our manager is up the river without a paddle. No shots on or off target in a few games this season already? These poor performances is down to lack of conference our players have in the manager and his style of play he has asked of them.

I see some of you blame the players for their efforts and form that's a shame when we've all seen them play outstanding for us in past! Do they become poor players over night? Or might it be something to do with the board selling some of our world class players and losing a couple world class managers by doing so.

I will always be greatful to Markus and KL but it can be safely said she has had a exit plan for sometime. But We are in a
far better place because of them. So they have my respects. KL has the profits so win win end of.

We may need to go through the same process with the new owners as well in time we will see if that is to come true. Only they will need to claw back around 300 million! To do so.

Time to be ruthless get rid of the manager asap replace with Koeman!
Remember the top six teams rarely lost a world class players season after season like we have and still move forward like we did. The board may of felt confident after hitting the jackpot a few times but nobody keeps winning all the time.

World class players don't grow on trees. Sale one and the others lose faith in the board and club as a whole. That is what happen here!
Reality bites.

3.) 26 Nov 2017 19:01:19
So today same players and manager and u still don’t disagree he didn’t gloat or told you so but just reiterated his beliefs and mantra the team played well 1-11 regardless and the crowd helped. Let’s joinn forces behind him he could be anything and the Clive be anything with him. Bring back koeman are you taking the piss everyone players and staff hated him. I’d rather stick than twist at the moment.

4.) 27 Nov 2017 17:52:09
Ok we will have to agree to disagree about Kidman yourviews are just as important as my are.

What I personal liked about koeman was the way he handle the media personally I hate them generally as they are parasites.

I couldn't possible know if the players hated him as you said as that's hear say! The fact remains he got us in Europe which ment he got results. Which ment he did job well like him or not!

The reason we didn't progress well in Europe was because wanmama antics refusing to play! Who's to blame for that?

As for Norman's short lived Everton career wow after one season he took them forward masively leapfroging us!

Then giving him just 9 games this season to gell together so many new players is nonsense! Just because their new chairman is ex KGB Russian.

{Ed001's Note - he was sacked because he was an arrogant tit who was hated by the players and staff at the club. He refused to fulfil his contracted obligations with regard to community activities, both at Saints and Everton and was roundly hated by all the staff at both. Nothing to do with your nonsense about the new chairman, when the Everton chairman is in fact the same one, Bill Kenwright, who has never been anything to do with the KGB. Why spout such ignorant lies?}

5.) 28 Nov 2017 10:32:05
Ok sorry for the misunderstanding on Everton chairman front: kenwright has always been a cool guy. So it's my mistake but I was trying (badly) to reference Everton's controling owner e. g. the one with the real power! He is connected in Putin and the k. G. B and his money. So said a T. V documenty I saw two weeks.

As for his refuseal to fulfilling his contact with us you are again correct!
However, I blame both party's for this. firstly Koeman, yes he not without blame.

But I blame our board mostly. Because they had the power! But they chose to showed weakness instead. Letting him go for 5 million to Everton, when he got us in Europe. Therefore under valuing the job he did for us.

If our clubs board showed some consistances which I feel they must.

The answer every single time should be the same. Which is your under contract your going nowhere full stop! Which means he couldn't of excepted the Everton job in the first place.
Losing 5 million compo would mean little to a club our size at the end of the day. Showing some balls and consistencey would prove a point to the media, players and managers alike. Stop messing with us.

let players contacting run down if they wish to move at the end it fair play. If we pay 18 million for a player who score 20 plus goals per season and signed Five contact his value to us is approx 3.6 million a season real worth ( plus wages) peanuts! In the footballing world today.

As for your claim all the staff and players didn't like him one bit if true ( again that is hear say)
Please point me towards a video clip to watch to prove your point?
Then I'll give your view some weight.
That said nobody gets on with everyone all the time. Frankly it's not his job to be liked nor is it the most important personal quailtly to have in a manager Getting job done is.! Nobody can argue he took us forward therefore did his job well.
Koeman took us forward in both his season with us! Otherwise Everton wouldn't of headhuntered him.

I'm short I'm not asking you to like him just merely respect the great job did for us.

Frankly in a fantasy world if I was in the saints manager Job I'll be hard nosed about it full stop! I'm not the type person to start Licking players asses. Tell them to Shutup your paid to do a job get on with it! If you refuse to play I will break them. Likewise I'll deal with media in the same way ( have they shown us respect)
In my view No! So I wouldn't be showing them respact. It is better to be feared as a manager then liked.

{Ed001's Note - whatever. Your ignorance is astonishing, which is no wonder as you are dismissive of anyone else's view. I really can't be bothered with you. It is pointless talking to someone who doesn't want to listen so I won't.}

6.) 29 Nov 2017 11:50:04
I am just impressed Ed managed to understand this.

7.) 30 Nov 2017 10:07:34
4thelove, it was well documented that koeman was strongly disliked by first team players, some staff and pretty much all the younger players.

I believe the quote from mane was "he's an arrogant asshat". Koeman got lucky to not get sacked by saints. If it wasn't for Shane long going on a goal scoring run (hard to believe I know) a couple of years ago that pulled us up the league, koeman could have lost his job then.

He absolutely tore Matty targett to shreds in front of the whole squad, ward-prowse hated him. Even for a Dutch bloke koeman is arrogant and it was only a matter of time until things turned very sour at everton. Koeman is great for a season, and then things tend to go wrong for him.

At saints he did sod all community work, refused to promote any youth players, and didn't spend long enough at the training ground or on the pitch. seems he made those same mistakes at everton too. Getting 5-6 million for him was bloody good business for a manager who refused to commit to us and sign a new contract. This information was leaked over 18 months ago. But obviously because there are no videos of staff confirming it, it's all rubbish? Jeez.

8.) 30 Nov 2017 13:54:26
MilkySaint you make some fair points here!
well said I take on board. However note no youth player has broken through since he's left so maybe he had a point here in his views.

I do recall mane turning up late for training a couple of times as well so has reason to dislike him for fining him and dropping him as well.

As for comminity work I can't be sure he refused to all that was asked of him but do know he came to look at young youth player here in Botley for some one on one training a few times.

I can't support his actions towards Matt Target even though I personal think Matt will never be of premiere quaitly. As I believe he'll be soon be sold on.

Also I can't agree with you in hindsight can you honestly say another season under Koeman wouldn't of been far better then it was under C. P?
and the flat boring season we had?
No with all his faults another season under Koeman over the season we had with C. P and a possible another season in Europe would be my personal choice.
It's also about our apporch of forcing managers, players to honour their contacts!
invoking this consinsdencely would mean we wouldn't need to put up with player saga's season after season.
we've put up with this s. t for years
believe me when I say if I was The Saint manager in a fantasy world I would told V. V. D your never be sold by Southampton nor will you play for as again forcing him to wait until he was 30 years to play a professional game again only then when we are perpare to rueing a player will we get the respect we deserve.

9.) 03 Dec 2017 12:39:21
It's not the managers choice. It's down to the board. After selling lallana etc and fans kicking off we has to set a precedent and tell vvd he's going nowhere.

Last season we had McQueen and sims come in to the squad and play Well. If they can continue to improve then they are potential first team players in the next couple of years.

As for last season under puel, we finished 8th in the league and reached the league cup final (which we deserved to win) without key injuries to vvd and Austin and without the jose fonte issue maybe we'd have done even better.

We told koeman to stay and sign a new contract to show his commitment. He didn't want to so we replaced him. How can you expect players to sign new deals and commit if the manager refuses to do So?

So no, I don't think another season under koeman would have been "far better". it could have been far worse.

10.) 04 Dec 2017 13:57:01
You can't really expect any manager to commit themselves to Southampton at the time with our track record of selling some of best players season after season?
when they have ambision of their own which isn't being reciprocated at the club they are at!

Ok we got to a final fair play to C. P and we played well in that match and we was unlucky to lose you are correct. One match doesn't make season of watching boring entertainment value football.

The fact for most of the season it was boring to watch sideways passing just to keep the ball. Finishing 8th on a total of 46 points over koeman's two season finishes of 7th 60 points high tempo style and pleasing to watch follow by a 6th on 63 points total. if that isn't going backwards I don't what is?

The fact remains players and in some cases managers don't have the time in their careers to wait around till everything fits into place for them to succeed where they are at. In hindsight I am sure Koeman thinks he should of stayed here with us. At the time I bet he thought he was being undermined. His efforts not truely valued.

But Everton fc offered him more personal money and more money to spend on the squad. However, if we stop! and thought about it.

Poeple/ owners at Everton also tend to be impatient. Success is required now! And needs to be Constancely moving forward progress all the time.

Koeman couldn't deliver that so was sacked by Everton's controling owner!
Interesting to note That Everton have just replace him with the person who finished one place behind koeman in 7th in the season 14/ 15 who was sacked in that year at west ham? For playing borning style of football.

Doesn't that make you wonder how lucky we have been to of had Markcus and Kat as our owners these last few years?

No in hindsight I'll take Slow, steady and balance progress over the poker style of Everton owners today for sure.

while it maybe difficult for me to except we have needed to lose many a world class player to remain where we are today a mid table team. Note none of our ex players have won anything yet in their careers since leaving us! So maybe we are all wrong sometimes. We easily forget the club itself is the most important thing in the end. The caretaking roll Markcus and K. L have done for the club and supporters has been fantastic and we need to step back and try to remember that.

We may lose a few world class players and managers along the way but they are not the most important thing to hold on to the club is forever a deadicated follower of Southampton.

11.) 04 Dec 2017 19:28:49
I agree with that completely 4thlove.
Many fans have moaned about us selling lallana etc but we needed to in order to build a squad capable of staying in the league and also improving. Without lallana, Lambert, Lovren and Shaw being sold (for well over their value) we wouldn't have got mane, pelle, alderweireld-van dijk- bertrand, romeu, hoedt, probably forster, Cedric, Austin, gabbiadini, lemina. It's progression. what have the players done since they left us? . mane looks potentially world class. Lallana has improved but is very injury prone. everyone else has done sod all since and look half the players they were with us. We've built steadily. Yes, last season was poor by our standards. but poor still got us to 8th, a cup final and we should have gone further in Europe. the board recognised this and replaced the manager at the end of the season. not mid season panic and getting Sam allardyce in! I like the way our club is run. but football is not an exact science. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don't. We learn and we build and we progress. That's the Southampton way.

12.) 06 Dec 2017 10:52:27
MilkySaint, I am in complete agreement with your views, here! Non the less it's challanging time being a being Saint fan putting up media exploits of continually undermining our snakes and ladders progress. Up one minute down the next.

I wonder if you was Saint manager what would you do in the january and summer Windows?

if you was given the resources required to allow you do whatever you wished keeping it within the bounds of reality of course.

That said it's hard to know if our new majority owners will keep to same ideals we have had these last sevenal seasons?

13.) 06 Dec 2017 16:59:10
I'd like to see us move tadic on and attempt to get a quality, creative number 10 type player. someone with a little bit of pace too. someone like lanzini would be within our budget and who I think could improve the team. I'm sure there are more and possibly better alternatives in europe.



22 Oct 2017 00:15:27
Hi guys, I thought that the way the teams were set up looked a lot more balanced with Bertrand going forward on the left and creating chances. WBA are a typical Pulis team as Lee Dixon said on TV playing with almost a back six plus the awful weather conditions, we looked much better going forward, all the players worked really hard and MP made some daring substitutions which came off, Redmond looked more disciplined and creative and Boufane's goal was an absolute peach, it reminded me of Ryan Giggs goal vs Arsenal, great contender for goal of the season. When you are playing against a big, disciplined back four crosses into the box are a waste of time and I would like to see more variety there and corners. Great free kick from Bertrand! We are not there yet but if we can carry on from here the season looks brighter. Regards VS.


1.) 22 Oct 2017 23:05:07
Good post, agreed. Really positive substitutions that changed the game. WBA are a tough side to break down 😇.



13 Aug 2017 16:28:29
Hi Guys,
Re milky saints post Re Tadic, I think if we get a decent offer we should take it, the phrase flatters to deceive sums him up, when we had Pelle, Mane, Wanyama, Schneiderlin their goal scoring and work hid his deficiencies but for me I have never seen him have a good game often enough. His work rate is c--P, the final ball too often not good enough and his goals scored pitiful. Move him on and replace.


1.) 13 Aug 2017 21:33:56
He played very well on Saturday. Not sure what you're on about really, yes he didn't score enough last year but he created more than enough chances. He worked hard on Saturday too, I think he's underrated.

2.) 14 Aug 2017 00:16:35
I think it's because we don't have a target man in truth.
Austin is a six yard poacher but no leaping salmon.
Tadic had no problem being one of the highest assisters lol, when pelle was about.
And gabbi is a second striker in truth .
Tadic is a confidence player so with some good games
He will come good
This is why we need to never let the dijk back in.

3.) 14 Aug 2017 07:41:37
I personally think we need to start with boufal there's no denying the talent he's got but if he's not given the minutes he won't get there and he will get and make goals from nothing and that's what we need.



06 Aug 2017 17:23:39
Hi Ed
Can you please answer this, is Virgil Van Dyke not handing in a transfer request because he would lose out financially?


{Ed002's Note - I really don't know Vintage but it is correct that he (a) hasn't handed one in and, (b) would lose out finicially if he did.}

1.) 06 Aug 2017 17:32:37
Thank you




Vintagesaint's banter posts with other poster's replies to Vintagesaint's banter posts


26 Mar 2018 16:03:48
Hi ed,

Can you perhaps confirm players wages in the Premiership, we all see occasional headlines and rumours but I and presumably others would like the figures confirmed, hopefully it is not too much work.
Another topic how many fans are planning to travel to Russia to watch England and how many people would support withdrawing from the World Cup in protest against the Russians nerve agent attack in the UK?
Regards vs.


{Ed002's Note - I am afraid I have no interest in discussing wages. Around 10,000-12,000 England fans are expected to go and I am not aware of the nerve agent attack by an unknown attacker from an unknown country has impacted anyone's thoughts - probably not. Certainly it is numerically down by perhaps 5,000 fans or so due to safety concerns over fighting, etc..}

1.) 27 Mar 2018 00:43:33
Hi ed

Thank you very much for your response.
Regards vs.

2.) 27 Mar 2018 11:43:45
Why should any of us be interested in Premier League players' wages?

Mixing sport and politics is always a thorny issue. The Govt. is co-operating with an investigation into who the likely perpetrators of said attack may be but there has been no definitive decision on that front yet. The Govt. has also taken action in response to Russia's failure to co-operate with the enquiry following the event. Whilst many assume Russia are responsible, the investigation is on-going at this time. Should Russia be found responsible or the most likely perpetrators, the response globally and domestically will likely be far greater and more far reaching then withdrawing our football team from playing in a tournament on Russian soil. I'm not sure that sends any particular message of any great strength to Russia or the rest of the world.

Also, let's not forget who is still running international football. If we are to abstain from an international tournament, surely the protest would be better directed at the corruption and greed of the likes of FIFA than a political issue outside the sporting arena. In any event, one team withdrawing is unlikely to have any great impact so it seems baseless.

Finally, I don't consider the team or our fans are at risk by travelling to Russia for the tournament, save the potential for hooliganism, so from a purely sporting and safety perspective, I'm not sure there are any grounds for not going.



12 Mar 2018 22:20:00
Hi guys

As leader of the I told you so brigade obviously I am overjoyed that they have finally sacked the clown. Here's a thought to ponder on presumably the decision to give him and his training staff a 3 year contract was taken by RK and LR before we were bought by Mr Gao. I wonder how he feels about paying off the remaining contracts for staff he didn't appoint! I would not be surprised that the culling has not yet come to an end! Regards vs.


{Ed002's Note - What do the contracts say then?}

1.) 12 Mar 2018 22:32:33
Hi ed

I guess we will never know but he hadn't resigned and his contract has been terminated so unless there was a failure to perform clause Sfc and mp will presumably have agreed a mutually agreed settlement figure! with a confidentiality clause from both parties.

{Ed002's Note - So why are you making these statements when you are talking from a position of ignorance? The implication was you knew the content of all of the Southampton staff contracts.}

2.) 12 Mar 2018 23:04:48
No ed

I don't have a knowledge of the contracts but I do have a knowledge of hr and employment issues Sfc have terminated a 3 year agreement early then mp and the training staff will have to be compensated as they were dismissed early likewise if they had resigned to leave for another club Sfc would have claims for compensation as would have been the case when Everton approached Watford for Silva he still had time left on his contract.

3.) 12 Mar 2018 23:17:15
Hi ed sorry you seem to have taken offence, from an employers perspective to have offered a relatively unknown manager a 3 year contract is effectively a gamble, a smarter way would have been a 1 year contract with the option for a further 2+. MP's standpoint is he is willing to work but Sfc no longer require his services and will have to compensate him, hence a mutually agreed settlement figure.

4.) 13 Mar 2018 00:11:13
Vs, get what you are saying but to be fair if les offered one year, with an option of 2 years and he had a great first season, he could have been snapped up and we would be questioning why it was not a standard 3 years.

5.) 13 Mar 2018 23:05:00
Well said Gregg and Ed. Fed up of people trying to pass this kind of complete fiction as fact and a legitimate criticism of the club.



29 Jan 2018 03:52:44
Hi guys,

Can I ask does anyone know why we decided to sell Jay Rodrigues this summer as opposed to any other forwards? Looking at his present form this would seem to be a serious error of judgement combined with an equally disastrous decision to sack CP (my opinion) . I welcome everyone's comments and opinions. Regards vs.


1.) 29 Jan 2018 08:20:53
He has had a couple of good games especially Liverpool he has scored a goal every 3 games or so let’s not go overboard 15m was good money.

2.) 29 Jan 2018 08:24:49
Well in my opinion it was right to sell him as he did actually play a fair amount of games before he was sold to WBA and he didn't exactly prove himself apart from one stunner against Bournemouth. WBA's play evidently suits him better hence he is doing better. Another note, if he is as good as everyone is now saying he is (just because he scored two goals against liverpool) why weren't they complaining about him leaving last summer. If shane long suddenly netted two goals for saints against man city and saints one, shane long would be the one striker we must keep, although he has been rubbish for most of the season. So what I am trying to get at is that Rodriguez hasn't done that much for WBA, so just because he scores 2 goals in a 3-2 win over liverpool doesn't make him a great striker, and considering the form he was having at saints before he left it was right to let him go.

3.) 29 Jan 2018 08:43:24
Jay Rod never impressed much when playing before he left but I feel he needed a run of starts and 90mins to get back to it, but in this league we couldn't afford to play him 90mins for 4 or 5 games in the hope he might get back to where he was. With his transfer I always assumed that he would of wanted to go, a few hard years for him he just needed a fresh start at a new club to get his career going again, hope it does kick on from here as he was a joy to watch before his injury, just hope he doesn't do it against us.

4.) 29 Jan 2018 10:08:23
But you know he likely will!

5.) 29 Jan 2018 11:33:25
SaintChris mused about this too following the weekend’s West Brom result. I do understand why some may pine for players we’ve sold in the recent past when they play in a position of the pitch we’ve struggled in this season, especially when they hit a patch of form and we’re still struggling for goals but it’s a negative thought. You are putting someone unattainable on a pedestal for that very reason – you want to find a negative about the club to have a whinge about. It may not be conscious on your part, or that of SaintChris, but why always assume that someone has it better off than we do? I’m not sure I’d want to be in West Brom fans shoes at the moment.

We can only guess why Jay Rodriguez was sold in the summer. My guess would be a combination of the following. After his injury, Jay made 43 league and cup appearances for the club over one and a half seasons and scored 7 goals in that time. His best season (pre-injury) was when he was able to play using his pace as a wide forward linking up with Rickie Lambert. His first full season back (last season) we no longer had a target man as Pelle had left and he struggled. Jay had also lost a yard or two of pace. The club showed no inclination to sign a target man in the summer and perhaps this was a decision on their part to no longer play with a such a player in the team. Jay was not particularly effective as a lone striker, or indeed as a wide forward without a target man to feed off, as demonstrated on his return. West Brom offered £12- £15m for him depending on your source and it was not a bad deal for the club for a player who had lost pace and was no longer a starting player in any position as he was proving less effective there than others.

Jay has played 23 times in the league for West Brom this season and scored 4 goals. He is hardly prolific. Since Pardew came in and tinkered with the formation a little, Jay has benefitted from playing up top with Rondon which has helped him to get some goals of late. We do not play with 2 strikers/ forwards so his improved form at West Brom is unlikely to have arisen with us.

I for one did not think the club was crazy to sell Jay in the summer as it appeared to me he was a shadow of his former self and despite being given lots of opportunity, he never really found form. I was pleased to see him go to a club where he was more likely to play consistently and get an opportunity and so it has proved, but sadly, the goals have still not been free-flowing for him.

The error in my view was not selling Jay Rodriguez in the summer, it was failing to recruit any attacking players.

6.) 29 Jan 2018 11:50:18
thought he was a great player and felt he deserved/ needed that clean start. good luck to him.

7.) 29 Jan 2018 23:11:18
My theory is when we didn’t have any alternatives and we had been looking everywhere for a fast goal scoring forward is that we already had one in JRod he just needed more time. Our style of play is the problem no front line and just rely on counter attacks. We already knew JRod was a quality player but we just needed to give him a bit more time. Gabbiadini looked quality as well when he came here but we have been playing a formation that doesn’t suit either of them. Something is wrong with our set up hence we score very few goals especially from forward players.

8.) 31 Jan 2018 03:27:50
I agree that we sold Jay at the right time for him, the right time for us as he was never really playing as well as he did before his injury and we all wished him the best for the future. Good for him that he's found his niche and that he is playing well in a team he clearly compliments, well done Jay.



18 Jan 2018 01:11:11
Hi Edd,

I am writing 're Coco Martina, now at Everton ex Sfc, I have read the Everton pages over the last months commenting on his poor performances and I have been mystified as Sfc released him on a free obviously he rejoined R Koeman at Everton but I have been mystified 're his poor performances and being released free, but still being selected is that not a massive clue?
Regards vs.


{Ed001's Note - it is odd, but they are short of a left back as Koeman never registered one other than Baines. Why they don't use a youth team player instead is beyond me though!}



04 Jan 2018 22:36:24
Hi guys, just finished watching the Spurs v W Ham game and look at the difference between our shambolic performance and W Ham, we are incapable of producing a performance like that and that is the crucial difference! Yes you can argue both teams were not that fresh but we cannot defend in any shape or form. I read RK saying he will help in anyway, Resign! It's obvious your knowledge of Canadian ice hockey does not translate to English soccer, and having lunch with the players is your idea of helping, what a clown! I have looked at our remaining games and my prediction for the results, I would like you guys opinion Watford (a) draw, Spurs (h) lose, Brighton (h) draw, West Brom (a) draw, Liverpool (h) lose, Burnley (a) lose, Stoke (h) draw, Newcastle (a) draw, Swansea (a) draw, W Ham (a) draw, Arsenal (a) lose, Chelsea (h) lose, Leicester (a) lose, Bmth (h) draw, Everton (a) lose, Man City (h) lose . In my prediction we pick up 9 points from 16 games to finish on 29 points and presumably relegation, does anyone else agree or disagree? I wonder what spin RK and MP will put on that. Happy 2018 Saints fans everywhere!?


1.) 04 Jan 2018 23:05:39
I think we could get to 37 - still not enough mind but with a shock result we may achieve 40. A great deal depends on recruitment in the window though.

2.) 05 Jan 2018 07:01:38
I do hate to disagree but I can't see us not winning another game this year. That is extremely pessimistic and if all the fans start having an attitude like that, then we can hardly expect the players to work well for the fans can we? I know things aren't great but if we give the team (and the manager and the board) our full support then we could get back to winning ways. It is surprising but a positive attitude can change the fate.

3.) 05 Jan 2018 17:21:05
I can see us winning 3 games at best which by vintagesaints reckoning would put us on 38 points. which is too tight to call. I understand his pessimism/ realism because who really thinks we can pull ourselves out of this with this useless manager. Losing 2-1 to palace at home should have seen him go straight after that game. New signings won't do anything with a manager that doesn't know how to use them.

Let's take the freak 4-0 win against a very poor Everton team out of the occasion. when was out last win before that!?




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16 Oct 2017 20:54:06
Hi staffs, I take your point but 9 points from 8 games is relegation form and if you look at our run of games over Xmas and run up we will not be picking up many points there. The only consolation is we are not the worst team by any means but let's not kid ourselves we are poor but not the worst but is that the height of our hopes and aspirations mid table mediocrity? The game is awash with money but I believe the standard of football has declined and Saints unfortunately epitomise this and it's not a complicated game and we look poor too often. Regards vs.




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16 Oct 2017 13:25:44
Hi Ben, I partly agree with you what about Austin and Gabbiadini up front and Long replacing Redmond on the wing, he is certainly more direct and aggressive and would give other teams more to think about and possibly restrict them moving forward. It makes you wonder at the wisdom of selling Jay Rodrigues!
Regards vs.




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06 Aug 2017 17:32:37
Thank you





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18 Apr 2018 17:30:42
Hi Chris,

Thank you for your support 're my contacting the club. I also agree with saints123 comments that I would not expect the board to act so early or just on a minority reaction. Just ponder on this point for the moment why would you give a relatively unknown and let's face it unsuccessful manager a 3 year contract? I raised this point after MP was sacked and also spend £18m on a forward who was recommended by a manager who was teetering on the brink? . The recent actions by the board over the last couple of seasons go beyond incompetent. Another point to ponder our Chinese owner paid £220m for a premier league club, what is the value of that same club in the championship? I would love to be a fly on the wall in RK's office in the last few months. Re tomorrow night we all hope for for a win but remember the saying hope for the best prepare for the worst. What really pisses me off about this season is that this could have all been avoided and a season of mid table security or better was achievable with better planning, tactics and game management. Sfc this season are an example of total ineptness, crap management at pretty much every level. Let's keep everything crossed for Thursday night and the rest of the season. Coyr.




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17 Apr 2018 21:46:14
Hi guys

I am trying to be positive but I think it is perhaps too much of a mountain to climb and left too late and I am concerned that being 5 points off safety that we will struggle to close the gap, I really hope I am wrong but Thursday night will be decisive. What really annoys me is I wrote to the club in November criticising MP's managership but let's wait for the end of the season or the axe to fall because I am sure we will all have lots of questions and points to raise . Cory vs.




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03 Apr 2018 18:14:32
Hi rich
You are absolutely right there is no leeway we have 8 games and we have to compete in all of them. I think that too many of these players want out in the summer and are not in the least interested in whether Sfc stay up or not. I am totally amazed at their attitude because most of the usual suspects who want away will be regarded as luxuries and the modern premiership game is based on competing and no team can afford to carry players who may or may not turn up for that game! None of us care if we play ugly we need performances and results, let's hope all the players finally realise this. I am just disappointed that it is taken this long for the penny to drop. I totally agree that should we survive we need to have a real cull of the deadwood and if we are relegated this will be forced on Sfc. I hope that we survive and move forward.
Regards vs.




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27 Mar 2018 00:43:33
Hi ed

Thank you very much for your response.
Regards vs.




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12 Mar 2018 23:17:15
Hi ed sorry you seem to have taken offence, from an employers perspective to have offered a relatively unknown manager a 3 year contract is effectively a gamble, a smarter way would have been a 1 year contract with the option for a further 2+. MP's standpoint is he is willing to work but Sfc no longer require his services and will have to compensate him, hence a mutually agreed settlement figure.