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21 Nov 2017 14:49:17

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21 Nov 2017 14:36:07
What bothers me is that all the media guys and our supporters expected us to get nothing at Liverpool last Saturday. How things have changed over just a few months is really baffling. We have a new manager which let's face it would have been sacked by any other club by now. We beat Liverpool twice to get to a major Cup Final and really should have beaten Man U in the final with basically the same players we have now. Some of our supporters blame the players for not performing and are not blaming the manager which really confuses me. Look at teams like Burnley, Bournemouth, Brighton etc. average players but excellent management skills to get the best out of what they have. Our current manager and his associated useless management team have no clue how to change things. Les Reed made a massive mistake appointing MP and I'm sure he knows it but I reckon he is just stubbornly hoping a miracle happens which it won't. We will almost certainly be in the bottom four by Christmas and then Reed sacks MP and brings in somebody else when the game is almost up leaving the new guy in a very desperate position. Having said this who would want to take the job if the position by that time is almost hopeless? What has happened over the last 12 months has ruined everything that was achieved over the last 5 seasons. Why can't the board see this when it is obvious to everybody else.

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21 Nov 2017 17:26:49
Saint Chris, good post. Agree with most of that, however something else is worrying me. If we were to take away that amazing goal from SB against WBA and a fortunate penalty against WHU, we would already be in a much more precarious position. All in all it is terrible football, few goals, body language is not right, and generally worrying times.

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Phillipe Coutinho's Mantle

20 Nov 2017 18:38:17
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20 Nov 2017 12:11:08
One of the massive problems I'm having this season is the types of goals we are conceding. Very soft goals, our defence constantly reacts too slow to everything. Liverpool's 3rd goal on Saturday, FF makes the initial save and no one reacts to it. VVD played simply awful, drifted out of position for Salah's second goal. If he didn't follow Firmino.

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20 Nov 2017 13:29:12
The reality is if you make a save that’s great but you have to push the ball out of the danger area back into the box is not an option. Also keep swapping who is playing at the back is stupid hoedt could’ve made a challenge for the second goal but held back that is something game time brings. Agreed VVD is a liability with play hoedt/ Stephens/ yosh and wingbacks or 2 from 3 every week. All that free kick training videos and we get one and don’t hit the target same old same old. I would rather see VVD in midfield while romeu is banned alongside Lemina at least then someone can tidy up behind him.

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Legends of Football Number 3: Pele

20 Nov 2017 10:11:21
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20 Nov 2017 10:06:25
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Premier League Match Preview Monday 20th November 2017

20 Nov 2017 06:37:03
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19 Nov 2017 20:06:35
This time last season I was hoping for 6th place. This season I'm hoping we don't get relegated.

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20 Nov 2017 12:33:00
I feel let down by the board this season. I do feel that MP was not the first choice for the board as a new manager. Since we sacked CP and he did not leave, I was expecting a quick turnaround of staff but that did not happen.
I always view our board as organized and risky, when it comes to recruiting a new manager. If you look at Poch, he was a very risky signing but paid off. I would say Keoman was a risk due to his lack of PL experience but he paid off. Again, we looked for the same qualities in terms of trophies from CP but he did not pay off. And we've clearly done the same with MP. Which, thus far has not paid off. I do feel the road that the club want to be heading, is that they will have wanted a manager with CL or UFEA cup experience. MP achieved the exact same as us last season but in Spain.
I don't want our board to become the sort of club that sacks off manager after manager. I'd like us to hold onto MP, let him recruit new players. Give him some time. At the end of the day he can tell the team to press, but once they step onto the field it's up to them how the play. I think his main problem is his lack of PL experience and the squad he has. The squad is big and we haven't really had any unfortunate injuries yet. We could line up anyway as we have the depth to cover that. He likes the 4-2-3-1 as did CP, but that formation his never worked for us. Keoman and Poch both played 4-3-3. With Poch's side playing with a lot of fluidity.
I think we should look at playing 4-3-3. My strongest team from midfield would be.
CM - Romeu (he would just sit and cover as he has done since he joined)
CM - Lemina (breaks up play brilliant, could become deadly on the counter)
CM - JWP (I'd like to develop him into the sort of midfield that can move the ball fast. Get the ball to his feet and move it out wide fast)
RW - Redmond (Mainly for pace, I would want him to just focus on getting down the flank and putting the ball in low across the face of goal)
LW - Long (Probably the fastest player in the squad has a good work-rate, would make him lethal on the counter)
STR - Gabs (Best out of a bad bunch, our most likely source to score goals, we'd just need to keep the ball out of the air)

Then we have the flexibility to change the formation with subs. For example, we could simply bring on Boufal or Tadic to add the extra bit of creativity. We could take off both wingers and bring on Austin and Davis, switching to a diamond midfield, which would be more effective for playing keep ball, which could be done if we were in the lead. We could take off a CM for a CB and start playing 5-2-3.

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20 Nov 2017 19:04:22
Actually I meant to say 7th, not 6th above. Well I can't see Pellegrino being the right man. With benefit of hindsight I'd say it's obvious now we'd have been better off with Silva, or keeping Puel. Puel had some bad luck losing both centre backs, and the free- scoring Austin at the same time last season, he had to play a bit defensive to compensate. I reckon he may have turned things round with Hoedt, Lemina, etc, who new manager has luxery to choose.
But I'll never understand why Austin is not starting, suicidal from Pellegrino, he needs to go. Other than the Austin mystery he additionally has us playing terribly. At times last season we were dull, but we were never as bad as we are this season.
I'd like to see Van Dijk and Bertrand sold, and then sign a whole host of players, a keeper, promote Targett, maybe bring back Chambers and about 3 attacking players. Tadic useless.

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21 Nov 2017 09:34:20
In response to SaintJay
Gabbi is actually an amazing headerer of the ball! when they are hoofed up field he is not so good one on one with a big defender, but from crosses he is oustanding. he is also very quick, he can create goals out of nothing. We just have stopped getting to the byline and making those telling crosses or fast balls along the ground.
Tadic provides zero service towards the box, Cedric's crossing has gone mad? Bertrand is a great crosser of the ball, both air and ground, but is spending so much time covering for Redmond/ Tadic that he is not anywhere near as affective as he was.
As for FF . I have absolutely no idea what this man has to do to be dropped. He is awful? maybe the eds could shed light on why we are sticking with FF despite making so many mistakes?

Quite possibly for the first time in many years I consider us relegation material, if only for the reason we can't score = can't win 3 points.

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19 Nov 2017 17:29:10
Hi guys, just watching Watford vs West ham and already you can see that West Ham are more organised, better shape and are unlucky to be still losing, on the training side you have Stuart Pearce, defensive coach, Chris Woods, goalkeeping coach, class ex players who are having an impact. Here is a thought, what about the likes of the Neville Brothers who had very successful playing careers and with Giggs, Scholes, Butt have done wonders with Salford town. W ham have just gone 2 0 down but they are definitely showing more spirit than Saints. Anyway thoughts because at the moment we are in free fall. Regards vs.

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19 Nov 2017 18:48:37
I was going to talk about highs for the job. It's a massive risk and he's an unknown quantity in terms of management. I don't know how he would deal with certain personalities (tadic and van dijk).

My real choice would be Roy Keane. I know it would get shot down by 99% of other posters on here. I just feel he'd come in, kick some arse, not take any crap and install a bit of heart and fight. We are the softest, most pedestrian, un-threatening team in the league. Its not looking good.

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19 Nov 2017 22:13:55
Unfortunately. and it is a real shame our problem is we are the nice guys. A nice team, nice manager, nice board. Its all so nicey nicey. even on the pitch we don't fight we don't get on at the referee for decisions our manager doesn't get vexed on the touchline. its amazing when you hear stories about clubs and managers after they've left. Players at west ham turning up late and not bothering in training being put in the starting 11 week in week out, the manager being there sometimes, you wonder is there player power where a group of players think they're above the club. I hate to say it but this is what I feel about some of the players

Forster- nicest thing I can say is maybe injured.

Bertrand - looks nonchalant and like he really isn't bothered

Van dijk- is too good to be here, would of rather he played to his full potential until he left but he's moving on. get Stephens back in

Redmond- didn't rate him at Norwich, don't rate him now typical English winger. awful but thinks he's anazing

Tadic- his time us up, rare blood disorder can no longer be his excuse just not turning up

Long- I love his work rate and when we had strikers scoring goals he was a great option. We now need a different option and his time to move on is now. just not what we need

Austin- something must be going on behind the scenes I know ed says poor lifestyle etc and I have heard rumours about drink and drugs being an issue before but he either needs to be playing or move him on

Gabbi- needs more from those around but missing for long periods too

I know the club has a responsibility and a right to protect their staff to a degree but its amazing what does actually go on with some if these players. Read a piece on Steven caulker talking his mental health and how bad he was struggling and his time at Southampton was when he was at his lowest. now he obviously has a right to his privacy and all players do I respect that especially with things like mental health but when fans are paying every spare penny they have to watch their favourite team I believe there should be and would like more transparency from the club rather than the usual media whitewash of we played well and we are all really happy.

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19 Nov 2017 22:27:19
Hi milky, I think anything would be better than this c---, if the players disagree he can beat the c--- out of them in the car park! Lol I think that possibly our new owner has got involved and is kicking a--- all the way through the club and he has run out of patience, and he wants results for his £220 million. As I say offers are being looked at for Long, Austin, Gabbiadini, so everyone is under the spotlight. Let's face it how would you market Saints to a new audience? How not to Defend? How not to score? We are world leaders in that! I think as other guys have written we are living on past glories and there are no excuses, our training facilities are as good as any, how are the youth teams developing? I don't have great knowledge about them, the vaunted black box which certainly doesn't work when it comes to picking managers? Certainly get some of these
highly paid non performing players off the wage bill and bring in hungry lower league players, who will wear the shirt with pride and commitment and if worst case scenario we go down, at least go down with a bang rather than a whimper. I believe that properly organised and motivated we have enough quality to stay up and finish lower table but we can't carry on as we are, it is pathetic to watch and public statements by Redmond that the performance is not good enough is just b------s!
Football is a simple game and you know when you are on the pitch what are the right options and it comes from hours of training and practice
I would not be surprised to see lots of high profile, non performing players available in January from other clubs as there are too many highly paid bench warmers happy to take their obscene wages. The Premiership is the most lucrative so many players from around the world would welcome the chance to play here. Look at how successful the French youth system has been, Belgium, so let's see Saints really put all this knowledge and technology to work. It makes Puels efforts last year more commendable despite the lack of footballing flair, maybe he spotted that you can't polish a t---.! If Saints fail to take the necessary action, they only have themselves to blame, so let's see what happens.! Regards vs.

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20 Nov 2017 11:28:53
I’ll start with my view on Saturday’s result. Yes, its disappointing to see us going to Anfield and playing defensively, but given our current form, it makes sense not to go and try and outscore Liverpool. I didn’t see the game live, but from what I have seen, we performed the plan pretty well and all three goals were down to individual mistakes. The first goal, Tadic was too slow to clear the lines. Who knows what he was thinking almost walking the ball across the edge of our box surrounded by Liverpool players!? Van Dijk, as he has been prone to do this season, went walk about for the second, leaving a huge space for Firminho to run into. If he’d stayed put, the pass couldn’t be made. The third, this may be a little harsh, but if a player shoots at goal from a tight angle, surely if you’re a keeper going to block the shot, you aim to deflect it behind the goal and concede the corner. The shot hit Forster hard and fast, but his arms were down by his sides and he turns away from the shot (similar to the Newcastle equaliser earlier in the season), twisting his body back towards the penalty area and therefore, deflecting the ball that way. I’d like to think all of these errors could be corrected through training or swapping players who keep making errors but it seems one or two players/ positions are lacking in decent competition at the moment.

As to the other posts, VS, West Ham have appointed a manager whose last three jobs have ended in abject failure and he has appointed coaching staff for their name, not their coaching abilities. They have had limited time with the players and so I think you’re wide of the mark to suggest they’ve come in and had an instant impact. The Neville brothers have both had a hand in coaching with equal poor impact. And Ryan Giggs doesn’t want to be a coach, he wants to be a manager. Let him learn the ropes at a lower league side and work his way up, not throw him in at our place. Like the suggestion that we should sell a number of players in January and replace them with lower league players, its cutting off your nose to spite your face isn’t it? They may be hungry to play in the Premier league but that doesn’t mean they have the ability to do it. You’d be making relegation more likely, not less. let's also not forget that several are saying that our current plight is due to the last few seasons of selling our best players coming back to haunt us. Is selling more of our first team players the answer? Roy Keane was another name mentioned. Yes, he would likely bully a lot of people but that doesn’t lead to improved performance or morale, hence the fact he’s also a failed manager. In contrast, wouldn’t the answer be to buy better players and bring in better managers, not lower league players and failed coaches and managers.

Our training facilities our top notch but our youth set-up needs strengthening in the coaching department as this season and last, things have deteriorated in terms of results and performances. Despite a lack of first team chances with the top teams in the league, the best young players are still attracted to the big 4 – 6 teams and with the need to have home grown talent in every premier league squad, everyone is scouring for young prospects they can develop as well as the best young British players. We’re now in a fight with everyone else for these players.

This is the greater concern for me. The club, since promotion to the premier league has openly stated that it wants the club to have a style of play that is like a brand; ‘The Southampton Way’ as Les Reed calls it. But in the last two seasons, the style of play has altered drastically. The only approach we seem to have retained is slavishly seeking to win the fight for possession but results have surely now underlined that possession is not king anymore. We were meant to be able to seamlessly change head coach and playing staff because the teams from youth up were all playing a fixed way and so change was meant to have little negative impact.

We are also meant to be bringing in youth players we have developed to reduce the need for spending vast transfer sums on players to strengthen the first team. However, this season so far there are fewer youth players involved with the first team than any previous season. Results in the youth teams are inconsistent as is the talent pool. Four seasons in, it would be nice to see some of youth players in the first team but despite Reed, Gallagher, Stephens, Targett, McQueen, Hesketh, Sims and Seager all getting some game time in previous seasons, most have been loaned out now so won’t be developing with our first team and playing the Southampton way at their new respective clubs. Two seasons ago, you could see this plan developing well. Now, it seems further way than ever and it’s the clubs responsibility to either follow through or announce things have changed and instead, we’re going to buy our first team players like everyone else.

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21 Nov 2017 19:25:19
Hi figo,
I read your post with interest particularly about us going to Liverpool and trying not to outscore Liverpool, YES that part of the PLAN went particularly well!?! We failed to get a single shot on target in 90 minutes! Unfortunately the defensive part of the PLAN did not go so well! Looking at the game and the comments made by our own fans and others it was lucky to be only 3!

You shoot down our suggestions but where do you think we will be at Xmas after our run of fixtures?, Roy Keane might well bully but at the moment we have a team happy to take their bloated salaries and just coasting through games with nobody taking responsibility. My prediction is we might scrape a point with Everton, and if we can keep the scoreline to single figures at Man City it will be a miracle!

The problem with this manager is he lacks a plan of any type, his team is set up bizarrely, his substitutions baffling. Your criticism of our ideas of a mass clear out as making no sense but continuing as we are is disaster. This is a team sleep walking to relegation I have looked at our fixtures to the new year, Everton, Man City, Arsenal, Bournemouth, Leicester, Chelsea, Huddersfield.

Tottenham, Manchester United, I think we will be lucky to get 4 points from 9 games which will put us on 17 points from 22 games which is relegation in anyone's book. You look at those fixtures are we capable of upsetting anyone in the top six? If you thought our goal difference was okish now wait until the New Year! All the commentators who view us say the same we can't defend, we can't score, we are poor at retaining possession and when we have the ball we lack the ability to do something constructive and creative.

I read that Talksport's computer has us to finish 10 th, I would take that all day long! I will be happy with 16th with this shower of stuff. Remember City put 7 past Stoke and I can see something similar or possibly worse similar to us vs Sunderland. You remind me of the captain of the Titanic convincing himself that this ship is unsinkable! .

If things go as badly as I fear and expect, it would not surprise me to see our Chinese owner get very involved if he isn't already and I am sure he is not smiling now as he did not pay £220 million to see his team relegated. I imagine there are some uncomfortable phone calls from China asking what is going on and what are your plans to turn it round?

Because carrying on as we are is not a plan. Tony Pulis was sacked today from WBA and MP is no Pulis, in fact I don't know what he is, he certainly isn't a motivator, tactician, I am struggling to find any attributes but we will see. But let's see if SFC follow your ideas!
Regards vs.

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Liverpool v Southampton Match Review - A Liverpool Perspective

19 Nov 2017 12:35:49
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, Liverpool v Southampton Match Review - A Liverpool Perspective

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Premier League Match Preview Sunday 19th November 2017

19 Nov 2017 05:55:10
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, Premier League Match Preview Sunday 19th November 2017

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18 Nov 2017 18:03:18
Another 90 mins and not one shot on target. Do we have a manager?

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18 Nov 2017 22:29:28
Just to add. will we be in the bottom 3 by Christmas?

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18 Nov 2017 23:05:05
Unfortunately yes a complete clueless numpty out of his depth, again take off our most likely player in boufal yet leave the overrated and under talented Redmond who seems untouchable along with Tadic on the pitch.

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18 Nov 2017 23:28:12
We are going down easy start and manager well out of his depth players who are lacking in quality or passion.
Needs a shake up sell vvd Bertrand and players who don't want to be there and start again.

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19 Nov 2017 09:05:05
We are missing Lemina badly and VVD is clearly either not fit or rubbish as he moved out of plenty of times when liverpool were attacking if we can get 70m for him sell him and rebuild. We are playing with fear all the time you cannot attack when you are thinking about defending. Need an out and out pace striker who will give us an out ball.

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18 Nov 2017 17:57:52
Does anyone think this lack of quality form were stuck in at the moment has anything to do with Eric Black, he was assistant when Aston villa had the worst season in history in the premier league and now we're becoming the worst team in the league nobody is scared of playing us. We are loosing our good reputation of being a club that is hard to beat and plays attractive football
It's the only common denominator I can see.

{Ed0333's Note - I blame Theresa May

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18 Nov 2017 23:33:43
Look at blacks cv, it's a damn site worse than just villa, relegated with Wigan, relegated with Blackburn, nearly took Rotherham down until sacked when Warnock saved them, won only a couple of games for Blackpool out of about 20, then him and Barnes took the reins at Celtic and were woeful.

{Ed0333's Note - good post fella

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19 Nov 2017 02:48:03
Hi dsj, very good point and our present managers cv doesn't make great reading, he seems to stay 2 seasons and move on, I would love to have sit in on his interview.! Also I read that our new owner has put Austin, Long, Gabbiadini up for sale so presumably VVD deal has been done and Bertrand also to go so I think we are in for some interesting times. Hopefully Tadic and Redmond are on the list also Regards vs.

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19 Nov 2017 09:40:52
I really don't know how Black got the job. Surely Les looked at his cv, also the same with Pellegrino his Alaves side yes finished 8th but hardly scored and were defensive as he'll. He was sacked from Valencia for similar (to be fair a lot of quality sold) . So why did Les promise high pressing attacking football? They were never Mp's traits. Time is up for Les, he has to go along with Black, Mp, Ross Wilson and Dave Watson, there is an air of Reeds gang with this lot and it's taking us down, from Poch the managers have got progressively worse, the goalkeeping situation is horrendous, the lack of vision that every fan see's when we needed a ACM to score and create, the ego of Les who let's face it was shocking as a manager is using us as his own championship manager game, exactly where were heading, blowing is own self importance when we were at Wembley and 2 seasons ago when the media loved us and we were seen as the template for others, but now when things are going rotten he's hidden in his ego bubble to worried about media team putting out stupid little videos and the whole ' my way ' being played before games which is very apt coming from him, how about coming out along with our new invisible owner to explain to the fans the intentions and what's going on, sorry about the rant but I love saints but it's really starting to boil my blood.

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18 Nov 2017 16:52:44
Ok away at Liverpool we knew what was going to happen. but this is not knee jerk this has been happening for a long time. something is so wrong here and manager coming out and saying we are playing great and players coming out and saying we are happy with everything is really concerning. Something is badly wrong and something needs to happen sooner rather than later. everyone looks beaten and like they could not give one eff about anything.

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18 Nov 2017 17:17:23
Hi rayzer, this was an abject pitiful, performance with no decent chances created. I predict we will lose to Everton at home and we will get a real trouncing away to Man City, lucky to keep it to single figures. I believe the deal for VVD is already done to Liverpool and Bertrand will put in his transfer request as well. THIS IS A CLUB IN CRISIS!

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18 Nov 2017 17:57:47
Hi don't like to say it but vintage saint is spot on this club are now reaping what they have sown over the past 3/ 4 seasons, Just listening to the reports against liverpool and the game could have ended 7/ 8 nil this manager seems to have no motivation skills, no tactical ability, is in a league way above his level his negativity has left the team without any structure and with no cofidence what so ever, there is now several players in the saints team that saints should get shot of this next transfer window, you all know who they are so I am not going to name names, yes I am tadic, redmond, boufal, yet to see ward prowse have a good game, Bertrams head is at man city. sorry to say it but with these players this manager and no prolific striker relegation is staring saints in the face.

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18 Nov 2017 21:56:26
I think we just need to clear out our squad. Didn't watch the game but supposedly the first goal was a mistake made by Tadic. He hasn't been good enough this season, think he needs to go. Shane Long hasn't scored in 10 months he needs to go, he brings nothing whatsoever to the team. Bertrand and VVD both don't want to be at the club they should go. Replace these players with academy players (Stephens, Targett and Sims), we haven't managed to bring through academy players and establish them into the first team since Shaw.
FF still plays every game, even though he is probably the worst GK in the PL. It's an embarrassing decline that is rapidly happening.
I don't feel like the manager knows the squad or enough about the PL to do an antiquate job. We had an okay run going when he played two up top. Then for some reason he went back to 4-2-3-1 and it just isn't the right formation for what we have. If you're playing that formation you need a target man, SL and MG are not target men.
As for Black I don't know why any board would want to hire a first team coach from a team that got relegated. How would that ever help us get top 6?
VVD "Best defender in the PL" - we've played worse with him in the squad. We were much better with Stephens and Yoshida. The only thing that has been inspiring so far this season is the signing of Lemina apart from that we've been shockingly bad. We can't score goals, we don't set-up to score goals. The manager has a big squad and doesn't know how to use any of the players. Boufal for example, he is a very talented footballer. However, he's still very immature, wants to do slick skills against every defender he comes up against and you just can't get away with that in the PL. He is most effective as a substitute against a tired defence, where his skills will cause mistakes and create chances.

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18 Nov 2017 23:31:53
Hi guys, I am so disenchanted that I cannot be bothered to write any more, get Allardyce in for the season pay him a huge bonus if he keeps us up, and. Bertrand and VVD will go January or next summer and have a real cull of all this deadwood, Tadic, Redmond, Austin, Long etc in the meantime look intensively through the youth squads and draft them in, we might not quite be in the bottom three which I predict will be Palace, Swansea, West Brom who will drop down but it will be close Bournemouth look to have turned the corner, Everton seem to have discovered some backbone, West Ham with Moyes and Pearce kicking ass will improve, but we have nothing. What really p----- me off that the weakness of the team is so obvious from the start of the season and the quality of football has been pitiful. Anyway let's see if the Board do anything now or p--- about until January. I bet the latter! . Regards vs.

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19 Nov 2017 08:45:04
I don't think it's that tadic hasn't been good enough sometimes as he's putting balls in the box. There's just no target man. Gabbiadini was thriving on those low crosses when he first came in. At the moment with have redmond taking factor many shots when he couldn't he a barn door. The tactics and forwards don't suit tadic being on the pitch.

It's like he's trying to pick his strongest team on paper each week instead of using player strengths. He never seems to change much either when it's clearly not working. Looking at our run of games and the points difference to relegation zone I think we could likely be around that drop zone come the new year. This isn't a doom a gloom post I genuinely believe we fudged up changing manager.

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Premier League Match Previews Saturday 18th November 2017

18 Nov 2017 05:37:27
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, Premier League Match Previews Saturday 18th November 2017

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