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13 Jan 2018 16:57:22
AAARRRGGGHHH. why why why boys. It was like we were 2 totally different teams each half. Last min goal again!

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13 Jan 2018 16:56:56
MP needs to be sacked now!

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03 Jan 2018 22:41:21
I know this is a forum for Southampton and that but having just seen Jack Wilshere do his very best Paul Gascoigne impressions (English football’s most gifted midfielder rather than clown) I’m inspired to say a) I want him at Saints regardless of the fact we have a strong midfield already and b) I want to build the England World Cup 2018 Squad around him and Harry Kane.

So without further ado, I’m going to don my tracksuit or maybe smart suit, and have a few moments of being Pep Southgate. Here’s my England Squad:

Jones Cahill Stones
Dier Wilshere
Chamberlain Lallana Sterling
Kane Rashford

Rest of Squad:
Hart, Pickford, Walker, Rose, Bertrand, Maguire, Winks, Loftus-Cheek, Ward Prowse, Vardy, Crouch or Austin

Saint Etienne.

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06 Aug 2017 10:41:48
Listen, I admire your clubs stance on VVD and I hope he stays were he is, but don't tarnish Liverpool as a whole, the owners are rotten to the core and the reason he was tapped up is because they didn't want to get into a bidding war, they do everything on the cheap, I wouldn't be surprised if they deliberately leaked the information so as to scupper the deal as they didn't think the player would choose us over Chelsea or City. So if your looking to blame/ attack someone, that someone should be FSG not Liverpool the football club or it's supporters.

{Ed002's Note - It was not FSG that made the illegal approach Waro.}

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06 Aug 2017 11:16:39
Fair enough ed002, then they should have sacked klopp and all the others involved in this mess. They employ the people who recruit the people so to speak. You know my stance on these owners Ed and I've seen absolutely nothing since they've taken over the club to suggest I'm wrong in my opinion of them, yet another window with a minimal spend in comparison to the teams above and below us from last season yet the expectations will remain of a title challenge and a definite top 4 position, and there's not a snowballs chance that either will happen. Cheers for the reply though ed002, I'm staggered one of my posts actually made it on.

{Ed002's Note - They are getting restless over the image of the club and have again been forved to ask the perople in Hartford to increase their team so that the monitoring of the perception of the club is far more detailed and I very much suspect they will act on that. They will recall well the disaster that was Jen Chang and the significant problems that arose at that time. They have already acted this year using the results of a survey from London-based Populus and introduced the role of Head of Club and Supporter Liaison (Tony Barrett has the job) and lots of little fan forums (which might be the place for you to express your concerns). But it is not enough. The Jen Chang replacement and current incumbent is, and I probably shouldn't say this, is seen within factions of the press as way out her depth.

Someone needs to take hold and get the club acting responsibly, or at least reasonably responsibly, and clear the decks regarding improper approaches for players.

And I am good with your posts but as you are aware many Liverpool fans struggle with and van Dijk, Keita, Sessegnon, Brandt & Gaston Ramirez will be signing on Tuesday.}

06 Aug 2017 12:13:44
Thanks again ed002, that's encouraging to hear at least I suppose. It's not you who blocks my posts ed002 I know that, It's another ed who is being quite petty I think mate, as you know I'm quite blunt/ abrasive but hopefully consistent and that has rubbed someone up the wrong way, think it's a combination of that and the posters who despise me and can't reply without the whole thread being removed and the obvious headache that brings to the other eds such as yourself, which is never my intention, take care ed002, we'll chat again in about 3 months when my next post sneaks through the net.

{Ed002's Note - You are indeed consistent Waro. I look forward to when you are released and can post again.}

06 Aug 2017 12:34:17
Hahaha, that could be a while Ed. It's a long stretch for being a scouser in a built up area. Those normal folk just can't take to us for some reason.

24 Jul 2017 13:40:30
I'm now reading that Liverpool will not bid for Very Very Dumb until Saints invite them to. I hope that invite is not issued any time soon. I now feel he should be sold as his attitude sticks but we should not look to Liverpool as a potential buyer.

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07 Jul 2017 12:29:29
Hi everyone, greating from Serbia.

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08 Jun 2017 13:17:18
So is Virgil's ig and twitter post an empty speech bubble to say that he is speechless or that he never said anything in the first place?

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04 Jun 2017 12:01:48
Van Gaal? Heaven forbid!

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05 Jun 2017 19:54:56
Exactly my thoughts. he is less willing to adapt his perceived style than Claud.

13 Jan 2017 13:00:11
I wonder how Jose is feeling in this meat market / transfer window. I wonder if he really thought that his new Super Agent Jorge Mendes would actually get him transferred to MANU - for a world of Disney Firework crescendo to his decent career.

Its a modern Play for Today (age hint) based around football agents and money.

Scene 1: Jose lifts the European Cup - gives it a kiss and ricks it in his arms like a new born baby.

Scene 2: After Party somewhere billionaire-ish in Portugal on the Silver Coast. Jose, Ronaldo, di Maria, Pepe and Marinio are all toasting the Portugese win with a tanned guy - oooo its Jorge Mendes.

Scene 3: Jorge is hoovering up and Jose helping to stack the dishwasher after the party. Discuss how with Jose in MANU it would be great to have the Portugese Gladiator in the back line at Old Trafford - "£120k a week and a £2m signing on fee - leave it to me"

Scene 4: Jose and Jorge are on the dog - using a split screen Steve McQueen visual device - with Jose doing keepy ups in the back garden in the 3rd panel.

Jose "No way - sorry but I was pissed - he's 33 for the sake of Christo"

Jorge "This isn't going to go down well in 33 Forest View, Marchwood"

Scene 5: Jorge and Jose in the The Pilgrim Inn.

Jose " A mineral water - and if you get Salt and Vinegar I can eat two on my regime. "

Jorge "Sorry I can't get a move for you to MANU - have you ever tried Sweet and Sour crisps? "

Jose: "No Why? "

Jorge: "Oh no reason"

Final Scene:

Cut to a lonely Jose doing keepy ups in car park of Bold Forester as a Bond styled Chinese man drives up in Dark Windowed Merc.


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13 Jan 2017 13:59:32
ED - you relegated me to a page nobody reads - Give Me A Chance!

08 Nov 2016 21:24:44
Aspas from celta vigo. Showed his class against barcelona.

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