07 Nov 2022 17:30:55
Jones now looks a near certainty. Think we can all agree this is not what we had in mind when looking at potential replacements BUT

Potter, Cooper, Mick Beale even, have been wanted by PL clubs in the past and have to varying degrees shown that they can do it.

But given who Villa, Wolves and Brighton have just employed and the potential, name-drawing ability and potential, it does feel like we're preparing for life in the championship already, which is gutting.

Having said all of this, Luton have tended to play counter-attacking football which would suit us, passing around the back has only caused us problems, and they've gone from the bottom of the football league to a championship play-off final almost entirely under his leadership which Nigel did similarly with us.

We need to back him, but the problem is given the time to work with a squad who will largely be unaffected by World Cup call-ups, if we don't hit the ground running and take 12 points from our first seven games after Christmas, we are done for.

His first seven after the WC are BHA, FUL, NFO, EVE, AVL, BRE, WOL. Horribly important introduction to the PL.

Very sorry to see Ralph go, but things can't really get worse.

1.) 10 Nov 2022
10 Nov 2022 15:47:23
I have to say I didn't know a lot about him and didn't think we would go that route but after looking at a number of his interviews I think he fits well into the ethos of our club. He has a proven record of working with younger players and he says all the right things for me. Passiontae but more importantly he seems to be a man manager. I think he will be tuff where he needs to be but he will also put an arm around his players and get them to buy into the project. Getting players to fight for him is what he is looking for and I hope he gets that. We hadnt heard of Poch when we sacked Adkins, I remember thinking who is this guy and being extremly P****d off with the appointment. Oh how I was proved wrong. We have to get behind him now and show him how good our support is. I'm actually excited to see how the players respond to him. Ralph should have gone along time ago but I trust in the new owners and I imagine we have been looking at Nathan for a long time. I'm actually excited to see us against Liverpool (Although i'm under no illutions). Natahn is now our leader, let's all get behind him and get us fired up the league

2.) 17 Nov 2022
17 Nov 2022 01:52:31
I have a similar take and support your comments 100% Saint Ben Basingstoke.

3.) 15 Dec 2022
15 Dec 2022 21:13:36
There’s this attacking bloke who plays for Morocco who has had an amazing World Cup - his name rings a bell - Boufal I think it is. Be great to see him in a Saints shirt!