04 Sep 2023 20:49:07
small question
i heard that fonte was available a while ago. this team needs a captain with experience. he would very quickly get this team together.

might be a bit slow but the leadership abilities are unquestionable. that is what our team is missing without a solid leader we are doomed.

1.) 04 Sep 2023
04 Sep 2023 22:13:04
I actually think that Martin would object. While there has been the removal of deadwood, he also wants rid of anyone that is experienced, obviously has opinions and ones that might not agree with him.
It reminds me of a job interview many years ago; it went something like this .
so would you mind working under someone less experienced
How would you deal with someone less experienced telling you what to do
Could you cope with working for someone with no where near your experience .

Get the idea!

So here we have Martin, Swansea fans glad to see the back of him, saying he had only one way of playing, we were welcome to him .

Ask what do we have, one truck pony Martin.
In life, work, sport or whatever it was, I was always keen to learn, never had a problem with admitting I was wrong, embracing suggestions, learning all the time .
What I’ve never done, is say, I’m right, my way is right and anybody that disagrees I’ll get rid off.

What is sad and disappointing, is that a manager who has never managed a top team or at a top level, has not opened his mind to changes in his methods, he’s not had a light bulb moment where he’s thought, wow . he’s brought in players from his past, got rid of someone like Perraud and is now moulding southampton into Swansea!

I actually don’t think he’ll survive .

Facts and stats say it all .
Highest % possession in the league, most goals conceded!
But let’s just keep preserving .
2408 you must be cringing with what’s going on!

2.) 08 Sep 2023
08 Sep 2023 15:39:47
I would have brought in Fonte and made him captain. He may not have played every game but he could have steadied the ship in the last 20 minutes, marshalled the defence, mentored THB and Charles and given protection and confidence to Bazunu.

Maybe RM felt threatened and/or SR did not want to pay the wages or were not sure if they could have moved on CC and Salisu to make way. let's hope THB does the job.