10 Feb 2023 20:34:36
I can see tomorrow going one of two ways.

1- a side picked to be aggressive, filled with new signings, going to try and win the game in a 4-3-3, and either winning, or giving it a bloody good go and taking at least a point. Odds 8/1

2- a 5-3-2 with Adams and Armstrong up front, cheap goals conceded, a mass walkout at 70 minutes and Jones sacked before most fans have made it home. Odds 1/10

I don't wish for it to be the latter, I would always rather my team wins a game than loses, but I really can't see how we beat a side that utterly dispatched Liverpool 6 days ago

1.) 10 Feb 2023
10 Feb 2023 21:21:02
Have to say, having been a fan for 55 years, I hope we get trounced badly on the weekend. All fans know that Jones is an liability and will not survive. The longer this misery goes on the more depressing it becomes. I would take another 9 nil drubbing of it meant this clown was shown the door

2.) 10 Feb 2023
10 Feb 2023 22:06:53
I think we need to look at the long game. We probably need a minimum of 6 wins and 5 draws (23 points) to stay up with 17 games left to go. That would give us 38 points which could be enough.

That means we can lose 6 games along the way.

As I write this it all seems a little blue skies thinking because I honestly can’t see where the 6 wins would come from on current form.

However, a win tomorrow would be a start. A defeat tomorrow should mark the departure of Jones.

If it’s the latter, then I have more cause for optimism in the sense that the only way is up. If we win tomorrow, we stumble along for another week or so with Jones at the helm.

It’s rock and a hard place ….

3.) 11 Feb 2023
11 Feb 2023 10:22:50
I think second guessing who Jones will pick, the formation and tactics . will be on a par with the rubbish he comes out with! ie random and nonsensical!

He’s now being quoted and talked about on TalkSport and Sky sports . and not about football but about his ramblings!

So I’m not even going to think about what he may or may not do. Only consolation is that the B team didn’t have a game last night, otherwise our new signings would have been played.

Loved his reason for not playing the new signings . ‘didn’t want to get them injured’ .