11 Feb 2023 20:37:12
I've also noticed, it's one of his old coaches that is on the touch line beside him .
Where is Ruben S? He doesn't seem to consult him at all!
But then being one of the best managers in Europe, why would he!

1.) 12 Feb 2023
12 Feb 2023 02:51:52
Who on Earth would be prepared to risk their Management reputation with this Squad and circumstance unless the Board made it abundantly clear to any candidate that although preservation in the EPL was top. priority should relegation follow it would not be levelled as their complete responsibility.With respect to Player and Management performances these are my personnel observations: Manager-1st half=PASS 2nd half (including team selection omitting Caleta-Car,tactics)FAIL.Bree:quite assured,calm and collected.Perraud:erratic and easily exposed and subsequently roasted by Adam Traore. ( a possible penalty waiting to happen with persistent Rugby tackles)AMN:reasonably assured and calm.Alcatraz and Lavia similar.JWP looked exhausted approaching half-time.Perhaps serious consideration should be be given to automatic selection in Midfield.Caleta-Car:His omission from the Team was obviously a major factor in our loss.Kamaldeen looked a revelation and would have been complimented with another speedster like. Adam Armstrong or Mara.The jury’s still out on Paul Onuachu.At present a little cumbersome and sluggish and needs to be brought up to speed. (needs to be considered for heading ability against

2.) 12 Feb 2023
12 Feb 2023 03:50:28
Who on Earth would be prepared to risk their Managerial reputation to inherit this Squad and circumstances unless the Board made it abundantly clear that although the top priority was to retain EPLstatus should relegation occur that complete responsibility would not be levelled.With respect to Management and Player performances thes are my personal observations:Managament 1st half; PASS 2nd half; (including omission of Caleta Car, tactics,decision making;FAIL.Bree reasonably steady,calm and collected.AMN;ditto.Perraud :erratic and easily exposed defending and roasted by Adam Traore in second half (a penalty waiting to happen with constant rugby tackles).Alcatraz,Lavia Salisu. all reasonable.JWP looked.exhausted approaching half-time.Perhaps a reassessment of our most potent Midfield is necessary with no automatic selection guarenteed.The exclusion of Caleta-Car a major factor in our resulting loss.Kamaldeen:A revolution up front and could have been complimented with the quicker support of Adam Armstrong or Mara.The jury’s still out on Paul Onuachu who appears quite cumbersome and sluggish at present and would benefit being brought up to speed.No doubt his height would be a threat against selected opposition.Mislav Orsic deserves an opportunity to. show his capabilities. Here ENDETH THE LESSON!

3.) 12 Feb 2023
12 Feb 2023 08:19:46
Time to beg Ralph to return. We do now have the tools that he was denied to do the job!

4.) 12 Feb 2023
12 Feb 2023 19:14:15
This squad is the best we have had for a long time we need a settled 11 che snubbed for the new boy why not play them both. Not convinced by bazunu back four when fit kwp abk Salisu and Perraud
Alcaraz lavia jwp two new signings with che up front. Edozie and orsic for a change up top with Mara and Armstrong for fresh Legs. Still leaves Dcc and Tino when fit and s armstrong