13 Jul 2023 19:20:21
Did anyone watch the Benfica game? What are your thoughts of Saints performance? I thought it was no different to watching performances under Selles management, no attacking intent or end product. ?

1.) 14 Jul 2023
14 Jul 2023 21:29:44
Not going to read too much into a July warm-up against a UCL QF side, thought we held the ball okay, think Martin will be working from that and building upwards.

Interesting to see the players involved. Some of them I thought would be off by now, but it seems we have set prices on our players and won’t cheap out. Which is great. Lots of reports like ‘Liverpool won’t stump up £50m for Lavia’ - good. He’s worth that, so pay it or bugger off.

West Ham offering £25m for JWP is absolutely taking the piss as well. If none of those prices are met, good. We’ll have a good team. And those that want to go will clear up the wage bill.

2.) 15 Jul 2023
15 Jul 2023 20:17:27
So what do we think of the Göztepe game?

3.) 15 Jul 2023
15 Jul 2023 23:29:23
A work in progress. I know it was only a preseason friendly but a win would have built some confidence. Still too much sideways/ backwards passing for my liking and gave the ball away too many times. Bazunu beaten on his near post from an acute angle. Che went missing for most of the match. Mara tried hard and Alcaraz did ok but still very few attempts at goal.

4.) 19 Jul 2023
19 Jul 2023 09:06:55
It must be me then, I thought it was slow unimaginative boring football. No serious attacking intent and a compulsion to play football on our own 18 yard line. When our defence did move up Lyanco and Stephens were caught out several times by a simple ball over their heads, that did stop when Bednarek came on. Tella and Mara were wasted in their roles and Adams was awful, he looked totally fed up. Anyway, I’m really hoping my assessment of RM is wrong and we start the season scoring goals and winning games.