12 Aug 2023 18:51:35
Well that was a roller coaster ride.
Our worse bits were awful and our best bits sublime. It probably raised more questions than answers but one things for sure, it's going to be a long season.
It feels strange being able to celebrate a goal or pen without fear of it being chalked off - it took me a while to realise that there is no VAR!
I did like the look of the young kid who came on as a late sub - lightning quick and not phased by the step up (can't spell or pronounce his name (.
So let's see what the transfer window brings because we sure as hell need an experienced keeper and a centre back. I know there are many fans who are fond of Stephens but he is an absolute liability at the back albeit it he gets great blocks in.

1.) 12 Aug 2023
12 Aug 2023 22:17:13
We did come out of our shells after 15 minutes and played some attacking football. Problem is that in doing so we left ourselves wide open, Norwich should have scored 5 in the first half and 2 more in the second half. Still didn’t play the ball over the top or through the channels early enough but to be fair RM did change a couple of things during the first half.

2.) 13 Aug 2023
13 Aug 2023 08:45:16
Although probably swimming against the tide of opinions posted, I am inclined to reserve judgement on Our Manager for at least 2/3 months allowing for future incoming signings and the Team as a whole bedded in the foundation of their completely new system.No one can expect immediate results at this very early stage although the signs are easier on the eye from last season.Hopefully with the signings of quality Mids, Centre Backs, Goalkeeper and clinical Centre Forward (with or without Adams) we have the makings of a good side.I noted after watching the first half of Arsenal v Ntm.Forest that RM’s playing out from the back and moving the opposition around to create spaces is not dissimilar to that of Arsenal (although obviously we don’t have the same quality of Players) we could be pleasantly surprised with the outcome further down the track when the system is well embedded and with the required additional Players required.We must remember that the Players are being asked to adapt to a 100% u turn in methods from last season whereas most opposition teams in the Championship are continuing with their tried and tested formations of last season and before. From my observations it appears most of the Players enjoy Russell Martin’s tactical training and his persona.This post is not in opposition to any previous posts regarding the Managerial aspects but my own personal assessment of the current situation and future possibilities.KEEP ON MARCHING!

3.) 13 Aug 2023
13 Aug 2023 09:19:17
A very positive and well thought out post. I think we all want the best for the team and there were signs of a slight tweek when we went 1 down. I really hope RM succeeds.

4.) 13 Aug 2023
13 Aug 2023 10:47:00
Excellent Post thank you!

The Manager and his Team, have inherited a very difficult mix of conundrums that they are working through.

JWP has been a great 'Saints Professional' nobody can knock his dedication and attitude. Yes the passing back and sideways was frustrating at times, but was it his instructions? We now have to look to the future and construct a Team that can deliver an enjoyable brand of football.

The other players that are potentially going to leave, are all discombobulated as any of us would be. Martin doesn't know from 'Game to Game' who is available for selection, so strategic planning is impossible.

All of us long standing Saints fans, will always support our Team, and various frustrations that are thrown at us, have to be accepted.

We can all see that we miss a 'Holding Striker' and we have been so lucky to have had the likes of Ricky Lambert and Graziano Pelle in the past, hell only knows where we can find another!

SR missed a trick in letting Orion Romeu go, he was the perfect Captain if still here.but he isn't, so we do need to look for a leader! (in my opinion)

This 'State of Flux' will improve, but in the interim, let's get behind out Team, accept that the world is not perfect, and support what Russell Martin are attempting to do.

Instant Gratification (or the expectation of it) is neither realistic, or viable, so cut them all a little slack, enjoy the journey and be prepared for 'Bumps in the Road'.

Pete Wesley - 63 Year Old, Lifelong Saints Fan