30 Sep 2023 18:05:19
Agree with Manny561 and 2408.

There was hope today with a line up that included Sulemana, Alcaraz and Stu.

These 3, alongside AA, at least meant for the first 45 mins we had some attacking intent/directness and pace. Detected slightly less rustyball and maybe RM has gone for a little `tweak` All good news.

HOWEVER (whilst expecting a reaction from Leeds in the second half) we did our best to turn a potential victory into a draw. Better finishing from Leeds and we might not have been so happy tonight.

We reverted to sideways/backwards passing and again lost possession too often resulting in dangerous turnovers (we always seem to lose the 50/50 tackles) and being subjected to fast counter attacks

The goal conceded, ponderous play and the tiring of Sulemana and Alcaraz (who needs more games to get back to where he was last season) led to a very difficult period between 60 to 80 minutes which I suggest we were fortunate to survive.

Thankfully we did, and hopefully the system will continue to be tweaked to play to our forwards strengths and even accept that it is ok for our defenders to hoof it clear when in danger.

In conclusion, much better at times. A very welcome win. Don`t get carried away. We still have GK and LB to sort out and probably one CB. Now for Stoke.

1.) 01 Oct 2023
01 Oct 2023 10:45:34
Don’t get me wrong, this result has to backed up against Stoke and beyond.

There were better signs of intent and the passing was noticeably more direct in the first half. Hopefully when they analyse the game this will be glaringly obvious (it was to us! ) and the good performance and intent in the first half will be taken forward. We did retreat a lot in the second half, but that’s probably down to confidence issues and not wanting to throw it away.

Let’s go again, build on this and climb that table.


2.) 02 Oct 2023
02 Oct 2023 21:21:00
The Stoke game is very important. It will show if RM is prepared to play a different way to the strengths of certain players or the fist half of the Leeds game was down to players taking the initiative.