29 Nov 2023 20:45:53
That was the most dull 45 minutes imaginable - devoid of entertainment, inspiration and effort.

It looks like we've decided to play 'walk football' - their shirts won't need washing - not a drop of sweat anywhere.

The good news is that the second half can only get better.


1.) 30 Nov 2023
29 Nov 2023 23:10:23
And it did - just about…

2.) 30 Nov 2023
29 Nov 2023 23:50:12
It’s so nice to come on here and see an honest opinion.
I’ve been getting absolutely battered on Facebook.
Any mention of him being an awful manager with though previous success whatsoever, has resulted in criticism towards me…
We have scraped so many wins, Bristol tonight could’ve snatched a draw or even been ahead.
We gave them so many chances .
While I am excited at our league position, it is not a true reflection of the quality of the football we have played.