29 Feb 2024 20:38:03
I have been quiet of late and not tried to over-react to the end of our unbeaten run.

However, during that run, we were lucky on a number of occasions and when good fortune ran out we saw some very poor outcomes and a good few 2 points lost on draws that should have been wins.

The writing was on the wall recently when teams stopped watching us fiddle about at the back and attacked us aggressively.

5-3, 1-3, 1-2 and 1-2 were all poor. How we won at WBA I do not know. Last night we lost to Liverpool U 21`s and Mara/Charles/Sulemana could not hit the proverbial barn door from 10 yards.

Yet still, RM is `proud` of his players, Well I feel sorry for them having to continue so rigidly to a system which will not get us back to the Premier League automatically.

Injuries are worrying/form needs to pick up NOW otherwise even playoffs could be in doubt. We have Ipswich/Leicester/Leeds to lose to yet.

RM needs to change his stubborn approach but he won`t. Failure will mean another year in the championship with a weaker squad and less money and RM still at St Mary`s.

Come on. Last chance to turn it around, starting at Birmingham,

1.) 29 Feb 2024
29 Feb 2024 21:50:25
Totally agree mate

2.) 29 Feb 2024
29 Feb 2024 22:05:29
We won West Bromwich Albion, simply because they sat back and watched us play, l allowed us to play .
I was really disappointed with West Bromwich Albion, I hope they go for it.
But they literally let us keep possession and play ball around.
That’s how we won …
The unbeaten run, only cemented Russell Martins belief in himself and his system.
It’s surreal