04 Mar 2024 23:04:17
There's been a few comments about us being better off in the Championship rather than tonked every week in the PL.

In other words, better to over achieve in the league we're in rather under achieve with the big boys.

I kind of get the rationale but I'd far rather be in the PL even if it is an eternal dog fight at the bottom. I suspect Sheffield United fans may have a different view (another 6-0 drubbing at home tonight).

Perhaps it's the 'better to have loved and lost than never having loved at all syndrome but surely we must aspire to compete at the top table.

I agree this season has been more fun (and frustration) than last year but I'm not sure if I would be up for the fight a second time round. The novelty of putting 5 past Swansea and Huddersfield etc would wear thin next season.

Anyway, an interesting debate and one with very mixed opinion I would have thought.

1.) 05 Mar 2024
05 Mar 2024 22:17:11
Sorry Millertime, I'm on the other page.seeing Burnley dominate the championship last year and get tupped every week in the prem must be so wretched for their fans. If we squeezed into the prem this year, we would keep our egotistically endowed coach and just have a wretched season culminating in a swift return. I think Leeds and Leicester both have coaches that stand a chance at understanding the prem, but we dont. Would rather wait till SR show some real ambition (or sell) and we have a coach who engenders belief. Despite winning runs and playoff placing, diehard RM fans are thin on the ground for good reason

2.) 06 Mar 2024
05 Mar 2024 23:15:09
I expect to be in the minority on this one and I don’t disagree with your logic Exeter St David. However, even though we would be strongly tipped to go straight back down, I would cling to the hope that there were 3 inferior squads to ours.

My worry is, that if we stay where we are, RM will still be in charge this time next year, and the year after. He will feed off that run and to my horror, there are fans who would build a bloody statue of him.

Sadly, (depending on where you stand) the results all went against us tonight meaning the pressure is ratcheted up another notch against Preston and then Sunderland. Oh well.

3.) 06 Mar 2024
05 Mar 2024 23:58:14
I agree ExeterDave . Like I've posted before the most exciting signing to get excited about is an amazing board, with fresh ideas and a plan to move forward. We had it once with liehber and I mean look at Wrexham now. No matter what happens I bet those fans are happy every game because they know their team are moving in only one direction.

As it is with us, we don't necessarily have a bad board (not as bad as we've had in the last anyway) just not one I'd particularly call great and because of that were going to be languishing around and up and back down the premier ship (if we go up) for a while due to dodgy signings and dodgy managers.

I think the boards heart is on the right place so with that I have a little hope, maybe if grow and learn as board maybe were get somewhere but all in all if we have the same structure for the next few years I'd rather be the championship then go up like Burnley and become the laughing stock of the league.

Any decent succes we have with any particular players will be poached from us as soon as we're promoted, hence why we need a board that will stick firm to a vision, otherwise we're stranded.