27 Apr 2019 17:23:29
Survival! Clearly we need to keep hold of Ralph. Well done lads!

I think minds will already be turning to next season.

Who do we release?

I would suggest

Ings ( great trier but not 20 million )

Do we keep Yoshida? Who else is worth releasing?

I think Long has proven a point amongst the older players but we need some fit 20 somethings. We are too slow against teams that counter attack. Today's game proved that point.

We need to get players of the calibre of Pierre Emile.

The scouting should have already begun. I hope we don't wait till transfer deadline day!,


1.) 27 Apr 2019
27 Apr 2019 19:00:48
"Release". meaning sell?
I don't see the point in selling Bertrand. He and targett are fantastic options at lb/ lwb.
Ings is our top scorer and offers a lot more than just goals too. We don't need to sell him, we need to add options to compete with him. Hopefully keep him fitter for longer next season and he could get 15 goals for us.

I would suggest keep yoshida and sell Stephens. One of forster and McCarthy should be sold to raise funds and free up wages. Let's keep long. RH likes him. He has 12 months left on his deal. I wouldn't necessarily offer him a new contract but he's ok for another season.

Let Austin go.

The biggest issues in terms of selling are the players on loan such as hoedt, clasie, carrillo, boufal etc. along with the players who have come from the academy but not really broken through. Gallagher, Reed, McQueen.

We need to strengthen, not weaken, and we need to trim the squad size and wage bill. Not to "line the pockets of the owner" like some fans believe, but so we're not throwing money away on players that aren't needed.

Utilize the academy, get another centre back in, a striker, a rw with pace and another rb/ rwb.

2.) 27 Apr 2019
27 Apr 2019 19:44:45
Hi guys

Well we are safe! It wouldn't be saints if we didn't make it hard work. 're players we are committed to buying Danny Ings so let's let him rest and get him fit for next season, I have read that Austin, FF, Jack Stephens plus 3 others are going to be released. Here's a suggestion bring Callum Chambers back, he has been superb for Fulham this season either as a defender or midfielder and obviously doesn't have a future at Arsenal and is only 24.coyr.

3.) 28 Apr 2019
28 Apr 2019 10:48:01
Outgoing: Forster, Stephens, Elyounoussi (loan), Austin, Gallagher. Lemina may also join them if a ridiculous bid comes in

Returning Loanees:
Clasie, Davis, Hoedt, Cedric can be sold
Reed, McQueen and Boufal can come back into the team - McQueen will probably be loaned out again
Carrillo I’d like to see given a chance but I’ll leave that to Ralph’s discretion

Incoming: Based on rumour - Maehle, Adams, Phillips (if Leeds don’t come up), plus a CB and another forward - Jedvaj and Herrmann maybe

That gives us a senior squad of 20 plus youth players such as Sims, Ramsay, Valery, Obafemi and Slattery in the wings

Don’t know what happens in GK training but they all seem to suffer from the same problems. I have faith in Gunn he’s only young still but it’d be nice for us to have one in from GK

Watching us the past few weeks (and years) even under Ralph we’re crying out for a commanding CB to join Bednarek. It’s natural to get in another RB, plus an attacker. A goalscorer is the icing on the cake.

Hopefully scouting has already begun and we will get players in before July. In the meantime give Ralph a lifetime contract with a £500m buyout clause if anyone wants to take him and the freedom of the city.

Thank GOD we’re safe. Looking at where we were after Cardiff at home I’m amazed we’ve done it with two games to spare. Onwards and upwards. COYS.

4.) 30 Apr 2019
29 Apr 2019 23:08:31
Note sure you are giving Danny Ings the credit he deserves. He is not just a goal scorer but a very intelligent player, always looking for that pass to slit the defence . and very successfully i might add.

As for releasing McCarthy, no chance! I am not sure Angus G has done enough to hold onto the keeper spot.

5.) 02 May 2019
02 May 2019 16:45:37
Gunn will be number one next season with Forster no.2. McCarthy will be on his way. Ralph not impressed with him and prefers Forster in training plus now Forster is gaining some confidence back he’ll look to give him at least cup matches next season.