27 Aug 2018 22:40:38
Harrison reed gone on loan to blackburn then.

1.) 29 Aug 2018
29 Aug 2018 05:27:29
Don’t understand that one.

2.) 30 Aug 2018
30 Aug 2018 14:40:08
And now sam McQueen to Boro.

3.) 31 Aug 2018
31 Aug 2018 10:31:20
I get mcQueen, he had two guys in front of him and was never going to get a game. Think this is probably best for Reed's development since he was never going to get enough game time for us, but I had considered him our backup rb, so wonder what our plan is there now he's gone.

4.) 01 Sep 2018
01 Sep 2018 09:08:18
Yeah can see that and targett is playing well at the moment, I just wondered if McQueen had more about him going forward, he started as a left winger and was always more impressed with his forward play. thought he could of been a decent option but good luck yo him and hope he comes back even better. I've said before I actually rate reed McQueen and Sims good enough to be starters for Southampton but we've packed the squad with so many expensive foreigners that they can't get s look in. maybe hughes plan is get them all up to speed match ready, flog of all the dead wood next summer and bed them into the team next year. who knows 😬 hope they all do well.

5.) 03 Sep 2018
03 Sep 2018 12:06:38
I think it's good that we're sending these players out on loan. It'll be good for them to get the experience. Instead of playing under 23 football. However, my one issue is that looking at the teams from the weekends no one has actually started any games, apart from Jones and Carrillo who actually scored this weekend vs Real Madrid.