26 Sep 2017 15:10:12
My preferred team to play stoke.


Cedric (rb)
Vvd (cb)
Hoedt (cb)
Berty (lb)

Romeu (cdm)
Lemina (cdm)

Tadic (rw)
Gabbi (cam)
Redderz (lw)

Austin (st)

Gabbi has proved he's got a good shot on him and plays deeper and out wide for italy, also would actually give austin some support. Defence picks itself when u go on quality. We know how good tadic can b and I believe redderz will come good. With oriol as captain, and him and lemina should boss the likes of fletcher, allen etc.

1.) 27 Sep 2017
27 Sep 2017 13:30:29

Cedric (rwb)
Vvd (cb)
Yoshida (cb)
Hoedt (cb)
Bertrand (lwb)

Romeu (cdm)
Lemina (cdm)

Long (rw)
Gabbi (st)
Tadic (lw)

I'm not too sure what our strongest 11 is at the moment, especially going forward. I would want our two full backs as wing backs as they are quality going forward, to play fast football between the front 3.
Redmond needs to be dropped, he lacks quality so much in the final third, spends the whole game trying to play CF which leave Bertrand no support and he is one of the best LB in the league at going forward, so he needs that, which he will get from Tadic.
I'm not convinced by the 4-2-3-1 formation that we've adopted. We've always looked stronger playing 4-3-3 so maybe 5-2-3 will work for us. Alternatively looking at 4-3-3 you would just swap out Yoshi or VVD for Davis.
But then again, we haven't been scoring goals so we should go for 2 up top. So maybe 5-2-1-2 with Tadic behind Gabs and Austin?

2.) 28 Sep 2017
28 Sep 2017 14:02:01
As frustrating as he can b redmond os the only player we have in the whole squad with a bit of pace and confidence to get the ball and to actually take players on and I believe he will come good, boufal well let's just not even go there thanks again puel. As I said above gabbi has played behind the striker at napoli and on the wing for italy and he still scores, austin scores goals wherever he plays even in the first part of puels season in a not so attack minded team he still scored goals. Why anyone would think that dropping an midfield player for a cb to have essentially 5 at the is going to help us score is beyond me I guess its because 3 cbs is so 'in' now. We must b sheep and follow the trend I suppose.

3.) 28 Sep 2017
28 Sep 2017 15:18:48
It would be using 2 wing backs. Obviously, on paper it looks defensive but Cedric and Bertrand are both quality when they get forward, hence why I thinking adding the extra CB will help them get forward. The 5 will allow these two guys to attack more often. I do like Redmond and believe he has great potential and I would say he'd be better on the right where he is not tempted to cut inside, as his ability is pretty weak in the area.

4.) 28 Sep 2017
28 Sep 2017 15:20:27
3 cb’s aren’t because it’s ‘in’ but A) because it allows the whole team (particularly the wing backs though) to push forward knowing there’s a solid defence behind them. B) we’ve got 2 inform defenders in Stephens and Yosh, a very good CB in Hoedt and arguably the best CB in the prem in VVD, it’d be harsh to leave one of them out, let alone two. And C) it’s a formation that fits the counter attacking style MP wants to play.

5.) 28 Sep 2017
28 Sep 2017 16:15:40
Redmond needs to play still, like a previous poster said we desperately need his pace. I think Long has done a good job the last couple of games. Been saying it a while now, but I want to see Sims get a run out and see what he can do. Think his directness and pace is exactly what we lack.

6.) 28 Sep 2017
28 Sep 2017 16:44:20
Totally agree with SaintJay re Redmond .
So much is being made of his pace, but it is his end product that is way more important. or lack off in this case. He is not productive for the team . shoots way more than he should - and to those that say we are short of goals, his shooting is awful . and quite often, their is someone in a better goal scoring position. Gabbi springs to mind! as does Austin! Trouble is Redmond thinks he is a goalscorer and rather than stay wide, does exactly what SaintJ says, tries to take up the centre forward position. Perhaps he needs to look at his own stats . he is NOT and never will be an out and out goalscorer! He is probably the one player that does not fit into the Southampton Way . he is cocky, arrogant, selfish and not a team player. His pace is irrelevant if at the end of one is runs he loses the ball, doesn't pass the ball and also shoots!

Redmond : League matches : 217 . 25 goals
Austin : 244 . 125 goals.