15 Mar 2018 05:35:34
Hello fellow saints fans, I know some people on this forum are not totally happy with Hughes as a manager but now he has been appointed we need to get behind him and give him 100% support and show him what Southampton fans are all about. COYR.

1.) 15 Mar 2018
15 Mar 2018 06:24:50
Totally agree
He will shake things up massively now like you said 100%
Behind the team and Hughes for us to get out of this.

2.) 15 Mar 2018
15 Mar 2018 06:53:50
Not an overwhelming appointment but beggars can't be choosers. With our precarious position and what little time left it's a bit fortunate we even managed to get someone proven (although not in a good way) . Obviously the board are looking at PL experience as a major factor right now and not many out there available has that as much as Sparky. I still stand by what I said about his managerial abilities but he's here and I will back the team. Any step after sacking MP2 is a step forward in my book. If we do stay up I don't think Hughes is the way forward in the long term though and I still hope the board are smart enough to appoint Jokanovic if Fulham don't get promoted and we secure safety.

3.) 15 Mar 2018
15 Mar 2018 06:59:39
Go Sparky. It’s time to shine!

4.) 15 Mar 2018
15 Mar 2018 08:03:57
Morning. Just a quick post before setting off away for a few days taking in the horse racing at Cheltenham on Friday as well. Good luck to our new manager Sparky. Good luck to our players on Sunday at Wigan. It won’t be easy as Man City found out in the last round. I for one have every confidence in Sparky and would obviously take Premier League survival over a Wembley visit. Would be nice to have both. To all the supporters going to Wigan I wish a safe journey and a great day out. After that the last 8 matches will be like a cup final. To all like many others support every match from start to finish. Keep the noise and atmosphere at 100% plus. I wish I could be there and I miss the match days at St, Mary’s. The Northam End are amazing. I’ve told all my new friends in New Zealand about my beloved Saints and actuall found a couple of ex pats that follow Southampton. Have a great day.

{Ed001's Note - good luck at the races mate.}

5.) 15 Mar 2018
15 Mar 2018 09:15:48
Thanks Ed001 I’ll need it. Have a great day.

{Ed001's Note - I don't know, you must have had a lot of luck in life to end up in NZ.}

6.) 15 Mar 2018
15 Mar 2018 11:00:21
Although I had some concerns about us being linked with Hughes, now he’s been announced, I totally agree (and am sure no-one would disagree) that now we can get behind the team and start the season from scratch. And to balance out my concerns about Hughes, here are some positive vibes:

We have a new manager! Its not MP2! It was done quickly, he’s in place with time to meet the team and get ready for our big game against West Ham with a little run out in the cup to have a first hand look at the team. I’m sure he’ll want to get revenge on Moyes and West Ham too after Stoke lost to them in December. He did improve Stoke and their playing style when he took over from Pulis for the first couple of seasons and let's face it, we can’t play any worse then we were under MP2 (especially in that last game! ) . We still have winnable games left to play, a talented young side and now a manager with Premier League experience to try to bring the best out of them. Even with Stoke’s poor season this time around and that poor QPR season, Hughes has a record of his teams getting a win or draw from 62% of their Premier league games.

Finally, the players will be buoyed by a new manager coming in with fresh ideas, determination and a desire to win games and prove his doubters wrong; in contrast to a very nice man who spent his time telling us (and probably the players) that the hardest thing to do in football is score goals and win matches and that losing is a part of our life in football. Sometimes you are the winner and some you are on the losing side. I can’t imagine such pearls of wisdom coming from Mark Hughes.


7.) 15 Mar 2018
15 Mar 2018 15:55:39
Just booked into the Holiday Inn Express, Swindon. Staying overnight and going on to Cheltenham Horse Racing course tomorrow to take in a bit of atmosphere when the ‘big race ‘ happens. Just to comment on the posts of figodasilva. Having read quite a few I find his post very informative and to the point. Has figodasilva had a history of journalism, if not he should consider it. Keep the posts up Figo they make good reading. Also the Ed’s should have some praise as well they obviously do a lot of work behind the scenes. To all supporters keep behind the Saints players and manager. They will need it in the final forthcoming 8 matches. Staying at a relative of my partner on Sunday in Reading so hopefully watch the f. a. cup game against Wigan. Have a good weekend everybody. COYR’s.

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate and totally agree on figo, his posts are always excellent reading. I always enjoy them, even when I disagree on some of the points made.}

8.) 15 Mar 2018
15 Mar 2018 16:40:22
Thank you for the compliments guys. I’m sure there’ll be plenty more agreeable/ disagreeable comments in the coming weeks…….

{Ed001's Note - hopefully some more celebratory ones once Saints clinch survival as well.}

9.) 16 Mar 2018
16 Mar 2018 09:06:34
A good solid experienced appointment who knows the league inside out. His long term position will surely depend on if we stay up but I certainly feel more confident in our survival now MP has left. I would really like to see Joko appointed next season as I believe he was good at Watford and has been superb at Fulham.

10.) 17 Mar 2018
17 Mar 2018 17:26:55
Ed is a closet saint :)