14 Sep 2020 08:15:37
Seeing rumours that Spurs want Ings. surely that won't happen?!

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any approach.}

1.) 14 Sep 2020
14 Sep 2020 10:08:44
Levy wouldn’t pay the £40m+ we’d want. I would want £60m at least. And why would he knowingly go to Spurs to be bench fodder for Kane? Money. But hopefully he has more pride than that playing for his boyhood club. Hopefully.

2.) 14 Sep 2020
14 Sep 2020 10:34:17
Unfortunately if Spurs offered £30M + I think our board would seriously consider selling him. I really don't think that Danny would want to go there, like you say SaintGGsy just to warm the bench and come on for 10 minutes when Maureen decides that Kane isn't going to score.

3.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 09:16:10
I hope we're not that greedy, that we would sell a prime 20+ goals a season striker for only 30m. I don't think we would, we held out until we received 75m for VVD.

4.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 13:04:35
And unlike that swine Danny is happy and wants to be here, and not throw his toys out the pram having been paid several million despite not playing for months. Not that I’m still bitter 🤣.

5.) 17 Sep 2020
17 Sep 2020 17:07:32
Hi Ed it's been reported in our local paper today that spurs have made an official enquiry after Ings, was wondering if you had an further insight on the situation please? Ings also hasn't signed a new deal with talks on going. I can imagine the chance to play under Jose and the chance to play alongside some of the players at spurs could be quite attractive for any player.

{Ed002's Note - Danny Ings (S) Spurs have been told by one of his representatives that the player is not available and that he would not be interested in being a bench warmer which would kill off international hopes.}

6.) 17 Sep 2020
17 Sep 2020 20:01:12
Thanks for the update, sorry I know it must be frustrating when people keep asking the same questions over and over.

{Ed002's Note - No problem Phil.}

7.) 19 Sep 2020
19 Sep 2020 13:15:46
Hi Ed
Things have moved on quite a bit since your August update and a number of the ins / outs you listed have either happened, gone elsewhere or seem to be staying put.
Are you aware of any fresh activity?

{Ed002's Note - It has moved on a bit with Emmanuel Dennis (F/RW) but Brugge has placed a significant €20M price tag on the player that Newcastle, Brighton and Watford see as far too much. The player has also been watched by Lille, Southampton, Monaco, Sheffield United, Sampdoria and Borussia Dortmund - and Southampton could see if a deal can be done at a better price involving Hoedt as part of the deal. There is a complication to be addressed in that Anderlecht is more attractive to WH but they only want a loan.}

8.) 19 Sep 2020
19 Sep 2020 16:50:46
Thanks Ed. Doesn't sound too promising so we can only hope they're keeping a couple of good signings low key. Could be a long season without reinforcements.