30 Aug 2023 21:00:45
We only have two days before the Transfer Window slams shut (thank heavens).

Why? Because some of you are 'frightened of your own shadows' Why some of you can't see that the shape of the team, dictates a certain type of player, and the Russ 'Has a Plan' rather than Jones'y and Selles, that were clueless!

We are two or three payers short, the players that have left, were quite good players, but they were 'Not a Good Team'!

Stop predicting 'Doom and Despair' we are going the right way. Please also don't expect Automatic Promotion, it's unfair.!

Now Cheer Up, put away the 'Woe is Me ' banners and enjoy the journey!

1.) 31 Aug 2023
31 Aug 2023 21:30:50
Peter .
And why can’t we be promoted … we HAD the strike force . we have a great midfield .
why can’t we feel fed up and disillusioned with what’s going on?
We are allowed!

2.) 01 Sep 2023
01 Sep 2023 00:42:32
Peter, show some respect to the fans who post and share their concerns. What is happening at our club is ridiculous in the extreme.

What is the basis for your optimism - to suggest we are 2 or 3 players short is naive. We have loanees and youngsters - untried, untested and unlikely to succeed .
Why should we wait for 2 or 3 years to build a squad/team capable of playing at the highest level.

We will have a team which is bang average in the Championship. I find it disappointing that you are so willing to accept mediocrity in the name of ‘fairness’ - you should be demanding that the club takes all necessary means to ensure our return to the PL.

Before you respond to this - watch the documentary about Burnley’s mission to return to the PL. It epitomised a boardroom that backed the manager and a manager that backed the team.

We are more likely to turn into a team of hand wringers than winners. All we have achieved in this window is dismantle a squad who had a chance of getting promotion. Don’t ever do that ‘woe is me thing’ - it’s not clever and it’s disrespectful.

3.) 01 Sep 2023
01 Sep 2023 17:27:24
Could be worse….we could be a feeder club like Man City ?

4.) 01 Sep 2023
01 Sep 2023 17:42:11
Now that is funny!

5.) 01 Sep 2023
01 Sep 2023 18:07:24
Millertime - Let me ask you a question -Why were we relegated if the team were so competent?

Some of these highly paid mercenaries like Sulisu just 'Down Tools' without a care for Southampton FC or the fans.

The appointment of Jones's and Selles, was awful, and the so called Team had no shape or structure.

Some of the players that we are assembling now, have 'Grit and Fight'.

Walcott, Elyounoussi, Dialo, Djenepo, McCarthy, Orsic, Caleta-Car, Lyanco were all sub 5/10. JWP tried his heart out, but his passing backwards and sideways was killing forward momentum.

All of the Moaning in the world, gets you nowhere. A positive attitude is what is required, we have some great additions, it will take a little time to make them a Team, but I have a good feeling about Russ Martin, yes he isn't a Koeman or Pochettino, but the financial disparity between the Big Six plus Saudi owns Newcastle are beyond us.

If Moaning helps you, then so be it, be i'd rather not suffer it, i'm a Saints fan through and through, always have been, always will be!

6.) 01 Sep 2023
01 Sep 2023 20:46:35
Football revolves around opinion and I’m entitled to mine, as you are yours. It’s not moaning, it’s sharing and considering others’ views. When you resort to pathetic insults such as ‘frightened of your own shadows’ to describe Saints fans with views different to you then that is just plain ignorant.

We’re all Saints fans through and through - I travel round trips of 220 miles for every home game and go to most away games so you might want to check your patronising tone.

And because you asked, I’ve been critical of the attitude and application of the team over the last two years. I’ve never said, they were competent but I do think some of them are better equipped to perform in the Championship.

You seem to be doing a lot of moaning about the players you don’t rate - mercaneries you call them. Some of them probably are but you won’t find me lecturing you. So if you don’t want to suffer (as you put it) other people’s opinions you know what to do.

And I will share my opinion - this deadline transfer dau will be measured not by who we bring in but by who we manage to keep at the club eg Adams, Sulemana, KWP, ABK.