12 Feb 2023 09:54:44
Jones has been sacked. Club confirmed sellers to take charge. Who do you think we can replace him with realistically at this point?

1.) 12 Feb 2023
12 Feb 2023 10:03:12
Give Rubén S a chance. knows the players inside out, knows there strengths and weaknesses and commands great respect from the players. The fact they left him first team lead coach, while Jones brought his inexperienced rabble with him, tells you the club regard him highly.

If Carlsberg made Sundays .

2.) 12 Feb 2023
12 Feb 2023 10:08:18
Thank God for that. The man demeaned the club. At this stage we can only see what Selles has got now that he has some latitude

3.) 12 Feb 2023
12 Feb 2023 10:13:10
Selles till the end of the season then they'll know the squad for the championship to have a go at coming back.unfortunately unless we win a couple of games before the end of the season we'll start next season with the same negativity as we have now the only plus is they have promised to stick by us so should have a few quid more than most others

4.) 12 Feb 2023
12 Feb 2023 10:15:46
In the position we are in with the squad we have I would give it to Big Sam. I know he's not everyone's cup of tea but we need some form of experience in the team and that can't come from the player's at the moment. Or long shot Poch, highly unlikely but at the end of the season you will have him,Thucel and simione and maybe Conte available and that many top clubs don't become around that often so would get him back in the game.

5.) 12 Feb 2023
12 Feb 2023 10:25:51
Selles should get the job until the end of the season. A new appointment would be on a hiding to nothing and would probably get blamed for our inevitable relegation. I don’t think sports republic are bothered by the thought of relegation which I find bemusing.

6.) 12 Feb 2023
12 Feb 2023 19:10:07
Big Sam who quit football to be a poker player we can still possibly get out of this and IF we do we have a hell of a squad for next season. Get behind the team selles for now and maybe till the end of the season we had Ralph out then Jones out not long ago purl out Norman and Poch walked for greener pastures. We need stability