21 Aug 2023 09:42:47
So it looks like another one is leaving. the sad thing is nobody coming in to take his place. I hope we are not going back to being a selling club and nothing coming in. Plenty of rumors of players leaving. None of any coming in. The good thing is I have supported Saints since the days of Ron Reynolds, Harry Penk, and good old Terry Paine and will carry on supporting them till I pop it. COYR.

1.) 23 Aug 2023
23 Aug 2023 08:42:52
The cards.appear to be falling favourably in the right places at the moment with exciting possible incomings becoming available (which could all change by Sept.1).that could transform us into a very exciting outfit if the right choices are made.A list including possible reported incomings interspersed with our own Players (at the time of writing) .I guess this is what defines the best managers being able to foresee and select the best x1 to combat various opposition.My squad of preference would be;Bazunu/? Manning/Larios, KWP/Spence Wood (Swansea) Harwood-Bellis (Man.City) Stephens, Charles, DOWNES Alcaraz, Amo-Ameyaw, Smallbone, Johann Hove ( Groningen) McAtee (Man City) Cameron Archer (Villa) Joel Pirou (Swansea), A Armstrong Che Adams (? ) Tella (? ) Edozie, S Armstrong. KOM.

2.) 23 Aug 2023
23 Aug 2023 12:35:16
Adams is all but gone.

McAtee is almost certainly not coming. Also, we will probably end up with only one of Archer or Piroe at best, and only if Adams leaves.

If we get Spence it will almost certainly be one-for-one with KWP leaving.

3.) 23 Aug 2023
23 Aug 2023 14:06:25
Re: Adams-exactly why I listed a question mark against his name. Re: KWP-exactly why I oblique'd against his name citing Spence as an alternative.With regards Archer I have since read. reports that he will probably prefer Sheffield. Utd. Re:McAfee-Ihonestly don’t know but all players mentioned were at some stage reportedly linked with SFC and available on the. open market.

4.) 24 Aug 2023
24 Aug 2023 14:54:38
With respect, the loss of income caused by relegation is significantly more than stated in an above post. It’s not just salaries and Sky money. It’s televised foreign tv, corporate advertising, ticket sales, sponsorship, image rights etc. it all adds up to north of 50 million season one then 70million season 2 and 80million season 3.

5.) 24 Aug 2023
24 Aug 2023 16:43:36
@2408 You are absolutely correct on these numbers and apologies I could have communicated more clearly.

I believe we could be at least 20m short (or more) in year 1 now, even after accounting for the parachute payments and wage savings from player sales. Plus, we have a further 20m or so to find next year on top of this, if we do not get promoted.

In an ideal world, offloading players outside the first 11 like Aribo, Djenepo, Onuachu etc.could cover this (fees and wages) but if we cannot, then regrettably I can see a star or two going, unless money is put into the club.

6.) 24 Aug 2023
24 Aug 2023 17:16:04
The last 2 transfer windows were a financial disaster. From what I’m told, Saints capitulated and paid huge agents fees and massive wages. Orsic 80k p/w, Aribo 70k o/w, Onaucha, Caleta car 60k p/w and even Sulemana 50k p/w. Wages, agents fees and transfer fees for those 5 add up to 140 million over the lengths of their contracts…. financial suicide!

7.) 25 Aug 2023
25 Aug 2023 07:57:25
@2408 Blimey! That is a lot of waste for squad players.

I do not know all the detail on the agent fees and the cash flow on the payments but it is clear we cannot really splash the cash this year.

From what I can see on transfermarket, the big Lavia sale has given us a good 35m profit and the Tino and Salisu gains offset the losses on Orsic and Diallo.

The market values of Onuachu, Sulemana and Mara are less than what we paid but the increase (on paper) of ABK offsets this.

As you say, it is the wages and agent fees that screw us though, especially for players on the bench. Given the PL revenue hole, moneyball has been a net loss so far.

I just hope Edozie, Mara, Alcaraz, Bad, Larios and Sulemana grow into great players and 3 years from now, the approach pays off.