09 Jan 2024 17:42:11
Che Adams - stick or twist?

For me it's a difficult one because his form has been erratic over the last 18 months. Too often profligate in front of goal but also able to find the back of the net in big moments.

Is his heart still at St Mary's - not so sure. The problem is we haven't got a good track record signing strikers over the last couple of windows. We leave it late and then end up in an auction bidding for what's left. Take Paul Onachu who is now out on loan - spent a load of money and hardy got any game time. Then we took a punt on Stewart and that hasn't worked out well.

So I think we should do our business early, or not at all. We don't want to be unsettled going through January playing the 'Che will he won't he go game'.

Would like to see David Brooks move along the coast to us. On form, he's an upgrade on Stu Armstrong.

Time will tell.

1.) 09 Jan 2024
09 Jan 2024 20:08:58
I like Adams. there is no one as good as him at holding up the ball, he’s also very strong on the ball.
Also great vision with the ball.
I’d love to see him combine with Ings, up front, with Fraser on one wing and Edozie on the other .
Not forgetting Sulemana coming back .
the 2 centre midfield a mix of flare and steady .

Or even go for it with 4 3 3

With two wingers, adams and Ings up front with Adam Armstrong sat in behind, with a holding midfielder behind him .
totally flexibility between Stuey / Alcaraz / Smallbone based on state of play

2.) 09 Jan 2024
09 Jan 2024 20:28:19
I would sell if it becomes clear he isn’t going to sign a new contract. I also think that one of the bottom five PL sides would probably splash out on the old ‘played in the PL, can score goals, could fire us 6-8 goals and help us to safety’ and pay us £10-12m which I’d rather over him going for free in five months.

AS LONG AS we get a forward in that won’t be injured for the season. Ross ?

3.) 10 Jan 2024
10 Jan 2024 06:49:31
Would love to keep him. He might sign a new contract if we get promoted but get a good offer and we should sell.

Either way I think we need a new striker to replace Stewart. I have read that Ings has ruled out Championship clubs unfortunately.

Hope we have a few good names.

4.) 10 Jan 2024
10 Jan 2024 10:38:16
One thing I think we can all agree on, Fraser is a different class .
fantastic winger, knows when to pass, when to run with the ball, hold the ball, knows when to cross …

And scores with ease! No blasting the ball, strokes the ball beautifully!

And a great guy

5.) 10 Jan 2024
10 Jan 2024 12:48:44
I agree - it’s a shame he’s only on loan to us. He’s direct and knows how to score and/or work the keeper. The way he hangs up a cross is a delight to watch, and if we had Paul Onacho at 6’7” playing up front, I’m sure he would score a hatful!