31 Aug 2016 14:20:24
Apparently our business is done. Joke. Long season ahead.

1.) 31 Aug 2016
31 Aug 2016 14:52:54
You're a joke now go back to making up BS as that's all you're good for.

2.) 31 Aug 2016
31 Aug 2016 15:32:32
It seems that way Dorset. I think we are going to be very light this season and any injuries will really hurt with our lack of depth.

Looking through Newsnow, sky, bbc, HITC etc - we're not in the running for anyone now! I think its going to be a frustrating day!

3.) 31 Aug 2016
31 Aug 2016 17:52:58
I agree tough season ahead. Our rivals and some below us in the pecking order have strengthened and improved from last season. We have just replaced.

4.) 31 Aug 2016
31 Aug 2016 18:00:40
I agree with you to a certain degree cyprussaint, we have done both, replaced and improved the midfield players but not:
Broken record I know, I would like us to bring in a quality CD for what may be a longer season than usual.

5.) 31 Aug 2016
31 Aug 2016 18:44:41
How do we get the Academy to function if we stuff the club with new signings?

Why did we go for CP?

6.) 31 Aug 2016
31 Aug 2016 21:16:19
Are there any players in the academy that could cut it in the EPL?
RK didn't really think so,