14 Aug 2022 12:31:11
Obviously goes against the grain as we were shocking first half, and it was down to our tactics, but that is the first time in a long time that Ralph - and hopefully thanks to the new coaching staff to some extent - that we have managed to change things and it has come off.

At 0-2 we looked crap and it could've been 4, but all of the subs were excellent, and if the idea was to stay in the game and then attack the tired defence with Adam, Mara, Aribo, then it would've worked, but they all had hands in the goals, and Aribo finally looks like the goal scoring AM we've needed since Lallana left.

Mara, his assist, he looked lively, hope he starts, still an attacker light but there is hope out there. Leicester and United next, two teams also in some dysfunction, chance to go three unbeaten if Ralph can play his cards right for once.

1.) 14 Aug 2022
14 Aug 2022 13:35:32
And to quote Ralph about the first half .
“But I think the first half was very equal. We had, I think, some good moments, some good opportunities also but it was very tactical”

Now, that one statement sums up why Ralph has to go. What part of the first half was equal. You had Leeds playing very good football, with us chasing shadows. and us playing absolutely cr*p football with no game plan, no tactics, no quality .
As others have said, the worst PL football I have seen in a very long time.

How can he think we were equal? Another from the Twilight Zone

2.) 15 Aug 2022
15 Aug 2022 11:24:33
I predicted it! The Reporters and even Big Buddy (Jesse Marsch) congratulating Ralph ‘The Wizard’ for the ‘Game Changer’ (which was brought about on the touch line during a drinks break)by Ruben SELLES and the other Saints Coaches remonstrating and insisting that Ralph substitute Bednarek for Mara.We all know this turned out to be ‘Heaven Sent’ for the Manager who is very happy to bask in the resultant accolades.

3.) 15 Aug 2022
15 Aug 2022 11:46:28
Watching Forest yesterday, we are worse than them. We are worse than Leeds. We look worse than Fulham. At this moment in time, genuinely, only Manchester United and maybe Everton are worse than us.

4.) 15 Aug 2022
15 Aug 2022 17:45:33
I give Ralph a few more games. As above, he’s taking the credit and the plaudits for the turnaround. I’m liking his mindset. except he believes it! He has absolutely no clue what was wrong with the first half. Yes Leeds are a physical team, but we’re not talking Billy Bremner and Normal Hunter days! They play some really good football. They kept the ball down, moved it around well and we were chasing shadows.
But I do now realise that Ralph is a genius and his game plan was to fool Leeds into thinking we were rubbish …

5.) 15 Aug 2022
15 Aug 2022 22:20:05
He had Leeds fooled and all of us!

6.) 16 Aug 2022
16 Aug 2022 07:44:18
Whilst it looks good on paper that we were able to come back from 2-0 down to get a draw. The fact is that we shouldn't be down 2-0 to Leeds in the first place.

I didn't watch the match and clearly Ralph didn't either. Must've seen the score at halftime and been relieved that we weren't losing.

We've now got Leicester, who themselves are in disarray but are still scoring goals. Followed by Man United, who were awful on the weekend and are playing Liverpool next. So the game against us will be massive for them. Then we play Chelsea followed by Wolves, whom we have a rubbish record against.

Even the most optimistic of Saints fans would probably admit it's a very tough run and we'll struggle to get much from these games.

I'd like to think if the board do decide to get rid of Ralph than Sports Republic will have identified a quality replacement who can bring the team forward and really grow the young talent we've bought in.