09 Jan 2023 14:09:24
Jesuuuuus christ! If the michael keane rumours have even a shred of accuracy to them then we really are doomed. A guy who can't get a game for a team as bad as we are and a manager as equally out of his depth as our own. Can only hope that it is no more than paper talk and the signings we do make can make a difference. I won't hold my breath but just something to try and be positive about would be a start

1.) 09 Jan 2023
09 Jan 2023 16:48:54
Don't hold your breath.we have a degree in purchasing donkeys.ad Micheal Keane is very high on the list of em. But an even worse one when it comes to coaches. Just look who's sat in our dugout

2.) 10 Jan 2023
10 Jan 2023 09:56:25
Rant time! We buy a 30 year old Croatian who has never played, apart from a disastrous year in Italy 8 years ago, at a high standard of football in his career. But …… he played in the World Cup…. let’s get him he’s the answer! 2 goals in 28 internationals tells you how effective he is against quality opponents. Then ……. let’s emulate Brighton, let’s buy a relatively unknown youngster from South America…… he’s the answer! Wtf is wrong with our recruitment department! We needed 3 experienced players in the squad in the summer, it’s probably too late now. I was shocked at how bad Caleta Car looked at Palace so now we can probably discount him as a leader. Get Bednarek back, recruit a minder for midfield and a proper centre forward and we have got an outside chance of escaping relegation so long as Jones leaves asap, if this current plan continues we are down.

3.) 10 Jan 2023
10 Jan 2023 10:34:03
Ad still no sign of a quality striker? We have big problems

4.) 10 Jan 2023
10 Jan 2023 22:23:03
Can't buy quality for £15M. There are people calling for Ings back but he's not the answer. He didn't want to be here so he went to a " bigger club " where he's hardly pulling up trees.

5.) 11 Jan 2023
11 Jan 2023 07:17:35
Would love to see ings bk he only went to a bigger club for the money.ad like most things the grass isn't always greener. he played the best football of his career here. Surely that counts for something? He's what we need someone who can grab the game by the struff of the neck.not all these overated unexperienced kids.

6.) 11 Jan 2023
11 Jan 2023 13:30:00
It’s amazing everyone knows what players think and why they leave. Would take ings back in a heartbeat but need someone else with his injury record

7.) 11 Jan 2023
11 Jan 2023 15:41:36
Trouble is he has prem experience ad we no he can score goals. Ok he will cost 25-30 million but right now it's all about digging yourself out of a hole. Can't keep taking chances with kids doesn't work. Any one decent your looking at 50 million plus. What a someone like tammy Abraham?

8.) 19 Jan 2023
19 Jan 2023 11:54:48
Think we just have to trust in the recruitment it's all well and good saying about our signings not being tried tested and good enough but we've scouted these players and I'm sure our scouts have a much more accurate opinion of these players than our rants. The truth is we look likely to go down. There's some real quality in our squad and up until the last three games it's not quite clicked. I think a massive bid for takam moffi would have been my route and a second player in attacking midfield but we know nothing about these players we're bringing in. Let's just get behind them and Jones and we can put our 10 pence in at the end of the season. Our fate is in the hands of our staff and players so let's do our bit and support the decisions they make until its certain we will stay up or go down. It's easy to throw mud when things aren't going well but that's when our support is needed most. COYR