05 Feb 2023 10:44:01
I can't fathom anything from his post game comments. He says he has compromised his principals to play a certain way to please others. By others I assume board/players/fans etc. But we play confrence style hoofball and defend like a hungover Sunday morning pub team. Not one fan I know is happy about how we play and can only assume after pumping 100mill into the side the board isn't either so where in gods name do these comments come from. Does that mean we can now expect 2010 prime Barcelona as he "implements his principles". The man is a deluded clown, who has thrown board, players, previous manager and now even fans under the bus in order to shirk responsibility for shocking results and even more shocking play style. Stick with this guy and true Derby days will be back in no time IN LEAGUE 1: (

1.) 05 Feb 2023
05 Feb 2023 11:26:18
I’ve quoted it umpteen times, but it sums up Jones total lack of any tactical knowledge.
Against newcastle he instructed the two centre backs to stand on the corners of the box, the goalkeeper to pass to one of them…
School boy football because the goalkeeper couldn’t kick further than the box! It was surreal to watch!
His rant yesterday will be replayed for years to come, it’s on every football site.
Most viewers in disbelief, some laughing . a few pointing out he is deranged and might be mentally unstable .
post match rants can often be ‘hot headed’ or simple emotion, but you don’t openly criticise the club, the players, the fans. and he still refers to the team as ‘they’ and not ‘we’ .

God won’t help you now Jones .
If his rant is not the end for him, I don’t know what will be! Especially when the football is dire

2.) 05 Feb 2023
05 Feb 2023 13:10:21
I said a few days ago I think the board will have to die by their sword and stick with him for the season, but what is this man on about.

We could have had Dyche. We could EASILY have hired Dyche. Now what good options are there? The board will have Dean Smith, Lampard and Gerrard to choose from. Bielsa I can’t see working as we aren’t prolific enough in front of goal.

They’ve shot themselves in the foot and we will be down as a result.


We’ve just spent £60m. Why are Elyounoussi and Walcott on the team pitch when we’re chasing the game. JOKE

3.) 05 Feb 2023
05 Feb 2023 14:43:19
You are being disrespectful to Walcott, Jones said he IS a world class player!
Enough said

4.) 05 Feb 2023
05 Feb 2023 16:26:21
Walcott never was world class. He was a good player for a while before injuries and age took away his speed. He was never a skillful player

5.) 05 Feb 2023
05 Feb 2023 16:29:55
Dyche beating Arsenal has literally broken my heart because that could've been us if he had got him instead of some garbage manager Jones is right now. I expected we would get the Stoke City Jones because of the pressure he isn't a premier league-level manager and he probably will never be.

Are there any other managers we can cry help for?

6.) 05 Feb 2023
05 Feb 2023 20:42:19
Looking at available managers, I think the best option out there is Nuno, having signed for a championship side in Wolves in the past he may take us on. Rafa I don’t know if he has the patience, having gone to Everton and failed to solve their problems.

Nuno for me. But who would want to come here except for a pay-off when we go down?

7.) 05 Feb 2023
05 Feb 2023 22:33:07
Honestly, I wouldn't really want Rafa either. However, aren't there other managers this is a bit of a stretch but surely we can sign Koeman because he was good for the saints before but we don't know if we are going to get Barcelona Koeman. Poch is also a bit of a stretch he wanted to come to the prem I'm pretty sure.

8.) 06 Feb 2023
06 Feb 2023 02:18:48
We do have a great squad but my personal view is that if we fail to win against Wolves next Saturday then Jones has to go, and go quickly. I hope that the owners are already in discussion with a competent replacement; I would bring back Poch if he was willing to take a chance

9.) 06 Feb 2023
06 Feb 2023 05:23:44
Agree with your sensible and fair comments 100% Deutsche Saint.

10.) 06 Feb 2023
06 Feb 2023 16:30:40
Poch would never come back to us, let alone being bottom of the league. We need to be realistic

11.) 06 Feb 2023
06 Feb 2023 16:31:29
Koeman is Netherlands boss again so he wouldn't come

12.) 06 Feb 2023
06 Feb 2023 17:07:56
With Jesse marsch getting the sack and SR dragging their heels it just means we're just running out of candidates for the job.The forum tomorrow night will make good listening as long as they don't let semmens waffle on for ages and not answering the questions like a politician