27 Apr 2023 16:53:30
Stating the obvious but nothing but a win tonight. With Jack Stephens not able to play that leaves us with a real chance,as he has been in fine form in recent games. Coys

1.) 27 Apr 2023
27 Apr 2023 20:32:20
It’s not working!
Adam headless chicken Armstrong. runs head down and never looks for the pass
Ely doing nothing
JWP passing backwards even when across the half way line . in fact he only passes back!
Walcott trying to make runs but no one picking him
Up .,
Armstrong off

2.) 27 Apr 2023
27 Apr 2023 20:37:43
Lack of ambition again from Selles. When will he learn that 3 points are better than 1!

3.) 27 Apr 2023
27 Apr 2023 20:49:57
The players have accepted their fate and playing like they don't want to get injured and put any potential move in jeopardy, get Adams on and go a bit more direct these conditions don't help playing out from the back ?

4.) 28 Apr 2023
28 Apr 2023 08:57:01
Everyone associated with the Club deserves extreme criticism with regard to Saints probable relegation and the “fight to the end” melarky being. touted should have been installed months ago.It maybe a good idea to return to “the good old days”when the Players earned approximately 20 pounds a week and usually worked part-time in the summer months the likes of a baker’s delivery roundsman to subsidise their wages rather than masquerading as ‘super stars’ with little effort and commitment in return for ridiculously rude wages.Unless the Board completely overhauls the team for next season I would suggest going to watch the likes of Sholing Sports or AFC Totton where the local lads would show what playing for their Club means with little or no financial reward.

5.) 28 Apr 2023
28 Apr 2023 22:44:29
Heh St John, the pain is no less even though you are many thousands of miles away.

You’re right in what you say - the club we’ve followed for all of our lives is falling apart. There can be no excuses for where we find ourselves but what hurts and angers me more than anything is how chicken hearted they are. That’s a culture problem and that comes from a complete lack of leadership.

To be honest though St John, we made Bournemouth look like Barcelona and that was down to lack of character. I would love it, absolutely love to get in the dressing room and tell them their fortune.

I have no good words to say about the club I’ve loved and followed for all my life.

Take care my friend

6.) 29 Apr 2023
29 Apr 2023 02:13:56
Thanks Millertime! for those few kind words (even in these thoroughly disappointing times)! Success could have been within our grasp-when I viewed how One of our adversaries. -NFFC have responded recently for their young Manager Steve Cooper by playing exciting spirited football against tough opposition in a concerted effort to avoid the dreaded drop!