25 Aug 2023 11:06:52
A little surprised at the around Frazer joining us on loan. I suppose we're looking at his experience although he seems to have been sidelined at Newcastle with some attitude baggage. It might be an indicator that Tella is on the way?

Holgate coming is logical given our defensive frailties and hopefully Wood from Swansea will provide solidity too.

I'm still hoping for a GK (I was thinking Henderson when Man U's GK situation gets sorted) and of course a proven goal scorer irrespective of whether Che Adams stays or moves on.

Interesting times .!

1.) 25 Aug 2023
25 Aug 2023 12:13:21
Holgate makes absolute sense as he can play right across the back line., he is a very good player. Fraser? We are overrun with wingers but he can play full back and wing back but even so a strange one. Think Adams will be an Everton player shortly and Onuachu may well be on his way now Genk have got some money.

2.) 26 Aug 2023
25 Aug 2023 23:51:29
Of all the players to sell, Tella makes no sense .
The top scorer in the team that won this league last season!
The perfect match for us wanting promotion .

3.) 26 Aug 2023
26 Aug 2023 08:16:50
Maybe - Just Maybe, there is a plan.

We have Sam Amp-Ameyaw who has comparable skills and although young, is already 'Very Impressive' in a similar vein to Tella.

We also have Dom Ballard, who 'Is Ready' this young man needs to be 'Let Loose' and integrated, he will come on leaps and bounds if given game time.

Maybe - Just Maybe, we could use the £20 million, to go back to Chelsea and negotiate a 'Season Long Loan' for Broja with an Option to Buy, subject to getting promoted back into the Premiership this season.

We need to either sign up Che Adams on a three year contract or Sell, we cannot allow the contract to run down to Zero, just no business sense. Even are as poor as church mice, so we don't want £5 million now and a Loan Note that may never get paid, pointless!

4.) 26 Aug 2023
26 Aug 2023 08:24:48
It seems we’ve signed mostly ‘steady Eddies’ who will contribute to the squad depth but are not IMO upgrades on the starting eleven.

Selling Tella now is madness - if he knocks in another 20 goals in a Saints shirt this season his market value would double to £40M - so £20M now seems a give-away price.

Still hoping for a GK and No 9 before the house clearance ends.

5.) 26 Aug 2023
26 Aug 2023 09:18:49
The clearance has been handled in a very deliberate manner. Saints had to change the mood of the changing room and cut the ridiculous wage bill. If they wanted to keep players under contract they would have done so. I was told, and posted on this site in April, that there was going to be more than 10 players leaving and a rebuild would start. We are recruiting players with strength of character and determination to succeed. Remember what Sharp Richardson Cork Fox Chaplow Hoiveld Brought to the team when we last got promoted to the premier league, that’s what we need now. Players who’ll get the job done but are not quite good enough to stay in the premier league whilst retaining 7/8 players who are good enough for the premier league

6.) 26 Aug 2023
26 Aug 2023 12:11:53
I hear what you say 2408 but Tella’s goal threat would be very difficult to replace. He’s on fire at the moment and brimming with confidence after a great season last year and a brilliant start to this season.

Sam, Endozie, Fraser, Ballard are capable of doing a job but IMO well behind Tella.

That’s why it doesn’t make sense letting him go even if the number crunchers see marginal (£5m - £10m or so) net profit.

I think fans would welcome a more bullish approach - “he ain’t gong nowhere”…

Oh well - we’ll have the answers by this time next week.

7.) 26 Aug 2023
26 Aug 2023 13:23:37
I would keep both Tella and Adams, if the later walks away in 12 months time but scores 15/18 goals he’s done his job.Their goals would give Saints a chance of making the top 6 but hopefully they have their eye on a top goal scorer. I know they are trying for Stewart but he won’t be fully fit until end September, maybe they think Sulemana will produce the goods? I fully agree with giving Ballard his chance, he reminds me of Steve Moran, for those old enough ?

8.) 26 Aug 2023
26 Aug 2023 14:07:05
I do, I played with him for Hampshire Colleges back in the day!

Looking at the team sheet, no Adams or Tella featuring so one must assume that will be that then!

9.) 26 Aug 2023
26 Aug 2023 15:55:49
I was at school with him, played Sunday football with him aswell. He and Dave Puckett were fabulous players

10.) 27 Aug 2023
27 Aug 2023 09:00:27
Well it’s now 150 million net that saints have received and when Adams Lyanco McCarthy Onaucha and Sulemana leave it could well hit 200 million with loan fees etc. Doesn’t make sense to sell them all but it does look very likely. They are trying everything to keep ABK and KWP, sign Wood Stewart Patrick Roberts and another central striker. If they get those players you can expect Mara Aribo and Perraud to go on loan. Still leaves a strong squad but I think losing Tella and Adams to be mistakes. Anyone seen JWP stats and performance ratings in first 2 games for the Hammers, interesting.

11.) 27 Aug 2023
27 Aug 2023 13:14:18
Agree with all the sentiments shared. Losing all of Che, Tella and Sulemana is madness. We make a few mil but drastically drop our chances of a 100m promotion. Does not make football or financial sense to me.

Channeling my inner Ralph in playing players out of position but I wonder if Alacaraz or Mara could be useful in Tella's role?