24 Sep 2023 08:44:38
I am wondering if a formation change can get us out the rut

Go 4 4 2 - let Stu, Edozie and Sulemana run at them with Charles adding protection. Get some width and pace down the channels, if Adams is misfiring even put Alcaraz or Sulemana up top to get our best players on the pitch. Stu as captain.

KWP. THB/Stephens Bednarek Manning

Sulemana. Charles. Stu. Edozie

Alcaraz. Adams/Armstrong

I am clutching at straws. Let me know your thoughts.

1.) 24 Sep 2023
24 Sep 2023 10:46:14
Did you mean to include Manning - he’s awful.

I agree that we need to add more fire power - I’m hoping that when Stewart is fit he will bring goals.

It’s interesting that Newcastle are reportedly interested in Alcatez yet he doesn’t get a start at Southampton …

2.) 24 Sep 2023
24 Sep 2023 11:48:39
Looks like we are completely in the mire. Youngsters are losing all confidence and hope. No good or half decent players to help them along. Stop trying all the old and useless tactics (they do not work) . We are in desparate need of manager with experience. All we seem to get is new and untried managers. There is a manager still waiting for a job called G Potter. We could do a lot worse. We have been going downhill for the last 2 years now. Shippie

3.) 24 Sep 2023
24 Sep 2023 12:43:19
Larios over Manning when fit clearly.

I am not sure what is the least bad option. KWP as RB and Manning LB or KWP LB and Holgate or Bree RB

4.) 24 Sep 2023
24 Sep 2023 15:13:04
I’d probably go for Bree right back and KWP. I didn’t agree with KWP playing left back with Perraud on the bench, but Bree is better than Manning.
as long as he doesn’t continue with this bizarre tactic of having the wingbacks forward and in. I was watching the game yesterday and the space on the wings was crazy ., at times I think kwp was miles from the wingers, who duly received it without pressure! ’

5.) 24 Sep 2023
24 Sep 2023 22:42:43
Shippie54 - couldn't agree more, Potter keeps turning down jobs everywhere, i reckon he would snap up the Saints job in a heart beat.maybe he's waiting for the call to come and rescue us, being an ex-Saint! I reckon RM has until end of October (maybe less), if we lose next 2 he may well be out on his arse! We just don't look capable of winning a raffle let alone a football match!