1.) 07 Nov 2022
07 Nov 2022 14:08:33
We’ll RH has gone, who would we like as the new manager? Do we give a less known younger manager a try or do we go for experience and a winning CV? Apparently we are talking to Nathan Jones. Thoughts?

2.) 07 Nov 2022
07 Nov 2022 15:08:40
I'll give anybody the benefit of the doubt but Nathan Jones had an absolute stinker at Stoke if he does become manager he's going to have to hit the ground running before we're cut adrift or are the board thinking he's got good championship credentials in case it goes belly up coyr

3.) 07 Nov 2022
07 Nov 2022 22:34:24
Not sure I am inspired by the Nathan Jones chat.

4.) 08 Nov 2022
08 Nov 2022 03:53:29
Ecstatic that Ralph has finally gone! (also a relief to cease his mental weekly anguish which obviously impacted the players.TWO PREFERRED CANDIDATES: 1.NATHAN JONES.-I’m sure possesses the ability and. necessary attributes to command the players respect and attention delivering clear and understandable instructions to players (albeit somewhat muddled by others to date).Be allowed a blank canvas to assess his best team and implement from DAY1 with input for additional players (Jan Window)2. MARCELO GALLARDO (RIVER PLATE) :Different proposition but successful and well experienced with good track record.Higher profile and tactically exciting.CONCERNS: unknown whether or not can communicate instructions in ENGLISH. to. the Players. SUMMARY: Both Candidates have their merits and would prove excellent appointments (at this moment in time) So the Board has to make the correct final decision armed with all the personnel knowledge and inner qualities of both.From my personnel perspective- I would consider either Candidate a smart move (assuming that no others join the queue in the interim)!

5.) 08 Nov 2022
08 Nov 2022 10:54:26
Another interesting Candidate rivalling Marcelo GALLARDO (River Plate) - MATTHAS JAISSIE ( RED BULL SALZBURG FC) also looks THE BUSINESS.

6.) 08 Nov 2022
08 Nov 2022 12:49:11
What we need is a very good tactitian, someone capable to sort out a SYSTEM which will be of understanding for the younger players and a couple of older heads to help them along the way. At present for the last 3 years there is absolutely nothing to inspire or help us, just a very bad selection of players who play their own game. THE YOUNG PLAYERS NEED HELP AND UNDERSTANDING. shippie99

7.) 08 Nov 2022
08 Nov 2022 13:11:34
Ruben Selles for me . only sensible option.
Knows the players insight out and has been the man that has interacted with the players over the few months. Knows exactly their skill sets, their weak points and how they have been feeling.
You watch tomorrow night . you will see a team with it shackles off, faster, more dynamic and playing much more attacking football!