07 Aug 2022 22:30:09
Is it me, or do we want Ralph out? :)

1.) 09 Aug 2022
09 Aug 2022 10:45:52
I peronally think when the manager plays players out of posistion all the time you have a major problem. I think Ralph has 6 games to prove himself. I think he will be the first manager to get the sack and then Gerrard depending on results.

For me in the 4 years he has been at the helm we have gone backwards. Of course he hasn't had a lot to spend but he knew this when he signed his contract, I get there are other contributing factors also but still.

For me he hasn't developed players like he said he would do. Redmond is the prime example, I thought he would make Redmond a much better attacking player but he has regressed as a player, not improved.

Same with Djenepo, when we signed him he scored a couple of really good goals and looked like a quality signing but again I don't think Ralph and the coaches have managed/coached him properly and he has also regressed as a player.

Ralp has now had some decent investment in the first team and if we get another couple of player through the door (a Striker please) and maybe a winger and central defender then he can't really moan. Unfortunatly I do think his time will be up unless we can start putting in some performances and getting some wins/points on the board.

For me we have to beat Leeds at home on saturday and if we don't I think we have an idea of where we are. IF we loose that one I don't see many points coming our way and ultimatley that means the manager has to go!

2.) 09 Aug 2022
09 Aug 2022 11:52:50
You are absolutely correct, think KWP is the only squad member who has improved in the last 2 years.

3.) 09 Aug 2022
09 Aug 2022 12:23:59
KWP was already a quality player, he simply needed to play to show his quality

4.) 09 Aug 2022
09 Aug 2022 17:49:52
Why do a lot of fans feel he has 6 games to prove himself? He's had 159 games already I think we all know what were getting.

5.) 09 Aug 2022
09 Aug 2022 19:52:27
I have no idea what has kept Ralph in a job?
It’s not like we are playing entertaining football and unluckily losing. We are playing awful football, with no pattern of play, no obvious tactics, no adjustment when losing, poor substitutions, poor starting lineups, poor player management, poor team selection.
Even worse, Ralph has learning absolutely nothing from his mistakes?

Southampton has gone backwards, in every way!
He stills continues to tinker, he continues with favourites, players out of positions . and the most bizarre substitutions I’ve ever seen!

The fact he considers Djenepo worthy of a starting spot at left wing back is bordering on The Twilight Zone! Any one that ever played football at any level, or for that matter any sport where marking and positional play matters, can see I’m 5 minutes that he has no idea of how to track a player, mark a player or have any positional sense. He leaves Che on the bench and then brings on Stuey? So now we are losing and playing with no recognised attacker.
He buys a new holding midfielder but then decides he doesn’t want to drop Romeu but instead, make Romeu the new box to box player? With some comment about Romeu knowing how to score? Really? Is that the same Romeu that is pretty awful at shooting and heading?

So now instead of having a more dynamic midfield, we have three holding midfielders on the pitch. The most dynamic being confined to doing that job, while JWP and Romeu play the same ol football!

I give up . Ralph is a blagger! He is not an epl manager and should have gone ages ago!
There is nothing in what I’ve seen this season or last that changes my mind,

I watch other teams sign superb players, playmakers, goalscorers .
We are now that team that was the also ran . and I hate seeing our team destroyed by one man and his narcissistic ego . Ralph please leave

6.) 09 Aug 2022
09 Aug 2022 23:12:01
@SaintKenny I say 6 games because we have new owners that have invested and they are going to give Ralph a chance with new coaches and players and I suspect that if after 6 or so games we haven’t managed to get a single point on the board they will look to not totally waste the investment and release Ralph of his job to the joy of many Saints supporters. 6 games is just an educated guess really

7.) 10 Aug 2022
10 Aug 2022 09:32:46
Anyone think we can tempt Poch back?

8.) 10 Aug 2022
10 Aug 2022 10:34:48
OMG Manny561 I was thinking the same thing yesterday, would be amazing but unlikley I would think : (

9.) 10 Aug 2022
10 Aug 2022 09:26:04
I agree. I think we've given Ralph the benefit of the doubt towards last season. With the promise of a summer transfer window where he can bring in some real talent.

Like you say He's got no excuses anymore. I'm sure the new ownership with their model will be touting possible replacements.

It's the fan forum tonight, so curious to see how the fans there react to the club. I don't think any fan is happy with the trajectory that the club is heading atm.

Lots of positive signings over the summer, lots of potential. But we need the right management and coaching to harness this potential.

10.) 10 Aug 2022
10 Aug 2022 11:34:01
Wouldn't surprise me if he pushed to sign Long on loan. I can't pathom his decision making at the moment.

11.) 10 Aug 2022
10 Aug 2022 16:32:57
Just reading that the club are no longer interested in selling Che, Ralph wanted to sell. Thinking the board are expecting Ralph to be gone sooner rather than later. Bad fans forum tonight and a loss to Leeds at the weekend and he might be gone, still giving a new manager a little time in the transfer window.

12.) 10 Aug 2022
10 Aug 2022 17:09:05
Could we really dream of seeing the Poch back? I agree with some of the comments, we are not playing good football, the team seem to be unsure of there roles and RH seems to react to the previous game, rather than the upcoming.

His outspoken comments about the team and the apparent freezing out of some players are not conducive to good morale or playing for the manager and the team. with so many runs of poor form, including current, and this failure to acknowledge responsibility, I don't understand why is still there.

If the transfer rumours are anywhere true, he doesn't appear to have the ability to convince his fellow countrymen to join him at St Marys! the way we are playing.nobody will want to fill these positions!

As a saint, it's never going to be an easy ride, but I fear for us this season, unless something changes quickly

13.) 10 Aug 2022
10 Aug 2022 20:42:50
After watching the forum I'm even less optimistic about the season than I was before Ralph and semmens would make great politician's they managed to dodge every question

14.) 11 Aug 2022
11 Aug 2022 15:36:19
Sorry guys but Poch absolutely would not come back to Saints. He’ll be at the next big club who sack their manager. Current best options are Marco Rose, Paulo Sousa or Rafa. Even then they’re unlikely.