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27 Dec 2017 09:47:37
Just wondering do we agree with Danny's views on Match of the day last night?
Are our players taking the P.?
Are they really that unprofessional having given up playering for The Manager and therefore the shirt and us?


1.) 27 Dec 2017 10:43:14
A combination of players that lack of confidence and self-efficacy and a manager that is out of his depth
the board appointed the wrong manager in the summer IMO
4 wins half through a season is relegation form and that's worrying.



04 Dec 2017 07:43:47
Hopefully all of you who wish to play understood the rules I set out in my last post?
Only I pressed the send button by mistake as the page jumped on my phone.! Once it's has been posted I'll amend if need be.

Anyway good luck if your playing along.

Here is my effort at it.

It's high risk. or you might call it ballsy.

I will sale S. Davis and S. Long for total transfermarkt value 15.0 Million
And replace with RB Leipzip young forward Timo Werner valued at 50: Million
which I can just afford with the maximum 35 million spend fund.

So can beat me?
Are you able to improve the Southampton Squad?
if it wasn't clear in my last post players score points based on the daily telegraph fantasy football rules of scoring points.
you have a maximum of 35 million to spend on one or two players only! However, you can sale a maximum of two players from the current saint's team to raise extra funds. If you choose to sale players from our squad their value is the same as their transermarkt value. Finally all players must be real players in today's market so No legendary players from the past.


1.) 06 Dec 2017 21:41:42
Sell Shane Long - £8million
Alex McCarthy - £2million

Buy Quincy Promes £18million
Jasper Cillessen £8million

All prices taken from transfermarkt, realistically Promes is likely to be closer to £20million and Cilessen £10+.



04 Dec 2017 06:46:46
Ok guy's and girl's
Let's play fantasy football! The January's transfer window is coming up!
Saints are unlikely to buy more than two players.! So in today's money that's around 35 million.
so you have this to spend no more! You can also sale two player's from our current sauad based on their transfermarkt price to raise extra funds!
Now the hard part comes! Players you buy must be real players in today market ( so No ex legendary players allowed )
but you can buy players from all over the world.

From January 1st your players will score for you points following the rules as the daily telegraph.


1.) 04 Dec 2017 18:50:44
Damn it I was going to have ali dia and Carlton Palmer inbound.

2.) 09 Dec 2017 06:27:31
Rayzer . If this was Facebook, I would now be pressing the LIKE button . I was at the famous Ali Dia game, Hilarious!



29 Nov 2017 23:23:16
My follow Saints, just seen the highlights of tonight's game against Man City we lost but boy did we give a game!

I am pleased FF did a good job tonight. no chance with both goals here! Some of you have been harsh of late towards him. By no means has he been perfect this season but boy he was on it today, credit to him.

As For myself I've given MP some stick for his repeated tactics this season resaulting in poor form and no entertainment value.
But I got to give him credit here even though we lost. I can't even say we was unlucky we came up against the best team in the league. The last kick of game is a massive blow mind you.


1.) 30 Nov 2017 08:22:05
Yes, I think after the Liverpool result MP has realized, the need to change formation against big clubs. We set up very defensively, FF made some good saves and routine ones. It feels as though Pep might have said they'll sit back if you've got space take the shot on. Luckily none of Cities shots from distance were worrying apart from the winner. It is a lessons learnt scenario I think, we need to stop allowing players too much space outside the box. We've conceded a few goals this season from those scenarios.
Again we could argue we weren't the clinical side. 3 big chances to score from inside their 6 yard box and we missed all of them. Had Hoedt scored in the first half, it would have been a totally different game.

2.) 30 Nov 2017 09:16:50
As has been said good performance by FF last night and from the team in general games change goals and had we scored early we may have sat even deeper. And conceded more we clearly need to be more clinical and their first goal was being very picky the player in the wall moved out of the way then two deflections. Massive improvement but if we don’t win at Bournemouth means nothing we need to win every other game in the current run as a minimum.

3.) 30 Nov 2017 11:31:13
If Guardiola is not charged with his behaviour it’s a disgrace. Redmond should if told him to f@@@ off and pushed him away. Absolutely disgraceful behaviour and and should not be allowed for any manager to treat an opponent player like that. For the red to manage time not some jumped up baldy who spends money Luke water in players and thinks he is god- clearly not after last tear.

4.) 30 Nov 2017 11:31:35
Also, to add to the first goal, MP called for two players in the wall, FF only wanted one. If we had, had two that kick would've probably hit the second player, or DB would have taken it differently. Also, a man on the front post could've prevented that. You need to be very picky when conceding goals from free kicks to avoid that same thing happening in the future.

5.) 30 Nov 2017 13:42:12
I want baldy charged. Outrageous behaviour.
Totally unprofessional and otherwise he will keep doing it and get away with it.

6.) 01 Dec 2017 14:37:51
After the Liverpool match, Cedric said in an interview that the players probably gave up after going behind and MP was understandably angry with this. He called a meeting with the players and whatever went on behind closed doors, the team came out and played very well against an admittedly mediocre Everton side. The players were at it from the first minute and the opening 20 minutes of play where some of the best Saints have played in about 2 years. The second half was also impressive and a huge improvement on performances earlier this season.

We then go to Man City, in Manchester, the team that many on here were predicting a week ago would put double figures past us and we were unlucky not to force the draw. Hell, as some other posters have highlighted, if we’d scored one or two of our other gilt-edged chances, we could’ve been in dream land. But in the end we lost, beaten by the best side in the league at the moment and from near enough the last kick of the game.

MP and the players have done incredibly well in the last two games and deserve a good deal of credit for doing so. It has certainly helped to raise hopes as not only have we earned three more points but the performances in both matches are such a dramatic improvement on what we have seen so far. Yes, we lost to Man City but no-one expected any other result before kick off and we came within seconds of defying the odds, not through luck, but through an impressive tactical, defensive, committed performance from our squad of players. I still hold firmly that by year end, we will not be in the bottom three.

That said, if we are to continue to stumble from time to time, and I expect we will as the team is rebuilding, I suspect its more likely to be due to individual error than anything else. The same was evident for both Man City goals in my p. o. v.

Many of you are praising FF on here and he did have a better game, but I still have to question a goalkeeper being beaten by a freekick at a tight angle at his near post. The wall must be wide enough to make a low shot at goal impossible, allowing the goalkeeper to take a more central position to deal with a crossed ball. This was not the case here. This meant that De Bruyne could whip a low shot in at goal and Forster’s near post was not sufficiently protected. Error of judgment.

I feel I’m leaning towards a biased view against the big man as City’s winner also looked to me like he could have done better, looping as it was and at a saveable height, so I will accept that to save it would have required remarkable agility and not pin it on him. Instead, blame for the second may rest with Boufal. He had brilliantly tracked Sterling back and forced him to stab the ball backwards towards De Bruyne. However, this is where he made his error of judgment. Rather than holding his defensive position on Sterling, Boufal’s eagerness to defend his goal saw him follow the ball to close down De Buyne, leaving Sterling free. Romeu was already closing on De Bruyne, forcing him to look away from goal. De Bruyne saw Sterling now free and with one deft move, passed it back to him. Sterling then had enough time to take his touch and shoot before Yoshida or any other defender could close on him. A seemingly unlikely outcome if Boufal was still marking him.

But he’s 23 and not used to performing this role. It’s a steep learning curve in this league and I’m sure it will be picked up on so the mistake isn’t repeated. It gives grounds for great optimism to see the players like Boufal and Redmond defending so diligently against such strong opposition and I can see us fairing better against the bigger teams now. When tactics and performances start clicking, things start to look rosier.

Finally, there’s a lot of outrage flying around about Pep’s flamboyant discussion with Redmond at the end of the match. Its very odd for an opposition manager to do this but I don’t think he’s done anything horrendous. He was complementing the player and was frustrated not to see him attacking the Man City defence more. However, I don’t think he should have done it as he’s effectively criticising MP’s tactics directly to one of MP’s players in front of tv cameras, but I doubt he’ll do it again in light of the coverage of it since. It does really annoy me though to see players on the pitch talking to one another and covering their mouths to avoid toilet rags like the Sun getting a lipreader in to try and ‘interpret’ (make up) a sensational and incorrect transcript of a conversation. How cynical have our players had to become because of bottom-feeding sensationalism in the press. Two men from opposing teams spoke about a football match. Shock, Horror. I’m sure he’ll apologise if necessary. Move on.




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06 Jan 2018 19:51:59
If we are to make a Statment it won't be this January for sure! As we've dug ourselves in possible drop to the championship no matter what we think we are in a fight for sure. We have simple sold one to many world class player to attract a known 20 goal a season player like Timo Warner. who would cost at least 40 million anyway.

We see what happens next?
If the cloud V. V. D is good reaspond from our chairmen is correct makes you wonder what they are thinking.?
I said back in the summer if I was the manager back then I would of said to the media V. V. D would not be going nowhere nor would play for Southampton as contempt deserves contempt equal no cloud mess with me your know where you stand with the poo at the bottom of my you've just forced me to walk through.




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01 Jan 2018 12:10:58
First off happy New years guys and girls I hope your year is filled with hope joy and love.

I like you 123 you are the ying to my yang.
you always make some sound points from an opposite side the fence.
I think it's safe to say we are all frustrated saints fans right now and have been for a few years with all the coming and goings!

We've seen and have had and still have some world class players on our books but It's unlikely we are going to win anything I'm afraid to say because we've had real chances to win something other then just pride.
Because we've had some exciting players but the club's steadbillly has been far more important then boom and bust that has happen to us other clubs in the past. meaning they chose to sale players for profit few times. Because of this players have lost faith in the clubs direction. They in turn has focus their mind to put themselves first.
This great club has been run well since we saw the back of Rupert Low.

Until we've paid back the other 125 million back to the new controlling we won't compete against the top boy's like it or not that's reality of it.

It's why I feel we should focus on buying Eastleigh Fc and being them up to league one as an academy wing So we can develop 80%
Of our first team from it and we need to be ruthless about it if each player hasn't made half a dozen first team by the time they are 21 thanwe should sod them off. This way we can complete and keep the players as we won't need to balance the books. We then keep a group of players together as they develop together it's likely they would become firm friends giving them a team spirit and unbreakable bond.




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31 Dec 2017 09:55:08
Ok 123 you have your views fair play.
All I am saying he's out of form and for a while so deserved to be dropped. However, I am hoping that my follow saint fans can tamper their views to be more constructive and suport him in both good and bad times. Reaching out to a player in bad form can make a player feel better about themselves.

Please step into his shoes right now and ask yourself how would you be feeling?

Nobody sets out to have a bad day at the office but it happens to us all from time to time. Believe me FF has the ability to be a top top player when his form returns. You guys can help make the difference by giving him the support when he needs it the most. FF has committed himself to Saint for rest of his playing career that shouldn't under valued in my view.
Imagine how you would feel if you saw with own eyes the difference you made when his form returns?
I remember when he returned form injury after several months out and kept 6 clean sheet in a row and we shot up the league table because of that form.
We are suppoters So please please support him when he needs you the most.
Sing his name while he sits on the bench over the next couple of weeks he will train harder and feel better about himself because that support. Slowly his form will return because you did your job and supported him.
Believe me it's a win win. Don't be a hen pecker choose to be a supporter.




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30 Dec 2017 22:27:21
May I say I am not in agreement with a fair few of my saint fans inregard to FF he's a great goalie that souldn't be underrated more over be valued. Yes he hasn't been at his best this season but he's committed himself to saints that would never be taken granted.

You wishful guys out there may wish he players for Liverpool in a couple of weeks time?

Personally I hate the fact we again in process of going backwards as we paid indirectly the 200 million backk to Southampton new owners.

Only another 125 million to go! I've been asking for while they invest some money to buy Eastleigh FC so it becomes just like a Barcelona B team.

It can become our Academy's wing to bring through many more youth players! This way they can share our training ground as there is no conflict of insterest and would safe costs. I hope you guys agree with me?




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22 Dec 2017 17:36:15
Just watched some u tube clips of him. But that's the only thing I can honestly judge him by. That said I wasn'toverly impress he seems to be another flashly player with little to offer in end product so in my view isn't right for us at this time.

If it was down to me in this up coming transfer window I try and sign Walcott on a free. Making the move in the summer when his deal with Arsenal has finnished.

Sale Shane long if possible for around 7 million. Other then that I don't think saint will do any bussiness in this window.





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