21 Aug 2017 21:00:55
Sam Gallagher has been loaned out for the season to Birmingham, so surely a replacement is required as that leaves the club only 3 first team strikers, any news on that front ed.

1.) 21 Aug 2017
21 Aug 2017 21:18:17
I'd imagine we have the option to recall him so could do so if the injuries started to mount. Is this correct Ed?

I get the impression we're looking for a striker/ attacker anyyway.

{Ed001's Note - I am pretty sure recall options are no longer allowable from this season. I haven't had a chance to check this season's lawbook for the changes yet though, so it may have been something under consideration, rather than something introduced.}

2.) 21 Aug 2017
21 Aug 2017 21:22:34
Maybe there will be a double signing announced in the next couple of days?

3.) 21 Aug 2017
21 Aug 2017 23:20:46
I would of loaned him to villa out of spite ginger judas b&stard!

4.) 22 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 00:32:31
Would we loan Sam Gallagher out again if the club thought he was needed here. Must be somebody else coming in?

5.) 22 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 09:06:24
The number 9 shirt is still untaken. Gallagher and seager out on loan, surely there is another one coming in up top. If we'd kept Gallagher I wouldn't expect us to sign anyone but with him gone and jrod sold there must be.

6.) 22 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 12:19:40
Ah Les you just had to make a deal with Harry Redknapp of all people.

7.) 22 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 15:19:17
Wtf will he learn from redknapp certainly not anything to do with football. Must be just about the fee and the money. How has he even got a job in football joe Jordan is the brains of them - yeah I know joe Jordan jesus.