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06 Jul 2011 23:14:53
Whoever said this is the third week in a row we are supposed to sign jack cork this is the first time I have said it and trust me he will sign before we go to Switzerland

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Don't they leave tomorrow, so he should sign today? Hope your right

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06 Jul 2011 21:37:29
Has seen how many people have posted stuff about who will and who won't sign for saints, we know Adkins and cortese, they keep things quiet, a signing will be made out if the blue and I guarantee it will be unexpected,

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06 Jul 2011 16:58:51
06 Jul 2011 15:36:03
Here is some stuff I heard from the mouth of one of Saints' first team coaches, who I was talking to during a golfing society event.

Southampton are looking to Serie A once again for a signing with Nicola Cortese having a few good contacts at boardroom level over there. The player in question is Romanian U-21 star Denis Alibec from Inter. A fee has been agreed and the player is going to be in the city in the next couple of days to undergo a medical and sign a 3 year deal.

Another deal that will go through is the signing of Innocent Emeghara of Grasshoppers. The deal was rumoured in swiss press a couple of weeks ago, but the talk died down. However, Southampton came back with an improved offer and now the two clubs are ironing out the details.

The club did also inquire about Xherdan Shaqiri of FC Basel, but didn't get far as some of Europe's biggest clubs are in a bidding war for the player.

I was also told that that Cork aside, Adkins may look solely to the continent for any other squad improvements this summer as he feels that while he has a sizeable transfer budget, he believes that English clubs are asking for too much money for their players.

The example I was given was Bristol City wanting £6.5m for Nicky Maynard where Saints were thinking nearer £4million.

Did the said coach find it a bit strange that you wrote all of this down and confirmed the spelling? Never heard of any of them, not that it is a bad thing, but i can't be bothered to wiki the names.

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06 Jul 2011 14:18:05
Puncheon to pompey (echo) can imagine the abuse he will get when we play them also i wondering he will find out the grass is greener on the other side but they deserve each other

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06 Jul 2011 09:44:29
Numerous stick from Saints fans when Brighton were merely linked with League 1's best player by far last year, CMS. .We signed him by the way Now you're being heavily linked with the donkey of league 1 in Neil Mellor, he won't score goals in the Championship and is the sort of player you want in a dog fight at the wrong end of the table come the end of the season. I don't for one minute think you will struggle next year, but show some ambition and bring in a player who will compete with some of the quality players you already have. After all you keep harping on about being the 5th richest club in Britain.

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Things aren't looking great for us right now. I think NA thinks the squad is good enough as it is but the difference between league 1 and championship is pretty massive in my eyes. Having said that CMS will still be awesome in the championship. .but we'll still beat you cos that's just how it goes

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Thanks for the advice, you do realise we're just fans, and not the Southampton board?

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I do realise yes, then perhaps you should be quiet about being the 5th richest club in Britain and how you are going to buy who you want when you want as after all it is your board that decide what you spend. I am actually hoping for your sake the board make the right decisions in the transfer market for you as we not only the best two teams in League 1 last season, we both played a very attractive game also.

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Thanks to the Brighton fan who actually has a nice demeanor and level head, instead of dribbling envious rubbish.

What Brighton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth etc have to remember, is that we were top flight for many years and are an established big club with big fan base and top fascilities. We belong in the Prem. That is not arrogance, it is fact.

I personally was very surprised with Brighton's results last season (as were most Brighton fans I suspect) and although I'm confident we are a stronger side and play better football. . and am not bitter at all about the persistent last minute lucky winners etc. . I actually wanted you guys to do well also. That was until Poyet and the envious morons started having a pop at us (just like Bournemouth too). But for fans like you, I hope you have an enjoyable season.

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I am realistic Saints fan and I think it is arrogant to say we 'belong in the prem'. we were awfull when we got relegated from the prem, deserved to go down. things arn't even looking that great now IMO the team we have now is not as good as the team that reached the playoffs with Bale Jesus etc. Having a great fanbase and facilities should be able to attract some decent players you would think but obviously the board are happy with mid table mediocrity

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I think you must have been on a different planet in the last 3 years. You seriously think Corteze and the Liebherr family would be happy with mid-table??

I believe this current team is better than the play-off side. Bale was fantastic and there were a couple of other good players, but mostly kids and no balance. Now we have a balanced side, with a good manager and everyone talks about Rickie and AOC, but Lallana is the dogs nuts and I hope will tear up the Championship as he did League 1 (which no doubt we would have won had he not been injured for a spell).

It's easy to criticize the board when Leicester etc are throwing money around and taking players we've been linked with, but let's be honest, who's to say we ever made an offer to be rejected? With Maynard expected to fetch £5m+ and Mills going for £5m+ etc, there are plenty of other players out there with a more realistic price tag, like Jack Cork. Watch this space. I'm confident we will be heading into next season as playoff contenders at least. COYR

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So are us Saints fans so stupid as too want to sign big players on big wages and up like that blue team down the road, ( could not bring myself to write that dirty name on this Saints page) Get real we are a team on the up, working to get ourselves in the prem but in a realistic way , not by spending away clubs future and Markus' Legacy for which we would not be in the position we are now.
Markus Liebherr always a saint forever a saviour

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Well done on signing Jack Cork, very envious with that signing as a good price for a very good young talent. You'll get value for money out of him and if you do sell him in 3 or so years time I imagine you would make a tidy profit also. Well done, good business. In response to some comments about the title being won by us last season. We were consistently better than any other team in League 1 last year, however if we had to play you every week then I believe you would have probably won the league as you have the stronger team. You may have had injuries, however so did we and at the end of the day we won the league with about 5 games to go, if you had still been pushing us I think we'd have topped the 100 point mark. With the current squads we both have, I feel you are better positioned to push on but lets be honest here we are both better positioned than your nearest rivals in blue (I also won't mention their name for you). Things are looking up for the both of us, however I feel both sets of fans should be happy with consolodating next season. I'm ambitious and if we give it a good go I'll be happy, however realistically I'd be happy somewhere in the middle of the table to the last survival place and I think you will finish somewhere within that also. Good luck next season (Brighton Fan)

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06 Jul 2011 08:36:22
I don't think Adkins has the wow factor the other managers have to get the signings that are required to do the biss in the championship and get us promotion. Poyet, Fergison and Sven are all pulling them off not to mention big sam at westham

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If we haven't attracted anyone noteworthy by the windows end then we should ask this question, but not right now.

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I don't envy Leicester with Sven at all. Is it just me or is this Pompey's rise and fall all over again involving the same old Milan?
Where is all this cash coming from? I bet it isn't Mandaric's Mortgage on Leicester's ground by any chance?

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