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12 Jan 2013 21:32:52
Sky has reported that they believe Uruguayan Sebastian Fernandez is due to move to England this transfer window. They've reported Brighton major interest, Norwich and ourselves. They 'understand' that Gastón has recommended Fernandez to our lot and that we could be interested. His UK agent has also said he's been in discussions with clubs, and they reckon that it would be a loan move with a permanent transfer during summer from Malaga. What we thinking? Not sure what to make of it, people putting two and two together with Ramirez or genuine interest?

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I am not sure about him. Maybe worth a shot but better options are out there.

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We have better strikers already. He a poor goals to game ratio.
We need someone who can bring the best out of Ramirez because we haven't seen it yet but I don't think his fellow countryman is the answer.

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He is 5'5 with a poor goals to game ratio, i'd rather have Lee and Mayuka on the bench.

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About the same height as Lionel Messi then !

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Same height as a umper. Lumper
Then lol

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Pure, unfounded, unsubstantiated speculation.

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By the way he has a bad goals per game ratio because he isnt a striker he is a cam or rm

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12 Jan 2013 10:49:38
Southampton and West Ham have both made an enquiry to take Manchester City's John Guidetti on loan.

I know this is gonna get loads of negative votes. But i saw it online. And thought you guys should know.

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23 apps 20 goals 8 assissts last season. I'd have him!

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Just can't see any sense to this one. Why another forward on loan when Sharp is out on loan? On top of that, the club seem to dislike loans.

Only reason I could see the club going for a loan is if a key position was suddenly weakened by a spate of injuries.

Saint Martin

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Would be a great deal, great goalscorer, young, well built and quick! We could do with a player like him alongside Rickie

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This kid is class, I think he scored in nearly every game he played last season whilst on loan at Feyenoord. He could help keep us up definitely. And if we could create this link, we could take him on again next season? He won't be getting a look in at City whilst their £25million+ men are there...

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This is currently just a story some site has come up with. No substance what so ever.

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Better than Sharp, Mayuka and Lee who I rate is struggling to get in following injury. Good addition if we get him on loan especially if we can make permanent if he impresses.

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I'm not sure we if need him. I still think Tadanari Lee could do a job coming off the bench.

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What the mysterious Lee whose permantly injured and has definatly not proved himself, whereas guideti has excelled for feyenord

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When will people get it through their thick heads!! Sharp is not coming back any time soon if at all and Mayuka and Lee are NOT good enough! fACT!

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I hate it when people go 'Fact' when what they are saying is clearly an opinion lol

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Spot on, Lee and Mayuka are totally unproven so not sure why everyone is saying they are good enough! In fact Mayuka has had one decent game and Lee had a distinctly average game, improved by a fantastic goal. Personally I think both look way too lightweight to cope with the premiership.

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They've hardly had a any game time so it's not "FACT" is it

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How can you say that mayuka and lee aren't good enough? they've barely been played.

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I think lee and mayuka have better touches and got a lot of pace than Sharpe or we would not of sent him out on loan back to the championship even crap players can do well if given confidence and supported or are we Chelsea fans all of a sudden

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The long and the short of it is, he is a great player and would do us at least some good.

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The long and short of it-is Saints don't go for loans. Simples.

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