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28 Jan 2012 13:27:06
Southamton will confirm a loan move for Danny Collins before Tuesday.
He will be given the number 5 shirt

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Can i just remind people that he signed for blackpool couple of weeks ago till end of season . WONT HAPPEN

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^^ Danny wilson signed for Blackpool on loan from Liverpool, Danny Collins just returned to stoke from Ipswich so he will sign - wrong name mate

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He played for stoke yesterday

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Why did he come back from Ipswich, they have the worst defence in the league. Do we want someone who can't get in that team?

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He didn't play for Stoke yesterday...

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Yeah your right, wrong danny collins. sorry .. but i do agree that we need a defender who is good.. why cant we get sol campbell who is experienced enough and on a free.. I dont really care is hes an ex stake, but hes a good one

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28 Jan 2012 09:16:29
The hooper deal is off, this was said by NA stop saying this crap

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Obviously a celtic fan getting scared of the rumours....;)

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Just because a manager or chairman says something to press do not be so naive to think its not a ploy or game...making bids then withdrawing and saying no more interest is a great way to test a clubs resolve...if they contact you in that ''cooling off period'' then you know they will do business next bid...HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE SEEN MANAGERS SAY HES NOT FOR SALE THEN THE PLAYER GETS SOLD 2 WEEKS LATER.

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Haha,now why would hooperman leave a massive club to go to a championship team? he might leave in the summer but for a premiership team(you think you might make it?)thats established in the league. green jhedi

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Another Celtic fan biging up his Micky mouse league and I'm not even a southampton fan

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The spl may not be as strong as other leagues but its alot better than your mickey mouse league anyway you get to play in the champions league em no so shut it

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You dont play in the champions league or the Europa either.. !?!?

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SPL...ha ha ha ha, the funniest thing about it is you think it is a good league....bless

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He has signed.

Stick that in your pipe!

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At least we get the chance to and what you on about hes signed you muppet gary will be staying at celtic you wont try 12 million

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Why would Hooper waste his time with Southampton. He will leave Celtic at some point but for a much better club than Southampton!

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Thats a complete non story. Celtic and Hooper are waiting till summer to renegotiate his contract. Not a bust up or a break down or anything interesting.

Hooper still has 2 years on his contract anyway so its not as if he can walk on a free.

There is no defending the standard of the SPL but the current Southampton team is not as good as the current Celtic team. I watch both regularly and its obvious. The team saints put out against Leicester the other night was barely Championship quality although I know there were players out injured.

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The contract row between celtic and Gary Hooper looks good for Southampton

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A sensible post - hope this sanity is infectious!

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"He has signed. Stick that in your pipe!"

Do all southampton fans a favour and shut up. We are not all ignorant morons.

We won't get hooper. Nothing to do with size of club or money etc, just Celtic do not want to sell. End of story.

Please stop posting s*** on here, you make us all look bad. And Celtic fans stop getting so worked up by a minority of Southampton fans being wind ups. We all know he isn't coming here and we all know it isn't an issue of size or money, just that Celtic don't want to sell.

Hopefully Southampton will find an alternative, good luck with the rest of your season hoops.

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Well said mate - I'm a Saints fan and agree 100% with you

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28 Jan 2012 01:45:52
Southampton FC are back in for Watford striker Marvin Sordell. The striker, valued at £4 million, has asked his manager for permission to talk to bigger clubs, with Southampton thought to be leading the way.

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27 Jan 2012 23:34:48
Deal with Hooper not dead.! Maybe some news this weekend!

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Think something is going to materialise as its all gone quiet on that front.

Don't think it'll be the over the weekend though due to matches being played. Maybe Monday.

Will also depend if he is in the Celtic squad this weekend, time will tell.

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I'm a Saints fan, and even for me this rumour is getting spittle annoying. If there is truth in this that's great (although im currently happy with just Lee) but personally I can't really see this happening. I think its best if this rumour was just put to bed and if we here anymore of it lets hope its from NC & NA otherwise lets not get to caught up in all this Hooper business.

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Would be good we need a proven striker as well as lee

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In the Scottish paper The People there is going to be some news regarding Southamton tomorrow.

Be patient my friends

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Hooper deal is dead saints are set to sign danny collins on loan from stoke with view to permanant deal today and billy sharp is set to arrive monday (going to be in sunday people tomorrow)
pressman cj

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Where does it say that In the Scottish paper ?

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There is no scottish paper called 'the people' ya t@t. Dream on.

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There is a scottish paper called the people mug! ans the headline was" small coastal club try for hooper but have no chance" green jhedi

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Read the story, no quotes. Just recycling information to sell papers. Contract negotiations have been put on hold till the summer, not 'broken down'. Poor journalism.

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