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02 Jun 2012 16:13:51
Southampton, Norwich and West Ham have been linked with Chris Burke from Birmingham City

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02 Jun 2012 12:22:08
My friend told me yesterday that 2 other premier league clubs have also had £6-7m bids accepted for jay Rodriguez, not sure where he heard it tho and don't know whether it's true but I just thought I'll mention it :)

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Probably is true but rodriguez is still mulling over offers on holiday still

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Yeah it would surprise me if there were any offers, but I'm not sure how we can compete with other established premier league sides

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Aston villa are ment to be interested in Jay Rod.

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Right cmon guys who else would want to bid more than 7 million for someone who is proven in the premier league?

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Chamberlain was unproven in premier leage and championship! Sold him for 12m+ and look where he is now

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7 million is alot but shows ambition aswell as showing we have the balls to take abit of a gamble don't see any clubs willing to match the offer

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Difference with Chamberlain is that he was that much younger, playing very well for a top league 1 team and we always new he would go onto bigger things

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To one of the post on here im a west ham fan and nobody has the balls to pay that money becoz he isnt worth that money and nobody else wants him! if your signing these sort of players your really not going to get far!

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I agree^ I hope a few more youngsters like ward-prowse and Luke shaw get a chance this season

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West ham fans giving us advice - brilliant! They've been a yoyo club for the last 10 years and have never been successful at modern era football. Southampton know what they are doing and how to bring through young players thank you very much, now you enjoy playing long hoof-ball up to Carlton Cole and we'll play exciting, successful football with Englands stars of the future.

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Thats coming from a club willing to pay 4m for Holt, no offence i think id rather have Rodriguez for an extra 3m. Good luck Hammers, your strike force are gonna be dominant, feel sorry for vaz te, getting partnered with donkeys he'll most probs go back portugal now like he already stated at the end of the season

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News is jay rodriguez is gonna be only striker in, in this transfer window as NA is going to assess jake sinclair in the first few weeks of the season as he sees the four strikers as Lambert, Sharp, Rodriguez and Guly and Lee in rotation

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He didnt come back off holday.i would close the door on him at soton.chance missed mate

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Even if he fails completely which isn't too unlickly it's a statement to other clubs that were coming for them prepared to take gambles and buy good prospects no matter how they turn out

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Do we really think Cortese would sanction an outlay of 7m if there was any doubt about the guy's potential?
The club now has superb back-up on the coaching side and we should have the confidence they know what they are about.
I'm much more willing to trust our current management to know what they are doing than our previous situation where we had Lowe, who seemed to think the game was played with an oval ball, stating one year that the club had the strongest squad it had ever had-that was the year we were relegated from the Premiership!

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