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04 Jul 2012 20:32:14
Saints and Vitesse are yet to agree on a fee on Alexander Buttner a 3 year deal is in place for the player once a fee is agreed, however Southampton and Vitesse seem to be some way off on their valuation of the player, but the player is still begging for a move to Southampton.

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How much do they want because Monday I was watching sky sports news and it said that we had bid 3mil

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Not sure saints seem to be around the 4 mil mark and are definitely in the driving seat in the negotiations especially with the player so eager to come

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04 Jul 2012 18:35:06
Buttner and davis and dann to be unvailed on monday that will be our only signings coyr

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What rubbish we need a goal keeper tofr

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And your source is?

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No Gk?!

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One you give a souce, I may choose to believe you. Until then, this is complete rubbish!

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Is source is whisky

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From ex player

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Alexander Buttner says he wants to join Southampton

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Come on guys. This is a rumour site. If you want sources as well, you need to look elsewhere. Enjoy the stories.

PS - I can only see Buttland happening out of the above three plus a goalkeeper from somewhere (Forster is now off the market)

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No way, what we are saying is. What the hell is his source? because we need another GK and according to him they are, our only signings this summer but yet we need a GK!

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04 Jul 2012 18:10:06
Have heard Keegan is re-signing. More likely than all the other bulls**t people keep posting on here!

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04 Jul 2012 17:56:30
According to reports - saints appear to have missed out on yet another quality player - Alexander Buttner is apparently heading to London to join fulham.
Come On Saints - get some players on the bus.

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That bus i fast and hard to jump on, i was running for it but he wouldn't let me on... poor Buttner slipped on a banana skin "i was like one day we will be able to get on that bus ;(" True story
Spoon ;)

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What reports?

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No reports at all just a fulham fan hoping that he chose them

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We know one thing after that article. If he goes to Fulham they weren't the players first choice. He very clearly wants to be a saint.

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Was "announced" on a FAKE Twitter account by a pathetic troll.

Not. Happening.

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Looked on de telegraf saints only team who has made bid for buttner

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People keep saying he's amazing, but has anyone seen him actually play and can say what he's like as a player?

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He's good on Fifa :-)

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04 Jul 2012 13:50:56
Southampton Transfer Business
Matthew Jarvis-Wolves
Steven Davis-Rangers
Scott Dann-Blackburn
Simon Cox-WBA
Kenwyne Jone-Stoke
Jack Butland-Birmingham
Tomas Sivok-Bestiakos
Conor McAleney-Everton
Kevin Doyle-Wolves
Liam Trotter-Millwall

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That is the worst list I seen so far,buttners not even on there

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And theres 2 strikers in this

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Jarvis - Not gonna happen
Davis - not likely to happen
Dann - not gonna happen
Cox - never gonna happen
Jones - definitely never gonna happen
Butland - have you read any of the papers? Not gonna happen
Sivok - won't happen
McAleny - who?
Doyle - never gonna happen
Trotter - possibly, if we get desperate and no other player in the world wants to sign for us!


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Bestiakos, 3 strikers and not even the player that has publicly stated he wants to join us. Something tells me this list isn't legit?

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04 Jul 2012 12:27:22
The sister site here has said that we are set to announce the signing of Adam Johnson from Man City for £8m early next week.
If there is any truth in that, that would blow our minds I'm sure as a signing to set us on a fantasic path for our start to the Prem

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What for 30 mil don't think so [ash]

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Can't see it happening....his wage demands would be too high....he's on 70k a week at City

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About as true as Eddie the Eagle winning the 100m in the Olympics...

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Won't happen, surely we can't match man city's crazy wages! I know we have welthy owners but we also have a wage structure to think of.
A SFC fan

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Would love it if we did sign Johnson, but it would be more than 8m and we could not come close to cities wages. The only thing we would offer him tho was first team football

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Would be a great signing, but his wage demands make it seem very unlikely we'd sign him, unless there were clauses (goals, assists, blah blah) that let his wages go up from the general saints wage range.

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News just in Eddie the Eagle is at 2/1 to win at the 2012 Olympics, the only other competitor is Sid the Sloth, and he is at 99/1 to be in the top 2

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This is not football related! Get with it man!

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04 Jul 2012 11:28:27
Saints have tabled a bid for palermo's slovenian midfield ace Josip Ilicic

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Although he looks a good player, i doubt we'd get him - Only last year he signed a new 5 year deal with his current club (Which tells me they'd fight heaven and earth to keep him!)

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He has a 25 million price tag. and said he'll only join psg

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The agent of Chelsea and Liverpool target Josip Ilicic has revealed that his current club Palermo have received a bid from a "solid mid-table" Premier League team.

Ilicic has emerged as one of the most creative attacking midfielders in Italian football since moving to Serie A in 2010, and has previously been linked with the likes of Inter Milan and Lazio.

Chelsea and Liverpool have also been rumoured to have scouted the Slovenian, with Ilicic's agent Amir Ruznic revealing a bid from a Premier League bid was received and rejected earlier this summer.

Liverpool, who finished eighth in the league this season, could fit the agent's description of the bidding club - with few other mid-table Premier League teams likely to be able to afford the 24-year-old.

Ilicic has previously been given a 25 million price-tag by Palermo.

"I can confirm that Palermo got an offer from one of the Premier League clubs," Ruznic told Zurnal24. "But Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini immediately rejected it. He really didn't want to hear about all this.

"I can't tell you which club wanted Josip, as they could return with another offer. But I can say that we are talking about a solid mid-table club

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Agents will describe any club willing to fork out decent transfer fees and agents fees as a solid mid table club..... Maybe that's his prediction for our season?!

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Just seen a very tall beanpole eastern European type get out of a black Mercedes on the hard standing outside St Mary's .... Could this be him ? Or another player I wonder?! And before anyone asks I was getting my new shirt and yes I like the new design!

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Van Persie to saints 10 mil. Source: my fantasy.

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04 Jul 2012 11:08:09
It's been reported in Spain today that along with 5 La Liga clubs, Fulham and Southampton have made enquiries about Real Madrid's Juanfran Moreno.

The 23 year old Spanish right winger has only made 1 appearance for the Real Madrid 1st team but made 96 appearances for the B team.

He now feels he's 1st team opportunities are very limited so is looking for a move to guarantee an opportunity at regular football.

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Would have said your joking. lol. but just seen the article. maybe with there intrest , weve given up on buttner and michu

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Typical agent talk

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Moreno is a right winger and Buttner is a left sided all rounder, so we could get both

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Agreed with that then put Lallana in the middle he doesnt have enough pace to be a winger but has good control and a nack of not getting tackled

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04 Jul 2012 03:11:24
Oh yeah that's right, my son's dog's dogfeed supplier talked to Butland and said he's gonna quit football and work part time at mcdonalds...

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I heard the same from my uncle's wife's best friend's daughter's teacher's budgie's neighbour's cat's breeder from Venezuela

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Do you mean dave,hes usually on the ball

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