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25 Mar 2019 07:29:13Most of the posts go to the Southampton Banter page.

10 Mar 2019 22:39:39
I think it's all down to us, Burnley and Cardiff - looking at run ins, Newcastle, Palace and Brighton will probably just about have enough, but Burnley and Cardiff have quite frankly vile finishes to the season compared to us.

Burnley have Leicester, Wolves, Bournemouth and Cardiff before they finish with Chelsea, City, Everton and Arsenal - they may well nick 2 or 3 points from those final four but from the next three only maybe 3 or 4 - that'll give them about 36 excluding the Cardiff home game.

Cardiff have Chelsea and City in their next two before Burnley, finishing with Liverpool, Fulham, Palace, Brighton and United - they'll probably beat Fulham and maybe Palace at home if that's do or die, which leaves them with 34 excluding the Burnley game.

That means 37 points minimum will grant safety - 38 for sure, 34 if Burnley beat Cardiff (GD is far superior), so we need 8 from 8 at worst, four at best. Brighton away will now be tough - if we turn up we win, if we don't we lose, anything in between and it'll probably be a draw. I'd love to give Liverpool a game, especially if it dents their title chances - VVD own goal would be lovely - but we will most likely not get anything.

Wolves home and Newcastle away are games we can quite easily win or lose, but it'd expect our next four form guide to be DLDL. Thankfully after that we play four teams with nothing to play for - BOU h, WAT a, WHU a and HUD h - could win all four, I'd expect us to win the home games, and probably nick a draw somewhere, which is 39 and safety.

I think Ralph will see us home - I think we will win at least two of our last four home games and WAT a, WHU a, BHA a and NEW a are games we should be looking to get something from. The last ten days have been huge - 6pts from 3 games without Danny, and seeing how we're playing I don't see us being relegated now.

And if that is the case, I am so excited about next season - if Ralph gets the players he wants, I think it could be us, Wolves and maybe Leicester challenging for potentially a Europa league spot, and maybe another cup run to boot.

Also delighted to see the pages so quiet the last couple weeks - that can only mean we're playing well and aren't baying for blood!

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11 Mar 2019 09:57:17
I don't really want to predict our results anymore. After we only took 2 points from Palace, Burnley and Cardiff. 3 results that could have defined our season. I don't want it to be like last season where other teams results define our fate. I think the result on Saturday was brilliant. I'm hoping we can get more results like this, I wouldn't be surprised if RH keeps the same team that scored the two goals against Spurs for the next run of games. We don't have an out and out striker anymore to rely on goals and it's going to be risky relying on JWP to score most of our goals forward, we just need good moves and someone at the end of it, i. e. Valery on Saturday.

We play best against the top teams that want to come and play football and control the game. Leaving our midfield to press and win the balls in good positions on the field and then break from there. Teams that sit back with players in numbers are the teams that we struggle against hence why we only took a couple of points from the teams around us.

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11 Mar 2019 11:01:52
I still think that we can hit the magic 40 points. 3 wins and a draw from our last 8 games is more than possible. Huddersfield and Fulham already have one foot in the championship so it's down to one of 4 in my opinion as I still think that Brighton could slip up. If we keep playing like we did against United and second half against Spurs I'm sure that we'll be OK.

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11 Mar 2019 15:25:11
I agree - that’s why I’m happy with our fixtures Jay. Hopefully midtable teams running out the season will have a bit of a hung ho attitude to go and try and play attractive football instead of hanging back, that’s where we could prosper - especially at West Ham and Watford to come.

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13 Mar 2019 23:19:43
I think we'll cock up against Brighton; they always see us as the "South Coast Derby" and in comparison, we like to hug them as they are miles away and really don't know what a derby is! 0 points in my opinion.

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09 Mar 2019 19:36:25
Godamn all season I've been asking to get Josh Sims in.

What happens when we do? Man of the match and we beat Tottenham 😎

Now please give the boy a decent run so that we can have a decent run.

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08 Mar 2019 17:27:39
Eds any info on clubs interested in boyata of Celtic? . he's out of contract, not sure how much football he's played this year though. how do you rate him? .
Thanks eds.

{Ed002's Note - I understand Leicester has asked a third party to enquire.}

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09 Mar 2019 09:34:11
Thanks ed. They also have benkovic on loan there don't they?

{Ed002's Note - Right.}

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28 Feb 2019 10:37:47
Absolutely immense performance last night. HUGE win. Granted Fulham were poor and the fans lost it when Cairney was subbed off I thought we took full advantage and managed the game perfectly.

Bertrand was brilliant down the left teaming up with Redmond - very pleased with their link up play. All three CBs were awesome - Ings back in when fit and that should be our team for the run in.

Thought Valery was brilliant as well, the midfield three were superb and Austin was definitely the odd man outfitness wise but he did a job, caused problems and that's why I wanted him to play - even just having a forward to get amongst the opposition defence caused them problems and if he can give a few 50/ 60 min performances hopefully that will all the void Ings has left.

I must say Long was pretty dire when he came on but Fulham never looked like scoring and we never really gave them a chance. If we could nick a draw in either of our next two to set up Brighton away that should put us in a good place.

Out of the bottom 3, let's keep it that way now. If we could beat Brighton that'd well and truly suck them into it as well.

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01 Mar 2019 08:02:00
To anyone at the game, And also the eds, what is your opinion of cairney? He seemed to be one of there best players last season in getting promoted but hasn't done a lot this season. has he been misused or is he just not up to premier league standard? I always thought he was the type of creative midfielder that we lacked, having seen a lot of championship highlights of Fulham last year. any info would be great.

{Ed001's Note - he missed a chunk with injury mate. He is only just getting going but has been one of their better players.}

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01 Mar 2019 09:24:28
Ranieri played him on the right and the Fulham fans weren’t happy. I think they see him as their creative spark but I can’t remember seeing him play at CAM (favoured position) at all this season.
I don’t think it’s helped that their defence has been so poor - after Jokanovic’s misgivings Ranieri tried to shore up defence by playing a very defensive 4-3-3 to stop shafting goals but that’s just restrained the attack - they had about three meaningful attempts all game.
If Fulham go down he’s definitely someone I think we could be looking at - he has the quality when played in the right position and fits our mould. Don’t think he’s been given the best opportunities this season.

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01 Mar 2019 17:12:06
Cheers ED.
Ggsy they're definitely going down, so maybe he'd be available at a decent price. Would add creativity in the middle/ number 10. I'd take him, 2 new cbs a striker and a pacy left footed winger.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome MS.}

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01 Mar 2019 20:15:12
May be getting a bit ahead of myself but if we could stay up there’d be decent signings to be made out of Fulham - they’d have to sell given their exploits in the summer. Cairney, Seri, Mitrovic, Sessegnon. Not saying they’d necessarily suit us but would be available at discount prices and would want PL football. maybe something to look into.

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01 Mar 2019 20:48:04
I don't know if mitrovic would suit our style or not but I do like him. I'm not bothered about sessegnon, think he would still cost mental money. Seri hasn't really done a lot and still cost 25 million so I would pass on him. I think they look worse than average and overpaid on players, some of which we were in for but made the right decision not to get involved with for the moment quoted.

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01 Mar 2019 20:48:15
*money quoted.

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01 Mar 2019 22:34:26
I'd take Mitrovic over Austin or Ings but I don't think anyone else in Fulham's squad is better than we already have. Surely the idea is to purchase players better than those you have and it looks like this Fulham squad is going down so not too many top players there.

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04 Mar 2019 08:00:32
Sessengnon would be awesome - maybe the fact that he's failed to set the PL alight would give us a shot at getting him. Still likely to cost more than we'd spend, though.

Cairney would definitely be worth a look, as would Mitrovic. Can't decide if Mitro would fit our play though; we've lacked a strong presence up top since Pelle but I sense Hassenhutl would prefer pace and work rate up top.

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27 Feb 2019 15:12:45
Regardless of weather you agree with the transfer policy, the formation or players used. We must all agree that tonight is massive psychologically. A win is a must to put us above Cardiff.

lets get behind the boys COYS!

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25 Feb 2019 12:32:49
Think the next two days will define our future. If Cardiff better our result we're pretty much done for. If we win and Cardiff don't I hope the mental boost of being outside the bottom three will help us to potentially nab something against Tottenham and United (whose injury list is a pleasant bonus) .

After that we face Liverpool and Wolves at home and have six more fixtures against the 'others' - all of these are matches we should be looking to get something from.

I don't think anyone can deny that having only taken 3 points from 12 against HUD, FUL and CAR this far, Wednesday is a must must must win. This would be my XI in a 3-4-1-2 (I can't see Ralph now going to 4 at the back so I'd hope we play a back THREE as opposed to a FIVE and be more positive;

Gunn; Vestergaard Bednarek Yoshida; JWP Romeu Højbjerg Bertrand; Armstrong; Redmond Austin

Yes Austin hasn't been in the best of form and isn't Ralph's cup of tea but we need to play a proper striker against a weak Fulham defence and he is the best option we have. And he has a knack for scoring big goals. I don't want Valery playing against Fulham's wide men which is their strength right now and I think JWP can do a job there in such an important game. He'll also give his all.

Stephens can't be near the side after his recent performances and Yosh has to come back in. He played so well in the Asian cup. I'd then have Sims, Gallagher and Targett to potentially come off the bench for Armstrong, Austin and Bertrand which would potentially give us flexibility to move to a 4-3-3 if we need it.

It'll be my first home game of the Ralph era and I've never seen Saints lose to anyone except Liverpool or Utd in 47 attempts so here's hoping the good luck continues 🤞.

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26 Feb 2019 04:59:10
Just my opinion, but Bertrand has done pretty much nothing during last two years. Valery and Targett should definitely start to me. So, Valery and Targett for Bertrand and Austin. Subs: McCarthy, Stephens, Sims, Johnson, N'Lundulu, Austin, Slattery. I can't imagine situation, where we'd need Long, Bertrand or Moi in this game.

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26 Feb 2019 18:34:09
We have to go 4-2-2-2 this game, surely. Get Austin up with Redmond. Armstrong and jwp behind. Hojbjerg and romeu in front of a back 4 with valery-bednarek-vestergaard-targett. High line, Gunn in goal to sweep. We HAVE to take the game to Fulham, we probably HAVE to score more than once, and we HAVE to win. No other result will do.

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26 Feb 2019 20:23:15
I would love love LOVE to see that side played. It’s just whether Ralph has the cojones to go for it. I think if we see that team put out the crowd will be right up for it. The management, the team and the fans need to be positive, I think Cardiff everyone was too timid from the off, we need to be right up for it from the get go. Here’s hoping Everton do us a favour tonight but only a win will do.

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25 Feb 2019 08:24:05
The writing is clearly on the wall
Sunday result disappointing but not totally unexpected. D Day on Weds. which will probably determine our stay in the EPL next season. Ralph can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear! Apart from Goalkeepers he needs a complete blank canvas for recruitment next season (assuming we stay up) At least 3 class def. 3 class mids and 3 class prolific strikers to consolidate ( buy/ promote young policy) followed by a massive fire sale ( maybe Pompey/ Eastleigh would show some interest) ! In the meantime here's hoping for a last Hurrah from the Patchwork Quilt Outfit!

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25 Feb 2019 11:15:34
The Fulham game has now become massive. With Palace, Burnley and Newcastle all picking up points and pulling away from us we are left with trying to get above Cardiff and/ or Brighton who have dropped like a stone over the last few games. I thought that we got off lightly yesterday as it could easily have been 4-0 at the break. Not so sure that the Tenerife trip did much apart from topping up suntans. Stephens still making stupid mistakes. Yoshida has to come back in against Fulham. We shouldn't be thinking this way with almost 1/ 3 of the season left but Hughes was left in charge too long plus we didn't bring in any quality during the transfer window which is now coming back to bite us because of injuries and loss of form, especially up front.

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08 Feb 2019 00:07:02
Mixed week of news; pleased to see Ralph taking the squad on a warm weather training camp - should be good bonding and sharpen up the fitness and tactical tweakings for the run in.
Not so good seeing Danny out again. If we can secure safety by late April without overpowering him I'd give him a rest for six weeks and hope he can sort out whatever his continual niggling problem is.

It's an awful time for arguably our biggest game of the season so far with the news coming through about Emiliano. But I'm sure will give him and the Cardiff contingent the utmost respect and have a ruddy good match - can see it being high intensity, emotional and maybe scrappy at times (similar to the reverse fixture) .

I'd like to see this XI;
Gunn, Valery, Bednarek, Vestergaard, Yoshida, Targett, Romeu, Højbjerg, JWP, Redmond, Long.

Far from ideal given our restraints currently but hopefully enough muscle at the back, pace out wide and up front and strength in the middle of the park to bag a result.

If we lose this game we'll almost certainly be in the bottom 3 and it could be an incredibly painful blow - a draw wouldn't be disastrous but we should be expecting to win.

If we win our next two home games (CAR and FUL) we'll be on 30 points and with a kind run in I think we'll be sitting pretty and may be as high as 13th by that point.

A big weekend coming up, but still pales in comparison to Cardiff's last month as a football club, as well as Emiliano and David's families. I hope our two teams do them proud.

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08 Feb 2019 11:35:10
Well said SaintGGsy.

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08 Feb 2019 11:45:31
Nicely put SaintGGsy.

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05 Feb 2019 19:26:20
Anyone know anything about Danny Ings injury? Been looking online for updates and can't find anything.

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05 Feb 2019 23:46:11
Let's hope that the old saying " no news is good news " is right.

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30 Jan 2019 00:17:26
According to the Sun we are talking to Olympiakos about Omar Elabdellaoui. Don't know much about him but RH must know him.

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30 Jan 2019 06:31:58
Seeing that Genk do not want to let Maehle go until the end of the season as not to disrupt their title challenge, this could be a stop gap signing, maybe a loan until the end of the season? He was on loan at Hull during their relegated season admittedly during the January window, which coincidentally coincided with their brief upturn in form at the time. Other than that haven't heard much of him other than his defending is often suspect.

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30 Jan 2019 15:39:08
Just what we need then Vick, another suspect defender 🤔.

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31 Jan 2019 13:30:45
He is a Norwegian international right back, who I think it fair to say has not fulfilled his potential to date. however, his style of play would seem to fit the hassenhutle blueprint and perhaps one that ralph could get the best from. …. certainly good cover and competition for valer the two of them could bring out the best in other. …. incidently I thought Valery took a step up in performance against palace last night.

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31 Jan 2019 17:36:17
Loads of out goings nothing coming in bit of a anti climax window but we’re playing well so that’s all we can ask for
We have a few loans that will return in the summer and I think Ralph will get the best out of them
Our team now will be fitter and more switched on to his style so who ever comes back will hopefully just fit in.

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31 Jan 2019 20:49:42
Can’t see anything doing now.
Disappointed that we didn’t end up bringing anyone in but to get rid of Hoedt, Davis, Cedric and Gabbiadini is still good business - considering only Forster and Austin would have been the other deadwood it’s a success in terms of outgoings.
Moving Cedric on without signing a replacement is my only cause for minor concern. I feel like we’re set well for the summer and I trust that Ralph will have plans to move early in June.
If Boufal and Carrillo are moved on I’d be wishing for a ST, AM, CB and RB, part-funded by selling Lemina.

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29 Jan 2019 22:10:59
Well Fulham, Burnley and Newcastle all had good results tonight. We really need to get 3 points tomorrow night.

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29 Jan 2019 23:51:42
It would be awesome to get the three points tomorrow and go six clear of danger but even if we don’t win either of our games against in form Palace and Burnley sides, the home game against Cardiff is the big one for me - potentially deciding between being 7/ 8 clear or within a point of relegation.

They’re all kind fixtures on paper however all three sides are playing well - the good news is none of them are exactly form teams who can string several good results together and I’d expect 4-6 points from those games.

We never seem to beat Palace at home especially in recent memory - all those I recall are high scoring losses in midweek - 1-2 last season and 2-3 a few seasons before that IIRC. I’m obviously hoping for (not quite expecting) a win, but wouldn’t be overly disappointed with a draw.

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28 Jan 2019 23:09:41
I see that Brentfords Ollie Watkins has been mentioned as a possible Saints target. Seems to be a decent player but not sure about his obvious dive to earn a penalty against Barnet.

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27 Jan 2019 20:25:06
Any truth in Rogerio rumours, Ed?

{Ed002's Note - Che Adams is taking up the efforts at this time.}

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28 Jan 2019 11:57:18
Thanks Ed! Che Adams move likely to happen?

{Ed002's Note - I cannot anser "likely" questions but Southampton are working on it.}

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29 Jan 2019 12:28:26
Burnley apparently looking at ache Adams too.

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31 Jan 2019 13:19:03
Burnley have apparently made a second bid for Adams (declined) not sure that Saints will get themselves into a bidding war. In any event I see Adams as a long term investment rather than a short term fix. Other options will become available come the summer.

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27 Jan 2019 12:46:12
Any truth in tavernier rumours ed? And thoughts on his ability. I admit I know nothing about him.

{Ed002's Note - I don’t know but there was interest from Brighton and I think he signed a new deal.}

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27 Jan 2019 16:57:32
Apparently we'll be going back to Brum with an improved bud for Che Evans and if Tavernier is available for around £8m may be worth a look. Club Captain at Rangers, Gerrard is a fan. He's a good attacking full back so his fitness levels are good. He scores and gets assists too, albeit at a Championship-esque level. Not sure about it though. He's 27 so doesn't seem in the right frame of our current policy. Also, he's Captain there and he'd have to fight to get in the team here. Not saying he can't do it but.

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27 Jan 2019 17:00:36
Sorry - Che Adams. No idea why I had the surname Evans in my head. Long day.

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27 Jan 2019 18:14:48
Doesnt feel like the kind of singing I’d be expecting us to make - also being on decent form for a top three Scottish club doesn’t say much for starting in the PL. A no for me, especially for that much.

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28 Jan 2019 09:24:18
Che Adams would be a great signing - He's been in great form for Brum for the past few seasons and would be the type of player i'd like to see us 'pluck' from the Championship - He has a bright future! Hearing that some of the so called larger teams are also looking at hi, so get him infront of Dave to convince him that we should be his destination of choice ;-)

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28 Jan 2019 12:57:15
Got a friend who’s a Birmingham fan and has said he’d be gutted if we took him, especially for the approximate £8m fee. Similar career path to Redmond before we got him, albeit without any PL experience, but hopefully he could become a quality addition. #trustinralph.

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27 Jan 2019 14:19:23
Rumours that we're looking at Tavernier at Rangers.

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